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first thing you would buy for a bug out bag

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OK, guys, I still have the tiny, 1/4 inch, folder I got when I was three. That was before nanny state 'protected' everybody from everything. Now you probably can't even make the thing. Momma got that one for me. I think my first 'real' knife was the cub scout knife I got the year before I joined the scouts or maybe it was the one my dad gave me, a two bladed whittler. Long enough ago I just don't remember. The question was, IIRC, first thing for a BOB. I've always had a knife but I buy knives that fit my needs or wants. I think a Swiss Army is needed for EDC but I also think a decent fixed blade is needed for the BOB.


exactly the Swiss army is great for clothing / gear repair doing all kinds of small jobs but a real fixed blade

I kike the bushman and a good back saw machete.


I like to explain to people that they may need to build a boat a hut thatch a roof peg and wedge building.

skin clean large game build furniture flesh leather so all of these would be useful and last but

not least defense or make defenses.

a big knife is not as useful as a mutitool pocket knife and will not work well as a machete.


although I have a BOB i have a belt with pouches and holster for my pistol some ammo and medical G.I. canteen /cup/cook riser water tabs

lighter Swiss army knife lanyard compass butt pack with jacket with lots of pockets filled

basically a small version of my BOB in case I am separated or need to stow it or I loose something.

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Since the question was "What's the first thing you'd buy for a BOB?" I have to assume you already have a bag. Since it's a BOB and not a GHB it would seem to me that having topo maps of the surrounding area would be useful. No sense getting a water filter if you don't know where the creek is.

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I know one thing never buy a clone or look alike Swiss army knife most all are crap


Swiss Army Champion Plus Features:

Large Blade

Small Blade




Magnifying Glass

Can Opener

Bottle Opener

Small, Medium Flathead Screwdrivers

Large Phillips Screwdriver

Ruler (inches & centimeters)

Wire Stripper





Punch with Sewing Eye




Key Ring

Length (Closed): 3.5 inches


when your out in the thick there are a few things that will drive you nuts something wedged in between

your teeth, a splinter so small you cannot see it, and a bug trapped in your ear, or malfunctioning gear.


alternative way to make fire with the magnifier surgical Stainless in case you have to work on

a wound sharp sticks thorns in in some case sharp stones shoved under the flesh.


scissors for trimming nails or skin fine cutting hair in indiscreet areas ears nose etc.


medications and first aid kit self made from dollar store in a water proof container.

find a good kit and copy it download the list of items and you will find you can improve

on it for way less a small bag can be found at goodwill 2nd hand stores etc a bright color would

be best.


a saw back machete with sheath


compass get 2 nothing worse than not having a compass one for pack and one for belt.


fire starter


bic lighters a few in different places.


A crank flash light and radio with weather band


a battery operated emergency flashlight 9 volt batteries are found in every smoke / gas detector

and can be scrounged every where not so of other batteries as they are used up fast. and the one I would have


many companies carry used good quality web belts with harness and pouches together for

about 20 to 30 bucks


Back packs can be found cheap at garage sales 2nd hand stores goodwill or salvation army stores

I got a Swiss army bag worth over 100 bucks for less than 10


You need emergency food here is a link


you need a canteen w/ cover folding cup and stove riser I would add a stainless steel water bottle

quart size.


cold steel bushmans knife is a spear and a knife that can handle hammering the spine to cut

thick material unbreakable has a sheath and sharpening stone pocket


some decent weight bearing carabiners


100 foot of para cord


your over 75 dollars BUT you have quality long lasting equipment nothing is worse than cheap crap

that in the heat of need bails on you and you have no replacement and no place to find another.

and cannot solve your problem because your tool is busted.



as far as a multitool Winchester makes a fairly good one for under 15 dollars you get a small one and

a regular size you can find these at wally world and big lots


I think Capt Bart said it best I cannot remember it exactly but one is none and and 2 is one or

something to that effect

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a pair of dry socks in a waterproof baggie zippy thing. you can be wet and miserable, but cold frozen feet is a deal breaker starter is next to a good knife and i got other necessities i carry with me every day

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toss up between a solid fixed blade knife or a leatherman only because with a good knife you can chop but with a multi tool there are many functions including a saw. if i were in an urban environment like the city probably would go with the multi tool cause i may need to fix a car in my escape, how ever i live in the rural nw and never venture into the city so most definitely gonna go with the fixed blade knife. i guess it really depends on if edc is not included in the question

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100% agree, that knowledge is alot better than any knife. people made knives before of stone. we all are still very capable of doing so. knowledge is power


personally i am not fast enough to find a proper stone and nap it into a knife, so i would go with my old reliable

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Quality sharp edge you're comfortable using, folder, fixed, hawk, machete, or axe. You have one of those and the skill to use it you can make just about all the other items you'll need. That knife Awake linked is a very good one for the purpose.

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