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First let me tell you that i am not an expert in any form of hand to hand combat. Nor do i condone any type of violence. However there are times in a persons life that you may have to respond to a situation with violence. In a flash you are going to have to flip the switch from normal everyday you to the beast that is fighting for your life. Most predators rely on their prey to lay down once pounced on. Fighting back with a fury may let the predator know he/she has bitten off more than they can chew. It may make the difference of whether or not you walk away.


Most men will resort to using their fists. The problem is the bones in the hand are small and break easily when striking someones head. Wrists are easily injured as well. One of the strongest bones and sharpest is the elbow. The elbow can be used as a shield from blows and used as a sword. This part of your body can be a tool for surviving a hand to hand situation. Even a small women can land a blow than can temporarily disable a larger man.


First the elbow used as a shield. Raise your arm and reach back as if you were touching your ear. This will cover the entire side of your head and deflect an in coming blow. If blows are coming towards you face, bring both arms up and together. We have all seen boxers use them same move. The elbow shield can buy you time to fight back or see your escape route before the attacker has landed enough blows to cloud your decision making.


Elbow strikes or elbow sword movements are best when landed in the sweet spot that is about 3 inches from the tip of the elbow. Horizontal strikes are some of the most powerful but also easiest to block. Remember that you can use a horizontal elbow both inward and outward. Vertical upward strikes are hard to see coming by your attacker. When grabbed from behind a rear strike can loosen the grip of you opponent.


Two points that can help an elbow strike become more powerful. First learn how to engage your hips. The rotational power of your hips, buttock and waist incorporate major muscle groups adding to the total impact (max transfer of energy) of the elbow strike. Grabbing the target with your off hand and pulling them into the striking elbow increases impact.


Hope you may be able to add something here to your unarmed defence bag of skills.Like i said before. Dont use these techniques unless you need to defend yourself. I am not an expert but i have been in the wrong place at the wrong time more often than i am willing to admit.

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Elbows are great close weapons. They strike with amazing power, especially with the force of ones entire body moving behind it. To the soft tissue of the face, throat/neck, even the chest to gain distance. The "shield" reference is the perfect hook or haymaker block, leaning into the punch also lessens the blow as it cuts the momentum. You just have to make sure to fully close your arm, otherwise a fist can slip in between the forearm and bicep. There are a myriad of strikes from all angles that can be used to cut and break things. Great weapon.

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The same move in reverse(a responce to an attact from behind),drop right shoulder,extend elbow,spin right(right foot stepping back)..oooh the contact is hurtfull.

For those who are 6ft or more tall like myself this will get you a head strike on most,but it can knock the wind out of most if caught in the attackers RIBS or sternum.


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