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2 Trauma First Aid Kits for sale

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2 Trauma, First Aid Kits for sale includes


1 - Asherman Chest Seal

1- H&H Wound Seal Kit

1 - NAR S Kerlix Gauze

1 - C.A.T. Tourniquet

1 - 3 in x 4 yd Quick Clot combat gauze (this is the military grade gauze not the cheapo Sponges.)

1 - 4 in Isreali bandage (Can also be used as a turniquet)

1 - 6 in Israeli bandage (Can also be used as a turniquet)

1 - H&H compressed gauze 4.5 in x 4.1 yd

1- Dressing first aid field camoflauge

2 - #11 disposable scapels

4 - Cotton tipped applicators

1 - 28 FR Nasopharyngal airway

1 - Surgical lube packet

1 - notebook

1 - 3.5 in 14 gauge tension pnumothorax Decompression catheter

2 - Sani cloth bleach wipes

2 - Johnson & Johnson cleansing wipes

1 - 18 gauge x 1 1/4 IV catherter For drainage

1 - 18 gauge needle

6 - 2 x 2 gauze pads

4 - First Aid BKV Antiseptic skin towlettes

2 - Tagaderm dressings

2 - 3-0 ethilon black monofilament nylon sutures, 30 in thread, straight needle

1 - 4 x 4 Stratasorb composite island dressing

10 - foil packs triple antibiotic ointment

2 - blue rubber constriction bands

1 - micro pore surgical tape

4 - nitrile non latex gloves

6 - alcohol prep pads

Assorted types & sizes of band aids eye bandages ect.

10 inch X 10 Inch Moleskin

1 SAMS Splint

1 pr medic shears

packed in North American Rescue medic leg rig


$200 ea, please compare you will see these are truly superior compact kits containing top end product at an unbeatable price

price does not include shipping and handling


this kit has room to add more items, can attach to M.O.L.L.E or be strapped to leg and belt this is a laymans trauma and first aid kit that anybody can use to save a life from bullet wounds, amputations, cut from minor to severe,Immobilization of broken bones, crushed extremities, penetrating chest wounds ect. not an advanced kit that would include Intubation, Cryodectomy, IV's ect if you are qualified to use advanced I do have a small excess inventory of items such as these I can add at additional cost Just P.M. me





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for those with very basic first aid skills or looking to improve their skills to use this kit I can include a copy of the current U.S military's Combat Lifesaver/TCCC manual.


I am willing to trade for equal value in goods or locally (Washington, Oregon, or Idaho) for firearms and/or ammo

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