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Crisis in Europe

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More than 26,3 million europeans are curently out of work, that is 10,2 millions more than in 2008. In 2008 Greece and Spain had an unemployment at 8%, now it is heading for 30%.

There are not only one crisis in Europe, there are several; unemploymentcrisis, bankcrisis and the biggest of them all, the debt crisis.

There is no way in hell the indebted contries can pay back their loans as long as they use the Euro. In portugal the economie is calculated to contrakt 2,3% this year and unemploiment to reach 18,5 next year. And this is for the "best in class" contry in southern Europe.

In Spain and portugal, unemployment for those under 25 is soon reaching 60%......

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, we are sinking!

This is Europe; We are sinking, pleas helpe........

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European Union; Taste the two words, Union.... to be in a marrige i supose, or as good friends?

A secret report about vast reparations claims against Germany was leaked to the press in Greece. A claim of € 162bn to cover the rebuilding of Greece after WW2 and allso "loans" the germans granted them self from the Greek National bank during the war. As well funded the claims may be, it is a bit late i think and probably not helping trust and bilateral relations internaly in the union.

Maybe we should rename the EU to the "European Onion" , tears comes to your eies when you peal of layer upon layer and in the end there is nothing left.....

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Germany has owed those war debts since the end of the First World War. It basically said during World War 2 that it didn't have to pay them. The only reason that Europe's economy didn't collapse long ago was that we didn't bother to collect on the debts they owed us after we rebuilt Western Europe. Not a single one of the countries we loaned money to is even paying the interest on those loans.

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They did just finish paying off the World War I debts in 2010, my mistake.


However, they have stopped even paying the interest on the World War II debts owed to us (for rebuilding their country and Western Europe).

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To Major Krisis:

First; I try to to enlighten people of what happens in Europe TODAY, not 70 years ago (it is importent to remember history thow)

Second; If you read up on " The Marshall plan" Most of the money to Europe was given as grants and the US made HUGE amounts of money on selling goods to Europe for the rebuilding.

Third; Do you realy belive Germany is the only one owe war debts...........


Best regards Ranger

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Hehe, point Snake


Ranger, we loaned almost every country in Europe money after World War II, ON TOP OF the Marshall plan. Germany, out of all the European powers, has the best track record of paying it back. France, I believe, has the worst. Italy is probably not far behind them. Not meaning to single out Germany there...


While using my Google-foo, I found some reference to the European debt from WWII that said the Carter administration forgave all outstanding debt owed to us by the Allied Powers. I haven't been able to confirm that though, if anyone has any additional information or links to articles that they've found that would be helpful!


And I appreciate the European current events, I was pointing out that they have been in the red since the 1940s.

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The Archbishop of Toledo are worried about Europes future;" We have to change direction, otherwise this is going to bring down whole political systems", he says.

"There is deep unease across the whole society, and it is not just in Spain.We have to give people some hope or this is going to forment conflict and mutual hatred" he tels The Telegraph.

Offisial Numbers state there are 6.2 millions or 27% unemploiment in Spain, the numbers should have been higher, but young peole and foreign workers are leaving Spain in huge numbers.

There are allmost two million housholds where no family member has a job.

The big Spanish paper"El Mundo"(The world) fears a slow-fermenting `crisis of the regime`like the one in France 1780s "pre-revolution".

We just have to hope that the great wars in history will remain just that; History

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Italy lost too and they didn't pay...


So did Japan, I don't know if they paid theirs back or not...


So just because they lost isn't the reason they paid it back... :P





Germany got the bulk of the blame b/c of Holocaust.


Japan maybe did worse acts but we a-bombed'em and people felt sorry and rebuilt it for them.


This is also why Japan sells so many goods in the US and not Asia. In Asia they still remember.....Try and find a Honda in South Korea or any of the islands south that they conquered in their campaign. Its why Hyundai is so big over there and Japan had to go to US with their goods to find a buyer.

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Von Bayern wrote;"Personally I think Germany should pull out of the EU...but if they do it would be like pulling the plug out of the bathtub."


I think you are right, but Germany do not dare to pull the plug and be the one starting riots all over Europe.

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I think you are right, but Germany do not dare to pull the plug and be the one starting riots all over Europe.


True...last I heard they still have one of the strongest economy's in Europe and for them to pull out at this time would in my opinion pretty much trash the euro.

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Personally I think we should pull out of the U.N. we dont have to be a member of a country club to play golf.


and supposedly we have a growing economy so that means that others need our goods so why would that not drive


traffic to us? that is the way they say it works.....

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I am buying on the way down can't find ammo so what the hell but I think {i could be wrong} it will back up and make a run


there are still people that think gold will hit 2,000 and silver 50 bucks an ounce.


but I only want enough to pay taxes for a while everything else is up in the air it will be a barter system i think.


as of now I figure China & certain countries are trying to divest themselves of dollars we need to find out the currency


they are moving to and stuff our mattress with some.


Hell it is all supposition on my part but we were given a curious mind and problem solving ability I consider not using it


a mistake even if your wrong I doubt everyone would be completely wrong some part would work out to their benefit.


and sometimes that is the best we can expect to me it is better than being caught flat footed and with no options IMHO.

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“Ignore the doomsayers: Europe is being fixed” !!!

Two days ago this was a headline in The Financial Times; German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is telling us that Europes healing proses is a success.

Structural and fiscal repair is working just as it has done before in earlier crisis.

Everything has turned and we will soon be back on top he seams to mean.

So, i am all wrong then. Or am i?

In Greece unemploiment is 27.9 Youth unemploiment 62.9, Portugal 16.5 and 26.3 in Spain.

Italian debt is hitting 130% of GDP, and whith a rising debt and a contacting GDP, what could be wrong?

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