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The Real Zombies

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Chivalae here this is my first post. I've always been a survivalist at heart, really took it seriously about 5 years ago and started prepping about 12 months ago. I've always been a big fan of zombie movies but never seriously considered that they really could exsist. The other day I was thinking about survival planning and I had a revelation that I wanted to share. (If I'm late coming to the party on this one, please be nice)


I shared my revelation with a couple people and they got this odd look and then said. "You're right, I never thought of it like that.


Zombies will exsist, they are a metaphor for the majority of the population after TEOTWAWKI


How so? you ask


1. Zombies are undead aka the walking dead. After TEOTWAWKI those people, the ones who haven't prepped, haven't prepared, have no plan and have no survival skills. They will most likely become casualities and therefore they are the walking dead, it's just a matter of how long it will take. Whether they perish by violence, disease, starvation, ect.


2. What do Zombies do? They feed on the living. They are parasites that spead by feeding on the living. After TEOTWAWKI the zombies (as defined in #1) will seek out those who have planned, prepped, and have resources and will try to feed on them by taking what they have. food, water, whatever. Either by asking (begging), offering to buy with useless currency, or taking by force. Those preyed upon by these zombies will most likely be overwhelmed as more and more come for their resources until those well-prepared individuals are then themselves transformed into zombies by having their resources depleted and they too now have the options of either sucumbing to death or preying upon others who have resources and thereby continuing to spread the zombie plague.


I would be most interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this. But if I'm just figuring our that this has been a metaphor all along, just be nice.

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Guest kevin

thats what i always meant by zombies.....people without a brain...sheeple...ignorant masses....anyone who'd see me dead to take what iv'e got,living dead or the unprepared.....both are the same threat.

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