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Basic tools for the garden!!

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How totally odd!!! I was country raised and have been in and around gardening my entire life and this article didn't mention what to me is the one indispensable tool. The HOE!! More specifically an EYE HOE! A heavy hoe can do much of the work that you might use a shovel for in a garden. I've never owned a cultivator though in recent years I have got and like a garden weasel. Actually, If I was limited to only three main tools for my garden they would be a dirt fork for breaking and working the soil. an eye hoe for pulling up my rows and weed chopping and the bow rake for getting the grass out after I've broken the ground and chopped it up with the hoe. A shovel would be nice but if I could only have three and the garden was the only consideration it would come in fourth.


For a survivalist the eye hoe is nice because the forest is full of new handles and in a rush you can take the head and leave the handle. It is handled like you would a tomahawk or a pick with a tapered handle with a larger head.

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