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The Beauty of Our Land

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The last couple of days have started out cool in the morning. This morning I loaded up my wife (broken foot) in the car (we work together) and decided to take the back roads to our office, an 18 mile drive from the Poconos.


The hills were a gorgeous green framed by the blue skies. Coming down out of the mountains we rode on smooth country roads through rolling farmland. The windows were down to enjoy the smells of the country. The lush crops covered the hills and added color to the landscape. Birds wheeled through the quiet skies.


I could feel my soul relaxing. As we turned into our business which sits on 27 acres overlooking the Lehigh Valley, I felt like we could see forever over the surrounding hills. It is a good morning and as I sit typing this I can hear the birds chirping outside my office windows. At the horse farm down the hill from us I can see a young lady out riding and jumping fences. The wind is rustling the crops surrounding our building on the hillside.


I just wanted to share with you that life can be very pleasurable. It is worth living. Whatever the future brings remember that.



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Such an inspired idea for a post! There's a lot to appreciate all around us. I've heard that the Poconos makes for absolutely beautiful scenery, and your pic definitely brings that idea home.


Here are a couple of pictures from Oregon:


McKenzie River (We need more words to describe the various hues of green we have here. When I lived in Montana, which is undeniably beautiful, returning to the Willamette Valley would feel like the part in the movie The Wizard of Oz that goes from black and white to Technicolor)



Drift Boat in the McKenzie River (these are a style of boat that originated here, to make it easier to maneuver over rapids while fishing, especially fly fishing - they allow the rower/person operating the motor to face the direction the boat is going, and they pivot to dodge rocks and debris like nobody's business)



Oregon coast, Heceta Head Lighthouse (pronounced Huh-SEE-tuh; it's rumored to be haunted but it's one of my favorite spots on the central coast)



I hope other people post pictures of places they love to visit, perhaps especially if they aren't "look at my gloriously sited BOL," since that may undermine the efforts of some to remain gray!

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