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One main part of prepping I intend to do, for long term, I mean very long term survival, is Treasure Burying.


Imagine if you found a sealed capsule in the earth that held everything anyone used from 200 years ago. Probably very good for archaeologists to study what life was like back then, but it would be worth a fortune.


A sword holster for example, from ancient greece may be worth $5,000. A Gold Roman Denarius (coin) can sell for hundreds of thousands when the meltdown price is less then $500.


Burying even useless stuff. in 2000 years (if were still here) would be worth a lot.


So my plan, is too get a few maybe titanium or stainless steel chests, or capsules, or whatever and burying them deep in the ground in a few spots were people may look.


I would make some metal detectable and some not, maybe even have a (very complicated) treasure map.


I mean if someone looked there in 50+ years to them its probably treasure, not too mention very cool. Imagine if they found it in 5000 years from now.


Some things I would bury:


Coins, Currency, Brands, Books, The Bible, Maps, CD's, Music, Flash Drives, Movies, Documentaries, Laminated Newspapers, Video Games, Knives, Tools, Pictures, and anything that would represent our culture as the 20th century and what we thought.


I want to be known in the future, I want our culture to be known.


Would you consider doing this?


I would do it after I have immediate needs, food, water, energy, shelter, etc... then I would do it as a hobby as long as I know I'm safe financially.

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