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Gerber Crucial Useful Tool

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I have been giving the Gerber Crucial pocket tool a carry the past few months for work around the house and hunting camp. I have found it high quality, lightweight, and so far durable.


This tool is smallish, so its prying power is limited, but the tools are handy. It folds out into a good pair of pliers with a small edged wirecutter. There are two screwdrivers, a regular flat blade and a Phillips. The flat one has a bottle opener built in. This is a fold out snap clip for attaching to a belt loop or a backpack. There is also a pants pocket clip as well. The knife blade is only three inches long, but has a forward cutting edge with a Tanto point. The portion back from the knife blade is serrated cut with sharp points. It will sail through rope in a jiffy. The knife blade has a thumb push lock, too.


The only faults I find so far, though these are personal is that I wish the colored part of the metal handle was orange instead of moss green. If I ever lose it, I fear it will never be found in the grass or field. I have had the snap clip manage to come off twice now, and I don;t like a knife in my pocket, so I just jip it in a bag pocket.


I bought the tool retail at Dicks for around $45. That may sound pricy but in my experience Gerber has been good stuff.

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