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Hi Folks,


One of the biggest health risks we face in our daily lives are back and other joint/muscle injures from simple tasks and repetitive movments each day, whether unloading the wife's over-packed luggage, cleaning out Mr. Whoopie's closet (our garage), turning over the soil in our garden, bucking 50 lb bags of soil/concrete or even just typing on the computer hours on end.

Just imagine throwing out your back during the peak of a SHTF lifting your BOB heading out in a rush when you may not have the luxury of 3-weeks to recover.....


The main cause for these injuries is simply the fact most of our bodies are not used to regular heavy lifting. Moreover, it matters not if you're thin or fat, man or woman, or over a "certain" age the same risk applies....and so does the solution: lifting weights.


Now, the deal is you don't need a gym membership where you waste HOURS on end, you don't need to look like Atlas and have killer cardio, or go on a diet of powdered food...


Requirements: a cheap hand weight set/dumbells and a also need the 3 C's: CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY.


Theory: Free weights target many muscle groups at the same time so you get a complete work out in much less time, PLUS much greater over-all body strength. Since the joints, ligaments and muscles get used to heavy loads it protects them from injury.




- 3-4 days a week, 30-40 min max

- forget the warm up, stretching, etc. you don't need it

- build up over a month or so but then GO HEAVY as you can every work out, very important!

- Keep the reps under 10 and the sets to 3 max; if you can do more than 10 reps in a set you're not using enough weights, less than 3 reps it's too heavy.

- Rotate the three main groups: day 1 chest, day 2 back/shoulders, day 3 rest, day 4 legs and repeat. Don't worry about small stuff like biceps/forearms, etc; they will get hit just doing the above.


For women it's the same but do your legs 2 days a week and add in some sit-ups and cruches for the tummy. Again, even if you're not a bean pole the toned muscle underneath will lift up everything else and give your body that "all in the right places" look.


That's it.....invest 2 to 2-2/2hours a week in your health instead of TV and watch all those backaches, carpal tunnel, strains and sprains disappear.


Side benefits: after some time not only will you hugely increase your strength and eliminate aches and pains, but you'll loose that round-shouldered old man's/woman's body...


Hope it helps, any questions fire away.



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