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now that's funny as hell I got on with boost mobile decreasing payment plan unlimited starts at 50 bucks

every 6 months it drops 5 bucks to 35 dollars for unlimited everything down to 40 now pretty good not perfect

but I figure as more towers and tech gets better it will get better not that verizon was perfect either.


Ya I think boost runs on Nextel towers too. I also heard they were run by some government agency when I was younger, but that might have just been hood legend haha.



and Navy, my only problem with Verizon is their cost.

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Honestly man, the biggest problem that this world has is that 'prepping' or 'survival' has become a separate entity from, well our f*&^%$@ daily life.

Since like 60years ago tops(a guess due to my age) you were looked at like a crazy person if you DIDNT have preparations for crazy stuff happening. The fact that we even have to have a site like this(not that I dont love this site) is probably a good example of that failure of our little human brains. The same brain that tricks us into thinking we NEED a smartphone, or whatever the hell, instead of just wanting it...


Between the government social programs teaching the inner city population that drawing consists of "the check is in the mail" and living space is provided by Uncle Sam plus businesses trying to create the idea that....Yes, You can have it Now; we now have a large portion of the population that is ignorant of reality. They have been taught that someone else will take care of them. How many will survive the rude surprise that New Orleans was just a taste of is a good no one likely has an answer to.

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Urban Wolf yea it is looking like a buffet table of when it comes to what you can catch now of days


As I stated in some previous posts as the economy gets worse the local gov's ability to spray for mosquitoes

and pay animal control as well as people to be able to keep their animals vaccinated


that is why I have plenty of DEMON WP on hand as well as plenty of herbicide to prevent thick brush from growing around out buildings and keeping the grass cut short this prevents / slows down encroaching snakes

and other animals as they do not like to be exposed in hte open.

my yard is fenced helps to minimize the cross traffic of feral animals and the trash is secure to the outside

and has locked lids.


I love that california has signs in both english and spaglish to warn of playing with BATS.

I have tried to explain you do not want to BUG OUT it's dangerous out there even in the best of times

in certain years it's horrible for fleas, mosquitoes and ticks now bed bugs are on the comeback trail.


back when they used to take a pan of sufur and burn it in a home to expel and kill everything in it.

this was the original bnug bomb but it kills bats mice rats and birds as well as bugs


they opened the attic and closed the doors windows and let it set over night {it can kill humans so be careful}.


those who have to bug out need to have soap and have plenty of DEET and anything else they know to work to keep off insects that is also why I harp on head nets they cost a couple of bucks and keep your face neck and scalp from being eaten up by bugs also the DEET can be put on the netting not on your skin.

and have clothing that gives you full coverage as well as gloes.


I know many areas are loaded with bugs it may not be as bad as the coastal areas but it does not take a

BIG mosquito to kill or infect you and all it takes is the right one.

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Here is another link the by line is By Patrick Rizzo


Funny as hell I wonder if they mayor and everyone else are going to

cut their pay LMAO


CNBC not quite trustworthy I can see where it would not fall into their

global view or help the present administration.

Yeppers created over 4 million jobs, "minimum wage jobs"

in no time at all we will be able to compete with India and third world countries

as soon as the government gets rid of that nasty old minimum wage law.


I have been trying to explain the lefts global plan is to break us down

allow the third world to starve and one on tape no less stated that his target

for a total global population was 1 billion or less OMG he is serious.

blames people for global warming disease and not being able to win the lotto

this guy is nuts but he is the head of a U.N. group.


there are demonic forces at work some financial some political and of course

there has always been a religious 3 prong attack of agnostics scientific groups, replacement theology, and of course overt demonic groups.


It is not orchestrated there is no master plan or conspiracy theory it works together because their master arranges it so.

Just as God moves to help his people the devil moves to destroy all those he can.


just like someone who enjoys tormenting you or being a pain in your backside

this is what he loves to destroy and make as many miserable as he can.

and his best trick is to seem as he never was or does not exist.

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Thanks Snake! I suck with the computer stuff. I said the same thing about the mayor to my co worker!


Shawn it is not you I really think they would rather bury this story this should go viral it is one of the most important stories since the attack on pearl harbor because it is just as devastating to our way of life.IMHO

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The part thats almost sickening is how people in general dont seem to care. I get to some extent americans not caring about whats happening out of the country but how can they keep ignoring whats happening here?

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Rivers in India are use for body cremations,bathing cows,human waste,etc,remember that India has the third larges standing Army in the World,but little or no sanitation for its poor people,you also have customs of eating with their hands from the same bowl.

We all know that more people have die from diseases than wars,the human race is in a race for doomness,we have never learn from the past.

Frank Oppenheimer was label a commy after he complain of the use of atomic energy,his idea was for the good of humanity.

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two more bits of "good" news for your enjoyment (NOT):


1. Russia has sent an armada of 11 ships to the persian gulf, we have a strike force there and the Israeli's as well. Check out the DEPKAfile!


2. Our (ahem) leader has just signed yet another EO, this time taking complete control of all forms of communication, including the internet "in case of National Emergency".


How do you like them apples?? You think 1 and 2 have a connection?

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two more bits of "good" news for your enjoyment (NOT):


1. Russia has sent an armada of 11 ships to the persian gulf, we have a strike force there and the Israeli's as well. Check out the DEPKAfile!


2. Our (ahem) leader has just signed yet another EO, this time taking complete control of all forms of communication, including the internet "in case of National Emergency".


How do you like them apples?? You think 1 and 2 have a connection?


more chess pieces on the move...

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SO thats where they went???WMD


As part of its ongoing war maneuver, Syria Thursday, July 12, this week drilled the firing of advanced Scud D ballistic missiles capable of carrying chemical weapons and nerve gas – a clear message from Bashar Assad that weapons of mass destruction are now in play to save his regime..........


Saudis are buying nuclear-capable missiles from China/The DEAL encludes OIL on DEMAND at below market prices for 23 Year...


China Now has unlimited OIL,For a NUKE...We better get that Canada oil down here quick!

Edited by 101matt

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Most of Iraq's WMDs were transported to Syria before we put "boots on the ground" in 2003. I still think this was why we made such a public show of building up before went in. I know some of our leadership wanted to knock it all out but they were overruled by the very people who have controlled al qeda (muslim brotherhood) since 1947 and who seem to get us involved in every conflict since they were "chartered".

I do find it ironic that we keep ending up in major conflicts that put the illegal drug trade in their control (Golden Triangle. Golden Cresent, Panama, how many troops are deployed to SA to protect the agriculture business in the Amazon basin?).

As for the saudis, a CI once told me that to end terrorism, we needed to eliminate everyone in saudi arabia that was over the age of 11. saudis account for about 90% of terrorist funding and a vast majority of the bodies that continue to occupy the battlefield against humanity and People (yes, I do NOT think of them as people or even human and the only "moderate" muslim is not born but MADE by US ordinance). The wahabi sect of the islamic culture (house of saud belongs) is one of the most radical.

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Part of the new emergency broadcast system Reg. Downside of the ability to warn the public though, is the ability to decide what info the public gets. Remember all the hubbub over the TV part of back in the summer?

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Yeah. But not all phones went off. Both my phones went off, my wife and daughter's didn't but on same account and my sister in laws didn't (different carrier but lives 3 blocks away). Hard saying, just glad we didn't have a touch down.

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