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Ammo question

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There has been two times in my life that proved to me that a Goverment will use its military to enforce what ever they want.I was 15 in Detroit,riots,82 AirBorn was brought in from Nam..m16 in hand...The second I was 19 just missed going to nam and went to Germany...I took a train one day and ended up in a place that still leaves me COLD....DEATH CAMP..concrete poles,ovens..right there in the middle of tall standing pine trees I could smell death and I understood at that time Anything is possible....even here in the US..So be aware my friends and heed the understanding of others.Thanks my brother snake,keep it real...

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YEP 101matt


And it can happen here oh wait it has Indian reservations and Japanese interment camps


bury my heart at wounded knee, WACO what's 26 kids more or less we got plenty


OCCUPY WHATEVER well I do not agree with them but look at them get gassed we can't do that to

our enemies in a masque with guns shooting at our troops because its called chemical warfare but

your kiddies no problem


I could go on and on Virginia coal mine I believe in the 1940 its OK if they lie steal and cheat

but they do not like competition ;=}

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Yes there was a rebellion here in Wva and Virginia the ARMY showed up,They refused to take on the Military ,many went to JAIL...It goes like this ..a mule was worth more than a man getting out the coal..they were out guned by Mine Owners who brought in PINKERTON, and so they armed themselfs...OOOhhh so now the mine owners called the Goverment for help...Bamb..its over because people here said we wont kill our own Countrymen ...My wifes Grandfather,a Scotsman(he married a women of American Indian desent/yep my wife has that temper and favores her Grandmother) told the 75 he still put family member to there knees with a Grip that came from useing a #5 coal shovel.

Sorry to say that if and when you push the Miners today they may not back down,or show up for work and there goes the plan NO COAL..No Electrical use for Large Citys,or for export to russia and China..OH NO its a National Emergency.Many young men from this area Wva and Virginia went to war because its what we do.Now you cant get a coal job or much of anything around here,unemployment is running out,the local colleges teach nothing but Law Enforcement and nursing.Out of 1000 applacation to the West Virginia State Police Academy..800 failed the piss test(pot )..So is there a perfect storm brewing ? I go to the Va. Hospital once a month and the shit I hear from the young men there is enough to scare anyone,Hope is gone,no jobs,Family does not understand,We have maybe 100,000 coming home soon???To What???

History,during the 1st ww,vets were told a bonus would be given.....NOT...Camped out, thousands in Tents..Ok so who showed up ..the asshole McGarther..charged the camps with sabers,many died..The same General that took 1 millon in GOLD from The Phil.goverment before he left..(it was a gift) I would return too..

Im sorry...Its a pevv with me....My son in law(my wifes daughter) spent 2 tours in the sand...he cant find decent work anywhere,he closes a store and mops up every nite,he is happy he is working.Im ASHAMED..Yes we sit and I listen,so its personal,Its Family and my Christain faith is tested on a daily basis.

Im just ONE MAN,how many others are facing the same thing??????

I do not want anyone to take offence of what I have stated its the truth as I know it.

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sorry to bring up painful experiences but you have the key GOD we have to be willing and ask for


we will survive or not that is not the issue man is appointed to die it is how we die and for what

we die for.


and how about those 274 military men buried in a dump welcome home thanks for your service

now someone please tell me that only a few knew of this, i bet it comes out like the fast and

the furious slow and no answers.


If this does not show you that this country's government does not give a fork about you and

your family or their families.

this is all about money and power billions of dollars are missing.


they knew where osama was and did nothing and some jerk said we were tracking him by his

cell and voice and 2 days later he never used a cell phone again..

it took how long to launch a attack on him when we found him again,

and strange but the same group responsible for taking him out were shot down was

intel compromised by having non essential or foreign nationals present during pre flight briefing?

we know that ISI has double agents and we have had nothing but problems with them.

and would that not be a great payback for whacking their golden boy???


It sounded fishy as hell that so soon I think it needs to be investigated just because it stinks.

I would like to know what distance

time from dust off

communications of all the participants in the pre raid briefing within the time frame

and area how did this chopper not see with all the equipment available any one on the ground?

was the area scoured for evidence or just blown off as BAD LUCK we all know the military does not

believe in BAD LUCK how did the insurgent escape and evade what was there only 1 chopper

there has been so many cover ups I know we need an investigation

friendly fire incidents the girl who was wounded and found that nothing was correct

no officers were convicted at Guantanamo just NCO's

this whole dammmm thing stinks and I for one want to see heads roll...

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Come on know that general don't hang generals. Thats one reason that the Nazi war trials were run by civilians.


Back to topic...


Everyone wants X amount of ammo, and wants X amount in magazines.


My question is how often do you rotate your magazine? How long before the springs get weak or will not feed properly as a result of being kept in the magazine too long.

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magazines we only need 10 per we will have time to load up probably so 3 mags short 2 or 3

and rotate ever couple of weeks or a month most new springs are better than the old ones

but I would still have a regimen of cleaning / wiping down and reloading mags .


should the guano hit the fan we can load up the other 7.

magazines are the most cause of failure in semi autos /autos I mark mine so if I have any problem

I can track it back to a magazine if the weapon is functional.


ammo well as prices on everything are and have increased so as long as you have them think of it

as an investment if you ever need money and the apocalypse never comes you can sell it for a profit

and take a trip to the next town over because inflation will always outpace minor investments but

at least it's not a waste.

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It has helped me I have had a mag or 2 go bad it is rare depending on firearm

but once it rears it's ugly head you can reload and fire until the problem recurs

and some times you can do a repair but use it for range work.

colt autos you can get a mandrel fits in the mag and you can use a chasing hammer and form the lips

to factory.

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I hear ya bud. 100% from ghetto Detroit.

I'm an IT contractor. I get paid ok, some would say Good. I was SOOOO in the right place at the right time to get this job! WHich came after almost an entire year of unemployment. I was no more than 2 weeks away from losing my car, no health insurance ( have chronic illness) , no money left in the bank. literaly 2 weeks from being homeless. THen God showed up... I was approved for food stamps and 3days later got my current job.


However, despite the fact my situation has much improved, the terms of my "Employment" is still under 'contract', renewable every 6mo. Call it semi-fulltime. No benefits. THe fate of my employment is not totally in my hands. Im still subject to the contract and the relationship between my Service Provider and the Company I support. SO even though I have a decent job, I still have that weight on my back, knowing my employment could be terminated at any given moment. If something happens and I lose this job, I may as well just go home and pack up to move back home, not wasting any time here looking for another job.

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LivingGray has a good point about having special ‘home defense’ ammo. But all the spectacular ammo is no good it you don’t practice. You’ve got to go to the range in order to stay competent with firearms, not only in shooting but in safety, too.


Like warrior and Texas Bill, I do not discuss my ammo on hand. It is only my business. And like them, I load heavy. I have enough to do whatever I might need to do. I can do it pretty much at any range necessary.


If I find a good deal on ammo and I have the cash, I buy more ammo. When I get low, say a few hundred rounds, I start looking for more. But living in the Socialist State of Massachusetts, I cannot order ammo through the Internet. Few, if any ammo manufacturers and retailed refuse to send to Massachusetts. So I am basically paying full retail every time I make a purchase.


So stock up when you can. Don’t rush it. If it is between food and ammo, food wins. But stash a couple bucks away whenever you can and, when you see that great deal on ammo, buy it. That way you get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.


JonM1911, I shoot older ammo every time I knock the dust off of my 50 BMG. It is tough to find that ammo in Mass. and no one retailer will ship to Mass. So most of the stuff I use is older ammo. I have not had a single misfire yet. But I have shot old, nasty 12 gauge shotgun shells before and they misfire all the time. Those that don’t misfire often have much less punch than new shell and make a soft ‘thump’ sound rather than nice, crisp bang we all have grown used to hearing.

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