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A question about .22 rifles

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THat same gun shop i mentioned with the Benelli MR1 also has 2x .22LR Ruger 10/22 original wood stock for $259 each. Seriously considering getting the pair for my wife and I.


The CCI 40gr is also what my local range keeps in stock for target shooting, and ive gotten good consistent results.


bought my ruger 10 22 , basic model - wood stock for 159 bucks at wal mart.

they have marlin camo 22 for 199 right now.


i know wally world suck, but hey it is money.

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I hear ya. Ive had misfires in center fire too. But only in tula and mil surp. I feel 100% confident in my handloads and the higher quality factory loads I use.

I've had just as many, if not more, misfires from center fire factory ammo. I have not had a misfire from my hand loads although. I guess I'm just lucky.

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My lady did not like the ergonomics of the AR pattern rifles. They just seemed wrong to her. She did like General Kalashnikov's work. Better fit and more intuitive for her to use.


As to .22LR, while anyone with a Ruger 10/22 is FAR from disarmed, NO rifle would be an ideal inside the home defense weapon. Too much penetration for one thing. Too awkward to handle for another (the longer reach makes it possible to grab it out of your hands). Breaching a house, these issues tend to go away (shooting through walls is often acceptable) but defending your home, you have family members and neighbors to think about. Remember, even a .22LR will penetrate walls.


For inside, home defense I would always choose a short barrel shotgun or a handgun of .38spl/9mm or larger caliber. Best bet is a shotgun, short barrel, with #4 shot, in my opinion, followed by a handgun. That said, for outside the home, there is nothing wrong with the .22LR as long as you recognize its limitations. A .22LR coupled with a revolver large enough to handle what ever is the big, nasty predator in your area is a quite adequate start for a defensive battery.


The basic 3 gun (hunting rifle, handgun, shotgun) battery plus a .22LR is quite adequate for a survival battery. Note there is not a "combat" rifle in the mix. We are prepping for survival, not combat. If you get stuck in combat for any amount of time at all, you lose unless you're part of a trained group. The 3 + 1 mix gives you the firepower you need to escape and evade from trouble and it will be exactly what you need for all other survival scenarios. A combat weapon may not be right for the around the BOL, everyday use.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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I love my 10-22! It is very accurate but seems to have a marked preference for CCI as far as pin point accuracy. All you need to do is add a set of sling swivels, a sling, some 25 rnd magazines and in my case a 3x9 scope. I like to squirrel hunt and my eyes are not as young as they used to be.


I've not had much trouble with missfires if I stay with the top line ammo. Thunderbolts and such are for plinking and killing cans. They do have problems as do some of the foreign ammos. The big thing about 22lr is that you can have a ton of ammo and practice almost endlessly.


Would I prefer a true assault or even better a battle rifle...HELL yes BUT it isn't a perfect world and not everyone can afford the best. I will tell you that a 22lr is DEADLY. It is supersonic and a killer in the head shots due to hydro-shock. You won't shoot through cars with it but if you can hit what you aim at you can make it really suck to mess with you. After the fall, a gut shot is almost as deadly as a head shot... just not as fast. The people that don't understand this won't last long.


The only SURE way to come out of a fight alive for SURE is to not get in one to start off with. I'm afraid that these AR and AK weapons are going to make untrained people feel WAY to powerful and invincible. A dude with a single shot 22 can kill them just totally dead just as fast as someone with the baddest ass AR out there if he uses good sense and picks his fight and place to fight. It isn't as much WHAT you have as it is WHAT you do with it...Hey that applies to a lot of things...

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Good point Danm. I have a AR and I shoot my 10/22 more than anything I have. I also love to squirrel hunt. I used to use a .410 but I got really bored with it. I love the acuracey and range of the 22LR when hunting small game. 22LR will kill just as well as anything else with the right shot placement.

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One reason I push a 10/22 cost, for the rifle and ammo some of us forget that it is difficult out there

the economy is bad, is 22 perfect no but neither is anything else.


sustained semi auto fire has been proven effective to turn assaults, 25 round mags gives enough firepower

to sound like more than one person if your lucky echos and reverberation will confuse and dishearten a

ill prepared group. most people cannot tell what caliber and do not care the fight or flight mechanism

will kick into all but the experienced or hard core.


a 30 caliber rifle is fantastic but many have a hard time affording a Mosin–Nagant but it is a fine rifle

but it is not rapid fire I am pretty good with a bolt action but even I cannot make a group think I am more than one person.

terminating a threat is not as useful as screaming flopping ones, if your not a well supplied group you need to

use psychological warfare to your advantage there is a reflexology chart and a acupuncture chart that

will help to find the weakness of your advisary.


None of us have a crystal ball I would love nothing better than everyone to afford an H&K 91

but we need to be realistic if your prepping I try to help the person who has to watch his money

Fu@k the rich guy he can afford anything including leaving the country if things go bad.


It is the hard working people {the salt of the earth} that I am wanting to help they have fears and concerns too.

these are the backbone of this country and most who post here seem to have the right view, they co not want to hurt anyone and would just as soon work with their neighbors than fight with them.

For those who have read my posts I try to show how to find inexpensive or free stuff or how to do it your self.


I am very experienced in firearms I know what they can and can't do there are no magic bullets there is a God

there must be because I have seen things that could not occur otherwise, people survive and are basically

99% after being struck with a .308 and a 22 caused the loss of a limb.


We should be concerned with defense not offense {you need to understand both to prepare a good defense.

surviving and not gluttonous gain that we cannot store or save or use.

I have fired a 7.62 ALL DAY it will wear you down they are heavy the ammo is heavy

women and younger ones are not going to like them and may not can handle them.

there is nothing worse than forcing a young person or your wife to shoot something that hurts them

or makes them feel like they are not in control it undermines a persons confidence.

Some posts make me wonder if they expect the rest of the family to measure to their level of endurance.

most people were never soldiers for a reason and some are not cut out for it.


I have been reminded that a 12 gauge is a lot of gun for some people that is true mine was customized for me

my significant other could not rapid fire or handle it deftly I know this and that is why I have other things

for her use and with a 10/22 she can shoot X ring all day long to 100 yards even on moving targets.

If I had more members I would cater to their strengths, I want effective confident marksmen not people

scared or having worries about a weapon beating them up.


I use 22 colibres in my 10/22 hardly any sound and nail squirrels at up to 25 yards I have used all sizes

of 22 in it it does not eject I do that by hand and can quick load a LR as needed.

have done this in all my 22 pistols as well, works better in autos as the cylinder gap in revolvers allows more noise.

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Hey Capt?

I think I read somewhere that you were a fan of "cowboy" type firearms. You'd love this one! My first rifle. Got it for Christmas when I was about 12 (maybe 10). Never had a misfire and took many squirrels home with it!

Browning lever action .22


I have NEVER met a lever gun that I didn't like! Sounds like a really good 'first' rifle. I have no need for another .22 but I keep looking at the Henry .22 lever .... sigh, so many great rifles and so little time.

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Capt Bart, I have a Henry large loop 22 carbine and just love it!! The carbine is shorter, 16" barrel" but that doesn't seem to hurt the usable accuracy. The only thing that I have bad to say is that it REALLY likes to be clean and is a little tight but most of that will settle as it breaks in.

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Capt Bart, I have a Henry large loop 22 carbine and just love it!! The carbine is shorter, 16" barrel" but that doesn't seem to hurt the usable accuracy. The only thing that I have bad to say is that it REALLY likes to be clean and is a little tight but most of that will settle as it breaks in.


THANKS, Danm, just what I need - MORE reasons to go get that .22 lever. You guys could send me to the poor house!

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I've said before, I fired a 10/22 "BSA" model and loved the little rifle. Not one single bad thing to say about it except that it wasn't mine! May be one in my future, or the Henry lever, or maybe both but I shoot .22's more than almost anything else. I really like shooting and I like my big bores and long ranges and everything else but I can go to the range, spend several hours, shoot through 300 rounds and still have $10 left over for lunch on the way home. Can't send three hours shooting ANYTHING else I own for less than the $11 per 325 round box of .22's.


A great caliber, serious varmint/small game rifle, and a marginal but acceptable defense gun out to about 300 yards. Only draw back is that it is absolutely inadequate for bigger game/predators. Still, I would never feel unarmed with "ONLY" a .22LR.

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The "lowly" .22 LR is an oft misunderstood caliber for most people. For most situations it does indeed work as advertised, is inexpensive, reliable and fairly accurate. I prefer quality ammunition in the ones we have, Ruger, Marlin, Henry and Survival Arms AR-7. I can honestly say as former law enforcement officer both municipal and Federal, I have never met a single soul volunteering to get shot with any .22 from any firearm at any distance. We have a number of Ru er 10-22's as well as some Marlin model 60s, that are extremely accurate out to 100 yards with iron sights. Now that I am firmly in"middle age" my eyes on iron sights are, well, I prefer the help of a good scope on a. 22 rifle now. If all I had was a. 22 LR fire-

arm, I wouldn't be fearful at all, just a lot more accurate!

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I can assure you that any .22 sending rounds down range at me is intimidating. JHMO.



ANY lead headed my way is too much lead! Been there, done that and I DID NOT LIKE IT!:mad:


You are correct; I read a story of a lady up in the Prescott, AZ region that spent an incredibly difficult night, alone in a cabin in the woods, because her .38 snubbie wouldn't reach out and touch some punks at about 75 yards. She drove them away from the cabin with the .38 but she only had one reload and spent the night hiding from their sniping. Fortunately for her, the cabin was stout and only the windows paid the price. If she'd had a rifle, even a .22, she could have explained to the young gentlemen that she really was serious about wanting them to leave. They were never caught but she was never in the tall and uncut with just that snubbie again, either.

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Good point, Autonomous about the Mosin Nagants. Personally I like them but prefer the M44 simply because they are easier to haul around. I imagine they could still be around being used in a TEOTWAWKI situation after all the finicky semiautomatic rifles become useless wall hangers as long as the ammo holds out.


As for 22 rifles, I like the Ruger 10/22 fine but my favorite is the Marlin Model 60 for some reason. I guess because that is basically what I learned to shoot with as a kid.

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Bill, The Model 60 is a great tool. Personally, I prefer the 22 rifles with micro groove rifling as they seem to have better end results. I use a 22 lever (Wagon Master made in West Germany) for coyote hunting noormally and for some reason, it seems to have better "put down" ability than the 10/22 using the same ammo (CCI Stingers). I also have a newer Savage bolt 22 that is much better than my old Savage Model 4C I bought a long time ago. The rifling seems to be the biggest difference as both are very accurate.

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I just put together a 10/22 16" fat barrel. What a great gun. If you don't live behind enemy lines a suppressor makes a .22 quite versatile. I like being able to take it out to chow down 1000 rounds for $40. That would cost hundreds with my mini 14.

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