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There are approximately 3 million preppers in the United States today. What is surprising is that there are not more people prepping.That is less than one percent of the population prepping at some level. The economy is in the crapper, the national debt is sky rocketing, the Middle East might erupt into war at any time. We as a society are too dependent on technology and we are unable to fend for ourselves.

We are Just one major natural disaster, emp attack, pandemic, military conflict or political change from America changing overnight and forever. Yet most people cant see the need to prep. What happens if our leader fail us? What happens if our systems collapse? Blind faith has lead us here but what are they going to do when we reach the cliff and fall?


my fav is things are going to change when Obama is re-elected or Romney is elected?


I am preaching to the choir here but what excuses do you hear from others?

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From what I see its mostly the 'Ostrich Effect'. Not really excuses. It's just that people DO NOT WANT to see whats wrong. Because deep down in the pits of thier stomach, its all too scarey to admit. And dont even realize there is a whole sub-culture who is prepping because... of the Ostrich Effect. You have to admit there is a problem before you can look for a solution.


Those who live in blissful igornace will also be the ones most likely to 'opt out' ( THe Walking Dead)

Those who do see a problem but still dont prep, are the ones who we need to protect ourselves from.

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What you are seeing is one of the basic facts of the human psyche. This is nothing new and will never change. People have ALWAYS clustered on the sides of Volcanoes, on top of known major fault lines and in low lying areas along the coast. Add to that the numbers of people that historically have lived in the continental bottle necks where armies sweep through periodically and stomp them. Think about the people of the middle east, the central American tribes, the Southeast Asians and the Baltic’s. Where continents meet the people there are regularly walked over by one conquering army after another…yet they persist and stay there.


I think that the majority of people before the modern times were little more than breeding stock. Their numbers were many because they regularly got killed in mass. The masses were there because it is their nature. Among the human species there have always been OTHERS. They share the ancestry but in some small way are not totally human. They are the ones that left the comfortable places and sought out the wild spots. They explored, they conquered and they roamed the world stirring things up.


When bad times came they were the ones that LEFT. They didn’t sit in the plague infested cities with the Sheeple or on the side of Vesuvius in Pompeii. They are the seeds that the human species has always spawned to insure the survival of the species. As with all seeds they are a VERY small part of the original plant so I look at 1% preppers as actually being pretty good.


The Sheeple die but the human seed always survives. The OTHER people see the world differently. They go where no sane person would go. When you ask them WHY, they just shrug and tell you something to the effect that it was there. Why would people have ever WANTED to live on the Arctic ice? The Sahara desert is surely not the most hospitable place that those people could have found! What is with those people on top of the world in the Andes or the Himalayas? Seeds are ALWAYS scattered to the seven winds.


Whether you choose to look at this as Gods plan or just that people are the top of a LOOOOONG line of living things that have been seed scatterers is irrelevant. It is a part of what we are.


Too many Sheeple means that they will overpopulate and die off or be killed off. To many OTHERS and there is constant turmoil. Lets face it these people don’t make good farmers or factory workers. They are universally aggressive, disruptive and self-motivated over achievers. They also tend to be opinionated, somewhat self-centered and not very good at following rules.


It takes both kinds of people to make a world a worthwhile place. The nesters will sit on their nest without a thought until the very end while the OTHERS will leave in a flash if they haven’t already been driven away by boredom.


Awake you wonder what these people are thinking…they aren’t really. They live in a world of feelings and only think along proscribed lines. They are truly the HEART of our species and every bit as much a part of our greatness as the OTHERS. You can’t have a civilization if every time things look a little bad you abandon everything you’ve built and run off. Or if you go exploring and let your fields/factories lie fallow and still. Sheeple like to clump up in piles. They are happy in their masses and nearly never will abandon their homes and comforts. Be thankful for them because it is they that make it so that the OTHERS are free to scatter and reseed the world after disaster strikes.


We live in a time when people want to deny that people have differences. Each race was evolved in answer to certain ecological factors. Each race is divided into sub groups the answered more specific ecological questions but the thing I’m talking about is much more primitive and is about equally true of ALL surviving races. I say surviving because I suspect that a race without this duality would become extinct rather quickly.

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The situation is this.....Our leaders failed us some time ago and are afraid to admit it. Our systems are falling apart. Danm is correct in his assessment of the state of things. It is a matter of time assuming no real changes are made that we will have disasters that will wake the sheeple and they will only add to the mess.....the government supported as well as the ones who have been trying to get by like the grasshopper in the old tale. Not going to be pretty.

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Prepping, saving for rainy days and retirement, or paying off debt....its always easier to go for instant gratification, and all the shiny brand new gizmos that "everyone else" is getting.


I don't need to blame the government, the "man", or anyone else. Some things just "are". My personal belief is that the SHTF that actually occurs will be something I never saw coming. Something from way out in left field, so to speak. If I can't see it coming, I sure can't expect anyone else to. (The stuff that is easy to see coming is easy to prepare for, isn't it?)


So the preps go on in the hopes that sound principles of saving, giving, prepping, and being generally prudent will place me in a better position than if I had done less.

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My elderly mother (she'd kill me if she knew I'd called her that) is in the Florida panhandle. She put two half-gallon pitchers in the fridge for water and half filled the tub in case she needed it to flush the toilet. She has a small pantry full of canned goods and the freezer is full.


She's prepared. I know: she told me.


Thank goodness my brother and sister are just down the road.

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Do you mind if I use some of that in my classes I have explained that same sentiment a hundred different ways and I think your version is one of the most concise I have seen for that explaination on peoples attitudes. One of the problems with the Gov. is there are very very few forward thinkers in the gov. they are mostly wealthy sheeple trying to remain static and maintain the status quo and in order to do that you must maintain control. It is better for there long term proffit margins. That is the illusion the system cannot be controlled there is too many random and chaotic variables.dynamic thinkers do not make for instant friends and make it all nicey nice they weill tell you it can not be controlled and there is not an answer to everything all you can do is mitigate and adapt for and to the situation

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