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Mostly if you hang around here your going to learn some abbreviated words. Theres a Few i've seen and have no idea. others are

(I)TEOTWAWKI - (Its) The End Of The World As We Know It (good REM Song btw)

TSHTF - The Shiznit(shit) Hit The Fan

BTW - By The Way

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

BG - Bad Guy

OPSEC - Operational Security

TMI - Too Much Info

DIY - Do It Yourself


In the Bullet Arena

FMJ - Full Metal Jacket

HP - Hollow Point

CPHP - Copper Plated Hollow Point

BT - Boat Tail

Gr - Grains

bbl - Barrel


any others abbreviations

MZB - Mutant Zombie Biker

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OK, I thought Do It Yourself was DIY .... but then everybody's a critic.


MZB - Mutant Zombie Bikers - think the biker gangs in the Mad Max movies.

GOOD - Get Out Of Dodge

BOB - Bug Out Bag

E & E - Escape and Evasion

WROL - Without Rule of Law

BOL - Bug Out Location

BOV - Bug Out Vehicle

Golden Horde - Mobs leaving the cities without direction or destination. Think plague of locust.

CME - Coronal Mass Ejection - Massive amount of solar plasma ejected from the sun.

Carrington Event - A catastrophic CME that hits the Earth; Named after British Astronomer Carrington who found the first one in 1859.



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A couple of others;

Turning Turtle - comes from a sci fi story where folks dug DEEP bunkers, went into them and never came out. Entire point being they'd pulled their heads in like a turtle and stayed put!


CQB - close quarters battle. Close range, usually within 50 yards or so, often within a structure like a house.


Rifleman's quarter mile - 500 yards


Appleseed - A movement to renew the spirit of riflemen into America. Low cost (free for ladies and kids) weekend training sessions to get folks able to hit a man size target at a "rifleman's quarter mile".


EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse. An effect of rapid movements in the shape of the earth's magnetic field caused by CME's or nuclear explosions. Destroys unprotected electronics, the more modern they are the more susceptible to EMP.

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I'm adding as I use so here's another

SCOTUS - Supreme Court of The United States


BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Used to be ATF.


cammies - camouflage clothing or gear


Mall Ninja - some clown who thinks wearing cammies while shopping in the local mall, who may (or may not) own a "Rambo" knife, and probably owns an M4gery tricked out with all the gear makes him the Rambo character as seen on TV. No training or skills, in fact very little actual shooing practice, but a legend in his own mind. All hat and no cows.


Rambo anything - something big and bad ass looking that may be unsuitable for the task at hand. Knives are a prime example. A Rambo knife is likely to get you jailed if you ever use it (designed to be a man killer don't you know) and is too small to be a good machete and too large for most every thing else. Unless you are really skilled with it, it is also too heavy and awkward to be used as a fighting blade.


M4gery - M4 Forgery; rifles that look like M16/M4 carbines but really aren't. Most AR pattern rifles are NOT built to military specs; they just look like it. Fun to shoot but don't think that even your Colt AR platform is built to the same specs as the M4 - Not saying better or worse, just different. Some are very good, some are junk.


All hat and no cows - OK, this comes from Texas, I've used it so I'll include it. Similar to mall ninja from an earlier time. Implies the person being talked about has the dress of a cattleman but not of the skills or savvy. He's (like mall ninjas, almost always male) got the boots, jeans, shirt and BIG hat but he can recognize a cow only with done medium rare with a baked potato on the side.


cover - a obstacle between you and a shooter that will stop a bullet. Usually, but not always - bullet resistance glass, also provides concealment.


concealment - something that hides you from a potential BG. Will NOT stop a bullet. A wooden wall is concealment but is very likely NOT cover to a 30 caliber round.


Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights (abbreviated ACOG) - optical sight, low or no magnification in the optics but provides for rapid target acquisition.

Edited by Capt Bart
add cover concealment ACOG

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Military Acronyms and some other information its not complete but gives you a starting place


ABC Atomic, Biological, Chemical (replaced by chemical, biological, radiological (CBR),

and Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) and CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear


azzhole any one other than yourself


AK made in Russia at Polyany and TULA arsenals also Izhevsk factory


ALICE All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment


AP Anti-Personnel or AP armour-piercing


AR Assault Rifle


AWOL Absent Without Official Leave


Bulgarian mfg AK SKS and other Arsenal Kazanluk, Bulgaria now also in the U.S.


Chinese sks and AK and other mfg. Norinco / China North Industries Group and Polytech


Chinese Ammo China sport Norinco many factories and Jing an equip..


E&E escape and evade


EOD explosives and ordnance disposal


FUBAR - 'Fouled' Up Beyond All Recognition


FN - Fabrique National (Belgium) weapons manufacturing plant


FRAG fragmentation has another negative meaning


FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared


GMT Greenwich Mean Time was established in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference, when it was decided to the place the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England.


GIAT - Groupement Industriel des Armements Terrestres (France) or another name for gun


Grenade when yelled out loud try to out run the crowd


HE high explosive


Hirtenberger Defence Systems Austria HP Patronen makers of ammunition its warm not SMG but warm


KIA Killed in Action


Heavy Machine gun 30 caliber and up, on aircraft or if sporting 30 cal mounted or T&E or tripod etc


Holy Shit= run for your life


LMG light machine gun up to 30 caliber as an individual's weapon


mm - Millimeter


MG Machine Gun {rifle cartridge}


MOLLE MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment


MIA missing in action


MRE Meal Ready to Eat or meal ready to earp


MILSPEC military specification


NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation


NVG night vision goggles, can have other letters designating other devices


Ops operations


Oops never good try to run or do not eat it


Polish sks and AK State Armory in Radom other arms also


RPM Revolutions Per Minute (or Rounds Per Minute if dealing with small arms)


Russian ammunition manufacturers Vympel Enterprise profile. = Golden Tiger

The Tula Cartridge Works = Wolf Klimovsk Barnaul = Barnaul-RAM-Monarch - Bear

Ulyanovsk =Ulyanovsk-Sapsan - Bear




USSR / Russia Mfg. codes 5.45x39, 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r


3 = Ulyanovsk

7 = Amursk (Vympel)

17 = Barnaul

60 = Frunze

270 = Voroshilovgrad

539 = Tula

711 = Klimovsk

188 = Novosibirsk


Romanian mfg SKS and AK Cugir Arsenal and Sadu Arsenal


Sellier & Bellot Vlašim, Czech Republic makers of ammunition


SERE Survival Evasion Resistance Escape


Shell Back crossed the equator at sea


SNAFU Situation Normal, All 'Fouled' Up


SMG Sub Machine Gun {pistol cartridge}


SOCOM Special Operations COMmand


SF Special Forces can be followed with other acronyms / letters


SOG Special Operations Group


TACO Tactical Command {post or communications} and or TACCO {officer}


uh-oh bad not good especially if it's said by an EOD it may be too late to run


WP white phosphorus/ Willie peter


Zulu time


NOAA satellites use Zulu Time or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as their time reference. The satellite images that appear on NOAA's Web sites are stamped in Zulu time.


To make the conversion to your local time, see the chart below. Find your local time in the first column. If you are on Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT), you would use the second column to find your Zulu Time/UTC. For instance, if it's 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Saving Time in Washington, D.C., it's 1500 hours in Zulu time/UTC



Midnight 0400 0500 0500 0600 0600 0700 0700 0800

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You forgot a few Snake TARFU (Things are really F!*$#! up "I do not do coy or P.C.") 5X5 (good to go) Hooah (US Army means everything but no) come on snake your slipping B) all these books of wisdom and your slipping on the basics?? must not of had enough coffee LOL sorry I had to you left such a great opening for it.

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I like the scene in the TV series 'Jericho' were the hero caught on that the MARINES were fake because they responded with 'HOOAH!' OBVIOUSLY NOT MARINES!


Another for the list:


FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Is always everywhere after TSHTF.

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      Фльм рунтуться на стор нмецького художника Герхарда Рхтера, дитинство якого припало на нацистськ роки, що вплинуло не тльки на його життя, алена творчсть. Головного героя Роботи без авторства звуть Курт (Том Шилнг), , переживши жахи нацизму, вн виршу вдправитися на навчання до академ, щоб стати художником, де знайомиться з свою майбутньою дружиною (Паула Бер), разом з якою вони ткають вд дей соцалзму в захдну Нмеччину. Укранська прем'ра стрчки Робота без авторства, на чиму рахунку2 номнац на премю Оскар, перехала на 20 лютого. Коментувати.
      17.12.2019 Ввторок. .Медведчук про фльм Revealing Ukraine: Це погляд американця на сторю Украни з 2013 року. 18:.2019. Фльм про Голодомор покажуть на фестивал Берлнале-2019.
      Зграмо в гри з вогнем у кно в грудн. kinoland. Related videos. 2:28. Трол 2: Свтове турне.mp4. Кноленд. Мережа кнотеатрв в Харков 54,199 followers Shopping centre. Creamoire. 33,618 followersFood and drinks company. Асоцаця Розвитку "Сльська Мсцевсть Одещини". 427 followersCommunity organisation. Video transcript. мы его к набор пожарных и назовите мы мусор бутылки на высоте еще дня опускай ты че я хожу и рубить ну как-то вот жена ему эвакуацию только мы не знаем кому ваших зубов обязаны должны даты за вами мы божественной шоу и областные круто тебя дают одну секунду стаж за своим тоном сестры шувалова покажи кто тут голову и акторы изумительная.
      Покришки 'Runflat' 18" Легкосплавн диски 'V-spoke style' ндикатор тиску в покришках Датчик рвня та якост моторно оливи Регенераця гальмвно енерг Датчик зносу гальмвних колодок Cвтлододн фари з розширеним змстом Галогенн показчики поворотв Свтлододн протитуманн лхтар LED ходов вогн Задн галогенн протитуманн вогн Електропривод переднх сиднь з пам'яттю положення для водйського сидння Система CBS, обслуговування автомобля на пдстав його потреб (замна оливи Новые BMW 2019 года 46. Другие сервисы. Автосалоны BMW.
      Гра з вогнем.Фентез Художня лтература. Автор: Маря Зоря Видавництво: Кальваря ISBN: 9789666633517 Рк видання: 2016р. Мова видання: укранська. 0. Оцнки вдсутн. Вибр оцнки Скасувати оцнку Оцнка 110 Оцнка 210 Оцнка 310 Оцнка 410 Оцнка 510 Оцнка 610 Оцнка 710 Оцнка 810 Оцнка 910 Оцнка 1010 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.
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      Худорляве (5). Звичайне (48). Спортивне (27). Мускулисте (2) Кно вдео TV: - Нчого не знайдено Познайомлюсь. гор, 55 рокв. Рвне. ХлопецьДвчину48 - 53 летСерйозн стосунки.
      вропейськ гри-2019: укранськ спортсмени завоювали 51 медаль. 20:20, 30 червня 2019. нше. 13000 0. Укранц успшно виступили на змаганнях в Мнську. Блодд стала найкращою у ваз до 48 кгфото: . З 21 червня по 30 червня в Мнську пройшли вропейськ гри-2019. На змаганнях Украну представляли 198 спортсменв у всх п'ятнадцяти видах спортудвадцяти двох дисциплнах. В ход змагань боротьбу за медал вели представники 50 кран. Всього було розграно 200 комплектв нагород в 23 дисциплнах В укрансько збрно за пдсумками змагань в актив 51 нагорода (16 золотих, 17 србних, 18 бронзових)трет мсце в медальному залку. Вс медал збрно Украни на вропейських грах в Мнську. Золото.
      Пригодницьк фльми (8). Психологчн драми (4) познакомлюсь. виталий, 57 рокв. Радивилв. Хлопець Двчину55 - 60 летСерйозн стосункиЛистуванняШлюб, створення см' Познайомлюсь. гор, 55 рокв. Рвне. ХлопецьДвчину48 - 53 летСерйозн стосунки.
      Цлодобово вона просиджу в Tinder, переглядаючи профл тих, хто ось-осьстараннями знайде особисте щастя. Але одного разу вдбуваться неймоврне — з фото на не дивиться чоловкмр. Познайомитися з ним?
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      Гра з вогнем. Original: Burn Курси валют в Укран на 20 листопада 2019. КУПВЛЯ. ПРОДАЖ Анонси фльмв, як надйдуть в Укранський кнопрокат в найближчий четвер 21 листопада. Анонси фльмв, як надйдуть в Укранський кнопрокат в найближчий четвер 14 листопада. Анонси фльмв, як надйдуть в Укранський кнопрокат в найближчий четвер 7 листопада. Анонси фльмв, як надйдуть в Укранський кнопрокат в найближчий четвер 31 жовтня. Використання будь-яких матералв, розмщених на сайт, дозволяться за умови посилання на .
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      гров манпулятори. гри. Екшн-камери. Go Pro Денн ходов вогн. Техдопомога. Канстри Huawei P Smart 2019 (4). Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (3) Super Retina XDR (23). Liquid Retina HD. Liquid Retina HD (29).

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