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Welcome to the party. I think you will find a variety of useful tips here since we seem to have a pretty diverse group. Anyone who says they are ALL SET for any catastrophe (except maybe Capt. Bart and Snake) is fooling themselves, and we all have our budgets to think about. Check out some of the posts on garage sale finds- there's good stuff if you know where to look.


im startin to think those two are Rambo's in their own rights. lol ya gotta lov'em though.

they are truthful and honest to the bone no matter whom it hurts.


say welcome to the forums Major. good to have you aboard and thank you for serving your community.

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Hello, My name is Sandy. I presently live in Harlingen, TX with my husband Ernie and his mom. We moved to TX three years ago from AZ were we had initially retired. After living there for five years my husband decided to return to work and that's what brought us to Texas. We are going to be first time grandparents and are contemplating returning to the Chicago area where we lived the majority of our lives. I have had a feeling of unease and expectancy for sometime now and had a personal experience last fall that forced me to get serious about my feelings and finally talk them over with my husband. He is for the most part in agreement with me though I know there are times when he thinks I'm a little crazy. It actually all started around our food. We had been watching shows regarding couponing and how we could save some money by using them. Eventually it went from just working on that to actually prepping. I'm the one of the two who is researching and planning. He will listen to me and watch whatever I want him to see and put in his imput but I'm doing all the legwork. So we've started to prepare, slowly but surely. I've been on this site and others trying to gather as much information as possible and trying not to be overwhelmed with the complexity of it all. The major problem I see for us though, is moving back to IL. Unfortunately the housing market is stagnant in our part of the country and we're not sure we can sell our house without losing our shirts. I can continue to work on our emergency bags and equipment but don't think it would be useful to continue growing our food stock. If we are able to sell the house then we'll have to figure out what to do about housing up north later. Anyway I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can as fast as I can. I also feel better that I see so many other people with the same mindset and don't come across as fanatics or loneytunes. I've actually been able to gather some of the things we need and with each item I get I feel a little less overwhelmed. Looking forward to being part of this forum!

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Welcome Sandy. Good luck with your tasks and your decisions. The move back to CHI and their ridiculous gun laws could be a challenge for you. You've come to the right place for help and interesting conversation. This prepping can be overwhelming, especially if you, like me, are trying to catch up. Taking the time to read these forum pages, will educate you a lot. I've been here close to a month and I'm learning and procuring stuff everyday. Stick with it. It'll start falling into place.

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hey sandy, welcome to the forum.

you mentioned that you might not continue your food stock for now incase of your move.

i wouldnt stop gathering your goods. your gonna need them anywhere you go and you might get better prices where your at over where your headed. keep on keeping on sandy. you never know, you might need your preps before you get the chance to move. i have to agree w/mike above here, the laws in chicago are wacky indeed.

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Thanks for the support @Mike/Rick! I think you're right about continuing the food storage. We were out this weekend at a street fair and a flea market where we found some good buys to add to our inventory. Got a great Coleman lantern for 7 bucks. I originally paid $30+ for one exactly like it when Hurricane Dolly visited us a couple years back. I had just moved our household from AZ to the coast of TX about 1-1/2 mos. prior. Needless to say I was not prepared for a hurricane. Had to get things together pretty fast. My husband was pretty busy himself at the detention center he was working for preparing for a possible evac. I was on my own! I was at least able to get my mother-in-law, who lives with us, out the day before it hit to her daughter in IL. We were renting so I wasn't sure how well the house would do but we survived it with just some leaks in a bathroom. I think that event started my thinking about prepping!

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Welcome, Sandy.

I'm glad you decided to continue the food preps. If nothing else, giving them to a food bank when you move is a good thing, a tax deduction and you have them if TSHTF before you move. I would recommend that if you must move, move them with you.

When I was on active duty, every single blessed time we stopped we started "improving the position". You never new when you might wind up in a fire fight. It seemed like a pain at the time but it was the right course of action. Same concept here. If you are constantly improving your preparedness, then you are always better off, no matter how long you stay in a place. With two weeks of preps you're better off than the guy with 3 days who is better off than the guy with none. You are eating an elephant so take the old advice and do it one bite at a time (apologies for the cliche).

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Hello all my name is Mark and I am new to the site. I was born in Ohio but my family moved to Connecticut when I was young and had no say in the matter. I am married with 3 kids ages 20,10, and 8. I've been a Firefighter for 17 years, the last 10 as an officer (Captain, thus the username). I have been prepping for about 6 months now, and there are 2 things I've learned. 1- I don't think I will ever feel comfortable with my level of prep, and 2- I am truly blessed to be married to a women who is completely on board with everyting we are doing. I am also my son's Cub Scout Den Leader so I get to pass on my knowledge to not just my son but to other peoples son's, and it's a great excuse to go camping. He is at a point where if the TSHTF I would rather have my 8 yr old with me rather than some adults I know. I still have a lot to learn and I don't feel like reinventing the wheel so thank you in advance for all the help. See you on the boards!!



1. Please describe your Every Day Carry?

Leatherman Wave, Bear Grylls folding knife (xmas present from the kids, you have to carry it), Zippo,cell phone, at least $50 cash at all times.


2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol?

Glock 26 with 19 mag


3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol?

Glock 26 with 26 mag


4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine?

AR-7 x2


5. Favorite Rifle or Carbine?

Bushmaster AR15


6. Favorite Shotgun?

Winchester 1300 defender, pistol grip


7. The amount of food you have at your house?

Honestly not enough lol, for my family of 5 I have enough food & water for 2 solid months, but I have lots of hunting, fishing, & trapping possibilities, so I can stretch it.


8. Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag?

1. 10x12 tarp wrapped in paracord & bank line 2. Clothes appropriate for the seaon(just changed from fall to winter)3. 10 MRE's 4. Fero rod, wet fire cubes 5. emergency blankets x5 6. AR-7 & 7. KA-BAR Kukuri


9. Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one?

Don't own anything yet, was thinking of a campground (might draw similar minded people) or if I can make it that far I have a lot of family is southern Ohio and most of them live on farms.


10. Describe your Bug Out Vehicle?

1990 Chevy Suburban 2500 4x4 with a heavy duty cooling system for towing (16' Sunline camper); Need to figure out my EMP plan though, it has TBI fuel injection, everything else is mechanical as far as I know...kinda why I'm here.


11. Describe your Bug Out Bag?

A very non-descript day pack, if the SHTF to the point where we need to bug-out, the last thing I want to do is stand out and draw attention to me and my family, until I get to where I'm going I want to blend in as much as possible.


12. Favorite home defense pistol?

Glock 26


13. Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun?

Winchester 1300 defender


14. Favorite Survival Book?

I am new to all this, but I just finished "Patriots" which I really liked, want to read "One second after" next and I have a bunch of military manuals in the bathroom lol ( only place I get time to myself to read )


15. Favorite Survival Type Movie?

If you grew up in the 80's like me you can't beat "Red Dawn" the original Brat Pack movie.


16. Survival Knife?

Kabar Kukuri


17. Survival Tools in Your Kit?

Leatherman, 19" woods axe, Kukri, fishing kit, sewing kit (Sail needle), paracord, bankline, EMS kit...probably more than I need, but I also want to be prepared to help others without dwindling down my own supplies.

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Good Day Folks,


My name is Rod and it looks like you have a really nice site here. I look forward to participating in your discussions and adding to my knowledge wherever I can. Hopefully I can contribute a little too! :D Although I wouldn't take bets on that!


A little on my background. I live in the Poconos in NE PA. A rather unpopulated spot so I guess I am in what you would consider a "bug in" situation. My wife and I built our own home some 30 years ago with self sufficiency in mind. I am a long time "Boy Scout" so have always enjoyed camping and outdoor activities. Both of our boys went through Scouts and I remain actively involved with our Troop.


Over the last few years I have gradually become more and more oriented towards the purpose of this site. At least we have more confidence that we are at a spot where we have peace of mind we could meet most situations reasonably well. Whatever that means!


I do look forward to learning as much as I can. So keep on spilling the beans guys!

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Welcome, Captain Mark.


Not a bad list for a "newbie", no, sir, not bad at all. I should have been so well off after 6 months. I look forward to your insights - sometimes our questions are the best input we can make to the site. Again, welcome, sir.

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Thanks so much Capt Bart & Matt. Yeah when I first started I kinda freaked out and didn't know where to start and just grabbed a bunch of random things starting with food,water,guns & ammo. I feel like I have nice "base" to work off of. One thing I regretted was picking a 1990 suburban as my BOB. As I read more about EMPs & HEMPs the more I realize I should have gotten an older vehicle, but now I know that if something happens OTHER THAN an EMP I can Bug Out, but if my BOB is rendered useless then I am going to have the Bug In. So if nothing else I've learned that much from this site already, and now I can start to prepare for that situation.

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Guest survival101

OK.... just so you know..... S-101 does have a sig other.... Here I is... lol.... the Name is Willie... so I am no longer just the hubby. Janet will be the one mainly on the forum, but I am doing my research as well. Have worked construction and const mgmt for 35 years and am the chef of the family ... So my area of concentration will be foraging, hunting, fishing, and getting it to the table. It is about time for football and still need to get our hike in. Enjoy the rest of the day, and the games !!!! Look forward to getting to know you and grab any knowledge I can... Take care Willie

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OK.... just so you know..... S-101 does have a sig other.... Here I is... lol.... the Name is Willie... so I am no longer just the hubby. Janet will be the one mainly on the forum, but I am doing my research as well. Have worked construction and const mgmt for 35 years and am the chef of the family ... So my area of concentration will be foraging, hunting, fishing, and getting it to the table. It is about time for football and still need to get our hike in. Enjoy the rest of the day, and the games !!!! Look forward to getting to know you and grab any knowledge I can... Take care Willie


willie! welcome to the show finally. better late than never. we/i have enjoyed having Mrs. janet on board. shes funny and her posts are nice to read. (ok so what backpack did she get)

your a very lucky man indeed. most of us cant get our better halves on board with prepping and here you have yours prepping and posting on forums as well. lol very lucky man indeed. see ya'll on the forums willie. nice to get to say hello to ya.

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Hello everyone and thank you for all the great info on this site. PResently I live in Victoria BC Canada with my wife. I work at a cemetary, but plan to finish my education this fall to become a paramedic. I do not have any adult military training, but I did attend Air Cadets for 5 years.


What got me to this site was a crash on my brand new dirt bike. less than 30 kilometers on her and i fell and dropped the bike. Well a sore hip, hand, shoulder and a wounded pride got me to thinking. I ride alone quite often, if that happened when I was alone, what would I do? So I started my search on what I SHOULD have in my backpack if that ever happened again. (All I had that time was a roll of duct tape, a pocket knife, and about 500ml of water.)


Living on a big island that has 94% of all its products trucked in on a ferry is most assuredly not a good idea. Add in a rising unemployment rate, a large increase in crime, and a rapid increase of ummm un-favorable population. If ever the SHTF or TEOTWAWKiT this wont be a great place.


I went to an emergency preparedness seminar hosted by the city on Wednesday, and basically they said if a SHTF senario happens expect all the stores to be empty in 24 hours. Expect relief in 7 days. Be prepared for civil unrest.


Well combining the bike crash and the seminar, I started to prepare.


1. EDC - Bank Card, DL, pocket Knife, FA kit, duct tape, sunglasses, watch, $20 in fives and $2 in loose change

2. Favorite BOPistol - will be a springfield Armoury 1911 mil-spec (fired one and loved it)

3. Favorite CPistol - illegal in Canada

4. Favorite BORifle - will be a Remington 700 SPS (what borrowed from family when I used to hunt - go with what u know)

5. Favorite Rifle - My grandfathers 444 marlin (now at my brothers place)

6. Favorite Shotgun - Mossberg 500 (again a go with what u know firearm)

7. Amount of food - in house 5 days no cook stuff

8. 7 favorite items in BOB - Duct tape, bowie hunting knife, some MRE's, FA kit, change of clothes, lots of fire starters, maps and compass

9. BOLocation - fellow prep friend has a 38 foot sail boat. We have food/water for 14 days.

10. BOVehicle - 2011 KTM 450 EXC to get me and the wife to the boat. (the bike can easily be stored on the boat)

11. BOB - Mountain equipment day pack. (to be replaced with a GORUCK G2 before valentines day)

12. Home Def Pistol - see #2

13. Home Defence Shotgun - see #6

14. Fav Surv book - bought my first few yesterday SAS survival, and survivors by Rawles

15. Fav Surv Movie - i am legend and survivorman (neat to see and he is Canadian)

16. Fav Surv Knife - my bowie until i get a better one

17. Surv tools - xtra motocross gloves, 1/4" socket set, wire pliers, duct tape, wire, WD-40 tire levers, front and rear tubes. hollow breaker bar and axle socket, tiny tire pump, more duct tape, and tomorrow 25' of 550 para


As you can see I am still a ways away from being prepared. I go for my PAC both restricted and unrestricted in 3 weeks. Im also taking sailing lessons, karate, and soon archery.


When I finish school the wife and I will be heading north to the Yukon territories to make our home. Thanks again for a great site full of good ppl and advice.

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I went to an emergency preparedness seminar hosted by the city on Wednesday, and basically they said if a SHTF senario happens expect all the stores to be empty in 24 hours. Expect relief in 7 days. Be prepared for civil unrest.


that any government says that simply amazes me! remember that your island, in fact the whole area, has some large predators who will not be impressed by small caliber firearms. When you prep for TSHTF, remember it may involve Cougar or big Bear. Be ready to defend yourself and those in your care against the apex predator in your area.

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