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Guns 'n Psycology

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No and yes and hope you stick around and find out what most of us are really about,

and it is not about hurting anyone.


and this is bigger than any of us or the thread, it is about freedom our future you cannot

have one without the other and if a person or country is financially strapped it / they cannot

have choices and become a slave to their debt.


I did not live it but my father warned me of it and how it worked, debt has killed and got more people

put in prison, ruined marriages, suicides, from fear hunger depression and fosters greed and hate.


this song speaks about a time less than a hundred years ago people think it cannot happen again

they are wrong as everything happens in cycles like the seasons.

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Dear Repliers...

However, if someone calls your girlfriend a bad name, you cant pull a gun on him. That makes you the legal bad guy...


That kind of response is nothing but 'street thugery'. THat kind of reaction is not what this forum is about.

Our discussions are more on the subject of defending your family/loved ones from harm. I believe most everyone participating on this forum are not of the 'Street Thug' variety of the species.

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Okay! I deleted it! Happy?


No! You should not back off of anything that you believe. We do not have to agree with what is said, but you should be able to defend our position. Besides we mess with everyone, it sometimes lets us see what they are made of and it should never get to the point of hard feelings.

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Amen, I've been in the dog house so much that when I meet someone new I do not know if I should shake hand or sniff the tail. Too old to change my mind because someone else might not like what I think. If you do not stand for something then you won't stand for anything.

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sorry I missed the pissing

For someone who uses the USAF SERE label for his marker you seam a little thin skined?Not at all ready to BACK UP what you beleve.

I have a dear friend who is X SERE..he would shake his head with WONDER!


I wont comment on somebody being far left/Ambidexterity or what ever..

you be what you want..


BUT...Psychological Disorders...This is what you are going to have to deal with "WHEN not IF"TSHTF.!!


Adjustment Disorders


This classification of mental disorders is related to an identifiable source of stress that causes significant emotional and behavioral symptoms. The DSM-IV diagnostic criteria include:

• (1) Distress that is marked and excessive for what would be expected from the stressor and

•(2) Creates significant impairment in school, work or social environments.


In addition to these requirements, the symptoms must occur within three months of exposure to the stressor, the symptoms must not meet the criteria for an Axis I or Axis II disorder, the symptoms must not be related to bereavement and the symptoms must not last for longer than six months after exposure to the stressor.


JMO..and it ant Humble

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I think you may have misinterpreted a lot of the self defense talk. If you go back and look at threads that discuss current events (i.e Trevor Martain or the home owner in NY who discharged his firearm at a thief), you will find that a large majority of us have taken to task the actions of those individuals. To be clear carrying a firearm for the protection of yourself or another is one of, if not the greatest, responsibility anyone has (except of course raising a child, Happy Monther's day to all you moms out there). Having been a loyal reader of this forum for several years I can say that I have never gotten the feeling that anyone here disregards human life. In fact I think it is quite the opposite. Being a "preper" is about valuing human life.


That said it is my personal belief that when you carry a firearm you should do everything you can as to not put yourself in a position to have to use it and have the mind set that most things in life are unimportant. My wife actually makes fun of me b/c the moment I put my carry gun on, she claims I change into a different person. Little things that annoy me (slow or idiot drivers, loud talkers in movies theaters, Boston Red Sox fans or Patriot fans, etc.) have ZERO effect on my emotional state. I will also not go looking for trouble, I am not LE, if i see something I think is illegal or potentially dangerous happening or about to happen, I will (and have) remove myself and loved ones to safety and call a cop. However, the police HAVE NO LEGAL DUTY TO PROTECT YOU. Therefore, it is my personal responsibility to do everything humanly possible to protect myself and loved ones from harm, and if that "harm" is life threatening then I will respond appropriately. No hesitation, no remorse. Talking about those life or death decisions, and interacting with people who have been in that postion before, I feel makes me better prepared to respond if something happens and goes hand in hand with taking some type of CCW self defense class.


The thing that I love about the people here and why I decided to participate after years of reading the threads, is that a vast majority of the people here understand these differences. I hope that as you read more threads you realize this as well

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Juice you are right on about talking and learning from others who have been in situation both shooting, near shooting and otherwise about their experience, one of my kids asked me about carrying post SHTF and how he would know when to shoot, he's pretty darn good with my S&W (better than me!) and I'd trust him to shoot a guy standing next to me at 15 yds IF needed. But as I told him the mechanics of shooting so only a small part of the equation, you will have a second to decide probably the biggest decision of your life, can I? Should I? Must I? Who am I saving and who am I damning? Am I putting my life above others by acting, and am I sure that the situation is as I think?


I have had only one occasion to draw my weapon, 3am Detriot Mi worst part of it going from one customer lot to another in company van, turn off main road down a side road then into fenced chute upto electric gate, swipe my card pull thru the gate see in my rear view a car barreling down the the road that runs straight into the chute full throttle lights off until they are about 50 yard from the gate.......this lot has been hit several times, one of which the guard was shot at....split second to respond, throw the van in reverse seal the gate, one ton van full throttle in reverse pauses the driver enough for me to just close the hole enough he tries to get an angle that will get him by....... We both sit in our vehicles for a few I exit the van? do I exit the van?.......decision made for me 25 yards ahead of me my boss and the on duty guard exit the guard shack neither armed, I remove my pistol for my shoulder holster as I slide out the door keeping it against my body so as to slide it behind my back as I turn towards the car behind me I walk to the back of the van and stop staring intently at the I now see two occupants of the car my boss and the guard can see the pistol the two in the car can not....... My boss walk to the drivers side keeping a wide berth to keep my fire lane open......ask them if he can help them ......silence for what seemed eternity....he asks again the two in the car have not looked away from me or I from them....silence for several more seconds, then a lame excuse about how they thought that we were a different place and they were just picking up a friend getting off work from a shift that had been shut down for several months. Technically if at any time they saw my pistol when I turned I was brandishing a weapon, illegal, if I had been forced to shoot could I convince police, judge, and jury that I was not able to avoid the situation? Did I embolden my boss to get into a dangerous situation by letting him know I was armed and did I imply that I was willing to be responsible for his and the guards safety. What would have been the effect of the two in the back seat that I didn't see. I have no doubt about the intentions of the guys in the car the tactic they were attempting had worked there before, and it was text book. The decisions I made that night were not by the book you get at CCW classes, or from your lawyer, the expect ions that I felt was on me in the situation as I was there as part of the security for the lot ( our cameras and access control on the gate) dictated my actions that night and lucky for me it ended the way it did, I still don't know if I would or even could have done it any differently.

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thank you for the thoughtful comments.



I think it is healthy to rehash our thoughts and actions as long as we learn from them. The criteria that got me through the RVN aftermath was fairly simple. If, given exactly the same information that I had at the time and no more, I would do the same thing, then the choice was the right one. As I pointed out in one of the psychology articles, some times the 'right' decision has lousy results. That is called life.


For what it is worth, I think that you behaved correctly. Given the history of violent encounters, allowing these guys into the compound would have needlessly endangered the guard and boss. Coming out shooting would have been an over reaction. Played out as you did, you didn't force anything and the situation defused.


One thought, would it have been brandishing if you displayed your firearm on private property? It isn't in Texas but I don't know in your case.


Well done, sir.

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Juice you are right on about talking and learning from others who have been in situation both shooting, near shooting and otherwise about their experience, one of my kids asked me about carrying post SHTF and how he would know when to shoot, he's pretty darn good with my S&W (better than me!) and I'd trust him to shoot a guy standing next to me at 15 yds IF needed. But as I told him the mechanics of shooting so only a small part of the equation, you will have a second to decide probably the biggest decision of your life, can I? Should I? Must I? Who am I saving and who am I damning? Am I putting my life above others by acting, and am I sure that the situation is as I think?




That is an amazing story, I'm glad it turned out the way it did and as I see you did everything the right way. It is only natural and I think very helpful to second guess yourself after a situation like that. You also raise a lot of great questions that responsible CCW holders must ask themselves every time they leave the house. A habit I have had since I was a kid is to take in my surrounding and ask myself how I would respond if a particular situation happens. I think it goes back to when I started to play baseball and my dad would get me to think about what I would do if the ball was hit to me. Although I have not been in a situation where I have need to pull, (and god willing never have to) on more then one occasion this habit has saved my bacon or someone else's. I was at my parent house one night with my brother-in-law (recon marine) and his brother (navy nuke sub engineer). His brothers kids (3 and 5 years old) were running around the pool. As I sat talking to them the thought crept into my mind about what I would do if one of them fell in the pool. Not even thinking about it I removed my keys and wallet from my pants and went on BSing. About 10 min later I hear a splash. Before either one of them got up from the table I was in the water and had the 3 year old in my arm. Now these guys are trained to handle dangerous and intense situations and are in a awesome shape, but I reacted much quicker because I had already thought about what I would do if it happened. I try to apply this mind set to when I carry. Obviously no one can think of every scenario and I would be a complete fool to think that I could but I do think that it will improve my odds and help me analyze a situation a little bit faster by thinking about it before hand.


I had an opportunity to go do the virtual shooting range at gander mountain. They run you through different situations (robbery, knife attack etc) it was an amazing experience and really gives you a chance to practice decision making. I made a few mistakes but better to do it there then in real life. You should check it out, I went to the one in orlando when I was on vacation but I know they have a few of these simulators across the country

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