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Crisis in Europe

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The problem in Europe and the problem in the US is basically the same problem. The only difference is in the size of the problem.


I will talk the US problem first because I understand it best but I think that everything I say is also applicable in Europe.


In the US we have the problem of being forced together without actually being UNITED. The people in the north part don't understand the needs of the people in the south and vice-versa. The same goes east to west and urban based economies verses more rural based economies. I'm not talking about the little things like accent, I'm talking about the REALITIES.


Examples... I had a person that I knew really well that is in Los Angeles was ranting about the people in Alaska resenting the Feds basically denying them the right to drill in almost a third of their state. She was ranting about how drilling for oil just turns an area into a polluted wasteland!!


I don't think that she has ever actually seen an oil well much less a field of them. I live in oil country! The High School I went to had 5 wells on the Campus. My deer lease had a couple hundred wells on it and they were always drilling out there. A completed oil well is a 10” hole in the ground in the middle of a landscaped small field. Or as on my High-school campus a 10” hole with a jack-ass rig rocking along in a small fenced area. We painted ours the school colors and made them look like bucking Buffaloes. I've seem wells drilled out in the middle of a nice subdivision. It wasn't pleasant while they were drilling but when they were done they cleaned up, landscaped it and after fencing in the well turned the rest into a park for the residents. Drilling oil wells does NOT pollute or mess up an environment!!


People that don't live in places where oil is only see pictures of oil fields in places where you can SEE the oil field. My deer lease was 3500 acres of black gold but if you took a picture all you would see was a forest. They take pictures of fields in the Middle East and West Texas and indeed they are desolate looking places...They looked even worse before the wells. Then there was NOTHING!!


I have a friend that ran a big coal mine before the Feds shut the mines down and he had the same problem. When they finish an area they clean it up and make it into something really pretty. The old days of strip mining and leaving it like that are LONG gone. His old mine is a series of beautiful lakes and nature preserve now.


I'm sure that I have a lot of misconceptions about things in other places. The difference is that people in Texas aren't telling people in New York that they need to shut down their ports and return them to a natural state!!


I've heard several people say on various boards that people should be FORCED to use mass transit. That is fine when you live in an ant pile. Lots of people in Texas drive 40 miles to work and don't think a lot about it. THERE IS NO MASS TRANSIT!!! They want us to move into ant piles and live like them and we would rather die than live like that.


All of these and many many other misunderstandings create a LOT of friction and tension. The Federalests in Washington want to make this country into America and do away with the United States. When that happens they will mandate how people live and then be amazed when Texas and Alaska bid them adieu and take a lot of the surrounding states with them. Understand, when Texas was a COUNTRY it included most of New Mexico, part of Oklahoma, and even part of Colorado. I suspect that most of the Okies and Cajuns will be happy to go with us and there won't be much of anything America can do about it.


Now, understand that we all MOSTLY speak the same language and have very simular cultural perspectives. In Europe they all have their own languages, The culture in France is NOTHING like Greece or even Italy. Basically I am impressed that they have managed not to start killing each-other again! The EURO thing was INSANITY!! If Germany pulls out it will collapse the European Union and there will be war because that is all you can do when your economy tanks. You either turn the anger outward or face that it will eat you up internally.


WW2 was a given after WW1. When you leave a people with NOTHING and no hope they will ALWAYS turn on you. We were smarter, somewhat, after WW2 but there were many that were quite happy to keep Germany split up and helpless. That is over and the Germans are again stirring. Watch them close!! Before anyone brands me as anti German understand my Mother's maiden name was Brunner and my Wife's was Warncke. I AM half German and married a German, but we are also Texans and Americans FIRST.


God love them for trying but there is just too much water under the bridge for a unified Europe at this time.

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I have bought a small amount but I ma have been late or too early as I see it at least I might have some solid


money if it remains a valuable asset we never know it could take time to become valuable again because the real valuable


items are medicines home remedies liquor tools anything that can start a fire water and treatment of water


heat canned or long term packaged food blankets clothing boots shoes knifes hunting fishing trapping stuff etc etc.


Most of us have seen each others list and most of it is valid some more so dependent on your local weather / situation


as I can't see value in a warehouse full of climbing gear in Kansas or investing in magnifying lenses on the arctic circle


months of no sun or fishing gear in a desert know what I mean bean.


We will all have to define what is valuable in our region I am sorry I cannot recall the persons name who posted about Bosnia


but it was a good primer and as any information but it still has to be fine tuned for your BUGOUT area or BUGIN location


some machinery like a fruit press or grain mill lumber mill water well drilling machine etc and it does not have to be


a factory made one a tamp tool rig system can be used to grind meal or flour and in a correct system it can bore


holes in solid rock hand water pumps or bellows / pumps chain bucket wheel ball & seat etc etc


welding cutting tempering of metal practical and fore knowledge can create a business / barter family way to survive


farming is a hit and miss endeavor weather is a bit@h ask people in New Orleans or Colorado for many years life is great


then one bad year and it takes years to rebuild and New Jersey just rebuilt and another disaster so all I can say no matter


if it is Europe America or the middle of the ocean you have to have a few ways to create a business that you can


barter to get what you need or be self sufficient as possible no matter what we have can be taken lost or we might be


forced to leave it behind survival is a cruel master and if your with family members one could get sick or worse.


have numerous ways that you can make a business not pie in the sky ideas real world experience and actual ability.


have trade stock tools or whatever you think you can use to your benefit plating rope or making whips


weaving mats baskets fish traps collecting edibles from the woods making anything another sees a value in is


and always has been the key to survival as having a basket to collect seeds nuts berries or catch minnows


I have real world old school tool and construction knowledge BIG DEAL one bad incident can leave you cripple or dead


so having some other way to exist create or work is just good sense, as we can all get hurt sick old or infirm


looking down on any skill is a mistake or thinking to grandiose survival is happening every day many on social security


have to make ends meet many an old timer around here makes bird houses and wood toys fishes hunts


etc etc. a monetary downturn of 50% is very possible and it would force people to scramble to find a niche to help


them get by IMO.

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It is worry-some....too many are in the hand to mouth program or worse. A down turn that dried up the government money or affected the food supply would be a trigger for a situation many could not deal with. Most have no idea of the possible reality of no money no food and no help from others.....but I'm afraid that when it happens there will be a hard payment for our overall lack of preparation.

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