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Bug-In Castle Defense

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First you may ask do I have all this the answer is yes and more I am a redneck I have a deal with my

local junk man plastic barrels old T posts metal pipe and R panel {commercial building metal}

any thing he thinks he can make a buck on he comes to me I buy Z beam heavy metal studs and pearling

and 4x4 treated posts and wire fence and expanded metal and metal building trim

I also collect concrete blocks and pads i am going to build a smoke house with a screen porch area to

can and butcher meat to keep out the flies and bugs.


I have built chicken coups rabbit pens mulch pits and extra plastic barrels top cut out I use as

planter buckets cut them in half and drill weep holes in the bottom cut the rest into 4 inch rings and split

for mulch barriers / keepers / grass edger for my trees and plants.

all out of found and used material mixed with some new saved me a lot of money and keeps me out of the

strip clubs <};=}


you will recognize my home because this is what it will look like you cant defend your whole property

but enough tangle foot and obstacles and barbed wire gives you easy defense.


you need to stock a few rolls of barbed wire and few pair of leather gloves

and a barbed wire spooling handle / holder depending on the size of

your house T posts and a T post driver a framing hammer pair of fencing pliers and a T post puller a

corded sawsall no cordless tools and a roll of TOP wire for hurricane fencing this is to use as tie wire

a couple of rolls of bailing wire it is easier to use for tie wire

20 construction blades and a circular saw and a few extra blades a large box of washers that your nails

and screws will not go through these can attach barbed wire to posts and wood frames

one T post for every 2 foot this will give you three rings of defense if you have a fence your loops

on the inside about 4 foot


13 windows and 3 doors enough plywood {treated}to cover windows and double amount for each

of the doors about a dozen 2x4's studs treated stack all this neatly flat on the floor studs then plywood

T posts nails and screws T posts puller and driver barbed wire and it looks like a yard and fencing project


a 50 pound box of 16 penny nails and a large box of 3 1/2 inch drywall screws threaded all the way down

enough self tapping metal screws to mount your plywood window shields

and 10 to 20 pieces 20 foot long of 1/2 inch rebar ask about bent and twisted sometimes they will

give you a sale price or go to construction sites and ask the builder to scrounge for small scrap

that your making Christmas and Halloween yard art / decorations it helps his cleanup efforts

he probably wont mind


before TEOTWAWKI cut and fit plywood for your windows and mark where they go and mount them

calk the screw holes in the frames and mark with a marker up down and which window it fits

cut 2 crosses one on each side 3 inches wide and as wide and tall as you need to get full range of

exterior area on the back diamond pattern mark 3 inch diamonds this is where you put nails or screws

when you make this your bug in i in each square or diamond.


find a plastic barrel cut 1/3 of your rebar in 18 inch pieces 1/3 into 2 foot and 1/3 into 3 foot

cut at an angle so it is sharp and store it in the barrel you can use it as plant stakes


consider a metal roof it lasts longer and is fire resistant also hardy plank fascia and soffet


a box of 16 penny nails and small pieces of plywood and scrap boards put nails through both ways

make them now and save them in a barrel


sharp rebar steaks with T posts with crisscrossed barbed wire and6 foot looped barbed wire close to your


doors and windows thin plywood full of screws attached to your door and have one for a welcome mat

in front of windows also.


tires enough for sand bags in front of windows stack tires off set fill with dirt and sharp steaks

not taller than your window as you want to see over it

you can do this now and fill with dirt and use them as large planters this is a a bullet proof barrier

your brick or any other home is not bullet proof.

radial tires filled with sand and gravel will stop bullets in a semi circle around windows but not against the

house as ants and bugs can use these


cross bar brackets just have them until needed your doors have studs next to the frame this is

where you attach these.


ply wood in windows needs to have the CROSS cut in about 3 inches wide like used in the Indian wars

aiming hole gives you T & E tack dark screen over to keep outsiders from viewing through cut outs and

do not back light your self at night.


the reason why this is so close to the home because too far out it can be over come

20 foot out rolls of steaked out barbed wire empty cans wired for sound signal if wire is tampered with.

sharpened rebar to wire loops to ground and if some clown tries to use a blanket to crush it land in a

sharpen steak a few T posts in between to keep wire from being moved around

15 foot crisscrossed tangle foot 1 foot tall mixed with sharpened stakes and small ply wood squares

with nails

10 foot couple of strands of barbed wire loose at 4 foot and 2 foot on T posts

5 foot out plywood full of screws laid flat and in front of windows

barrels or tires full of dirt some sharpened stakes sticking out


crisscross in between all this with 20 pound test line and single Ought treble hooks


and post holes zigzag pattern about a foot deep and a foot in diameter put a plywood nail board in each

bottles and empty metal cans in between


windows with plywood should have crosses cut out 3 inches wide for weapons ports and nails or screws



doors should have 1/2 inch plywood with like a bed of nails screwed to them and a cross wise sheet

anchored to the ground or deck concrete what ever


a gallon pump up sprayer with gas set to stream not spray


if you want it can be ammonia


even if I lived in an apartment I would have a roll of barbed wire and some nails and screws and some 1x 4 boards hammer and fencing pliers most people do not like barbed wire

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Ditto on the window security film,and consider using normal sheet metal or wood screws,depending upon your window frames, to screw into the frame just above the sliding windows enough so that the window cannot be lifted out of it's frame. All sliding windows can be lifted out easily even if they have a "lock", you jiggle the lock enough and out it comes every time. We've "screwed in" all of our ground floor sliders so they cannot be lifted out and all windows on all floors have the window security film. It won't prevent someone from breaking them, it WILL slow them down enough to be "greeted".

also, ditto on the range cards for your neighborhood. We've got several like minded neighbors and all of us have ranged our neighbors homes so that we CAN (if needed) supplement their defensive measures in a severe situation. We've already taken the step of "greeting" anyone transiting the neighborhood, so that the outsiders "know" they've been ID'd and spotted. Has kept burglary attempts very far. Hope this helps. Our dogs are also "inside dogs", the dog hair is an easy price to pay for their peace of mind.

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Im just going to remind everyone of the advantage of the first 24 hours that those who are ready will have a better chance.

First hours,most wont do anything and will wait and see.Others will over react and clog the streets and stores, the fights and mahem from there will be the start of the fall,police will be over run,streets jambed.36 hours and your eather buged in or on your way to a safe location or you stuck on a major interstate and thats not good.I have a major Interstate 15 miles from my home and have traveled it many times and there are many miles and mountains between the exits and a major Tunnel to go through.

Im very much in a small town near the Va and Wv border,and plenty of Country folks,The small center of town has many "CRACK HEADS" and they are my consern,We have a rail road shop(maintance) in this town and hundres of RR cars sitting around,Coal trains are constant and if they stop well you know what happens next.

I cleaned my chimmney this week to make sure it is ok,while I was on the roof

i took a Tactical look at my surrounds and neighbors.

All in all my area is different from anyone else,so at least look around now while you can and use all the advice that was given here.We can never be completely ready because we just dont know.

If I knew for sure I would Bug out to Texas and live with JCMS,if he would have me.JMHO..

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Im just going to remind everyone of the advantage of the first 24 hours that those who are ready will have a better chance.

First hours,most wont do anything and will wait and see.Others will over react and clog the streets and stores, the fights and mahem from there will be the start of the fall,police will be over run,streets jambed.36 hours and your eather buged in or on your way to a safe location or you stuck on a major interstate and thats not good. ..


very correct. we think alike here on this.

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This is always on my mind. I have a couple of places I call home since I'm at school half the week and at my condo on the weekends. The apt at school offers very little in the way of protection. While it's on the second floor, I have a sliding glass door out onto a balcony with a ladder to the ground. The windows and front door aren't an issue though. At least I am more or less out in the middle of nowhere and the chance of roving gangs of people is relatively slim.


On the other hand, my condo at home with my fiance is better fortified (a front locking door to get into the building and a dual locked door to the condo itself). However, it is also in a more populated area. Getting into the unit itself would prove difficult as we are on the third floor. However the problem comes down to over all preparedness. She really doesn't like to do the prepping herself and we are on extremely limited funds. I do what I can but over all we aren't close to where I'd want to be for preparedness. My plans include blackout curtains to prevent what little light candles produce and a 2x6 to jam the front door if needed. So more or less it comes down to just hoping no one notices we're there in the case of shit hits the fan. Getting out of dodge is likely to be safest option if the situation goes bad.

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Sorry to say, but the Bug-In Castle approach for the average home near a high density area is a lost cause. While it would be prudent to take every precaution you can to make access as difficult as possible (alarm system, heavy doors with reinforced frames, etc.) the truth is that given a determined enemy in a real SHTF scenario there is 0% chance of effectively defending the average home for very long. If you had a well armed troop, maybe. But alone, you will merely be stretching out the inevitable.


Truthfuly, if your within 10 miles of a major metropolitan area or traffic artery I would consider relocating to a safer local. Ideally a rural property with at least 10 acres and a home out of view from the road would be ideal.


Ideally I would build a home out of either full sized logs or stone (granite) with a full sized basement. Square log cabin design with an loft will be easiest to keep warm. Limit windows and doors on the main level. Out of sight from the road you can install metal bars on the windows, or better yet you can have a good welder fabricate 1/2 steel metal shutters with slits that can be closed shut in a pinch. You can also install a hardwood door with 1/2 steel plate sandwiched in between. I would also install a slate or metal roof to prevent being burned out.


At this point you can install a good wood burning stove (not a fireplace). You can use the stove to heat the home and cook. Solar panels, a good hand pump for well water, a vegetable garden, goats, chickens, rabbits, and enough food in the basement for 1 year and your all set.


Be sure to insulate the home well. 12 inch thick walls and plently of insulation in the ceiling will reduce your need for wood in the winter and keep your home cool in the summer. A light colored reflective roof will also keep the home cool, if you live in the a cooler climate black will absorb heat in the winter.


Off the beaten path you can set up some good perimeter defenses and early warning systems.

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My biggest concern is securing the house. I also have a lot of windows and that is the weakest link. Security bars would be great on the lower floor windows, but my wife doesn't like the idea. What I might do is weld up some bars and have them ready to install if things start to get sketchy. I've bee




Have you thought about security shutters?

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IF or When the looting begins, I will make my home "look looted" and "there must be easier targets". I'm in my late 60s. I will throw trash around the yard. I'll remove fence boards in the back between our friend's house and ours. These boards are vital for our defense.

Every board will be filled with rows of nails and pointed screws sticking out. These I will nail or screw into the sides and sills of Every Window and Door. Below all windows - IF someone wants to crawl through those - will be - nailed to the floor - dozens of these 'Spikes covered boards' to land on. There will be traps and tip wires around every entrance. (Think 'Home Alone' the movie)


We have a safe room but it's not Hollywood. IF my wife and I can make it there, we could keep people out for a short while - But - it only buys us time to consider our options.


IF we had some advance notice of 'crowds' fleeing the downtown, I would organize what's left of our neighborhood. We can make "Pacts" to help one another if trouble finds us.


I'm a husband, father, Marine and human being. The first adult conversation I had with my father was after he returned from Korea. He told me, "When you are in the foxhole, you don't care about the race or religion of the man who is with you. You ONLY care if he is on your side."


Ego, stupidity and greed has brought us to this cliff. The future looks a 1000' down to rocks. We can't go back. The only way out is down. Faced with this reality, let us leap from this dangerous situation AND FLY.


The only way I can take care of my family is IF I'm still alive. Defending myself and my community is vital. Sun Tsu "The Art of War" - The greatest victories are the ones which are won without fighting.


IF that doesn't work, inflict the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time - with the least amount of damage to you and yours.


Life isn't ALL Doom and Gloom; Enjoy the Wonders that Exist also. Find Your Balance in this debate. Don't focus only on the bad. In survival, it's usually the positive attitude that prevails.


Be Honest and Be Excellent!

Click here to Subscribe to My "Common Sense Survival Tips" newsletter.

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Have you ever been in a Riot? and looting? I have.60s in Detroit and its not pretty.Mass disorder,but as soon as a gun went off everyone hit the ground.Only cowards steal during this time of disorder and them that think they will get away with it. During my time in south Florida a sighn was posted in my neighborhood right before a storm.Looters we be shot.

nuff said..

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Paul and Jack,

Interesting posts. Of course if moving to the 'big sky' country and becoming a clone of the Uni-bomber is not possible, the posts that say MOVE are not much help. Second, you build a square block cabin and any half way decent assault leader has you cold turkey. None of us makes it if we come up against the 101st Airborne or even the local sheriff's office. Any large, well armed force will either over run an impromptu defense or inflict unacceptable casualties.


Booby traps in all windows may sound cool but I fear it is very much in line with a mall ninja mentality. I understand the effectiveness of booby traps but have you considered how you are going to get out through those traps when the MZB set fire to the place? People die every year (almost lost a family in Houston 2 nights ago) because burglar bars prevented the emergency personnel from getting to them.


Remember, this is NOT a war or combat op. This is survival. It is not acceptable, morally, legally, or ethically to utilize full up combat tactics against refugees. This is the US, not Bosnia and murder of refugees has been condemned by every civilized society on the planet. If your concept of TSHTF is Mad Max and you are willing to sink to that level, that is your choice. If you start shooting refugees, you are going to have big problems if this is not the end of the world.


If you plan to 'organize' the neighborhood while the horde is on the way, I fear you are going to be sorely disappointed with the result. It took the military a couple of months to turn you into a basic trained GI. It is a nice thought that you can get all your neighbors together, armed up, establish defensive positions, communications, medic services, a rapid reaction force and hold the line against a superior force. In addition, you have to do this without violating any law that you are going to get hit with after law enforcement shows up.


While I don't particularly think the MZB hordes are a realistic threat for logistical reasons

( see )

if I'm wrong, then I can only E&E out of the area. Every artilleryman knows that a determined enemy, who is willing to pay the price will get through and over run a position. If you do manage to hold, what are you going to do with the bodies? Who is standing security why you are burying the dead, yours and theirs. What do you consider acceptable loses in your scenario. You will lose people in a combat encounter and I don't want to lose any of my family.


Sorry guys, I recommend you seriously rethink your TSHTF scenario. This thread is here to help folks who can not bug out for what ever reason. There are other threads for bugging out. Being required to be employed to provide for my family does limit how far out into the boonies I can go. I don't have the resources to equip an infantry squad, much less a full company and in the case of defending a sub-division against a major attack, nothing less that a company is big enough. Location, age, and health dictate bugging in in my case. The purpose is to survive to be part of the rebuilding of society for our kids. Major combat is not part of that plan.

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my storm shutters are 3/4 inch ply wood with marked grid for screws and 1 inch view holes

and are prefit for the windows and all windows have cactus

growing in beds around them.

doors are steel commercial and open out and have cross bars inside I have precut 1x1 cattle gauge

cattle panel and razor wire also have a couple rolls of barbed wire.

I have plywood for approach decks {bed of nails and drywall screws} and to face doors with

you cannot charge a door full of 3 inch drywall screws while steeping on them too.


I have other methods of preventing approach and cannot be implemented until the TIME

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New here and i have been prepping for over two years, i turned my 24x24 shop into my store room for food ammo and supplies, with enough food and water for me and the wife for several months. I am looking for fellow preppers in the Columbia area who we can share ideas . I am about to build my Bug Out Trailer , I have been getting my BOV ready with a lot of little mods, we are both gun lovers and big hunters, we love to camp in the swamp and at the river near our house.

if there is a group or even someone in the area who would like to get in touch with us on here i think i have a lot to bring to the table.



Edited by Outlaw

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Welcome, Sarge. I HATE swamps, I more of a desert rat so, of course I live between Houston and Galveston. Some planning! Looking forward to your posts and comments. I've been thinking about a BOT (Bug Out Trailer - just made up a new one B)) myself.


If you would be willing to keep a running commentary on your build out, I'll open a BOT thread. I suspect I'm not the only one who would be interested.

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your Ok it your family I ain't sure of LOL



Remember the song "the John Birch Society" by the Chad Mitchell Trio?



The line I loved was

"There's no one left but Thee and We and We're not sure of Thee"

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Default, Another point to what Capt Bart said; if you build under a chicken coop or other outbuilding, you can hide the air vents for fresh air inside the walls. You can add air vents (louvre style) to get fresh air without a "tell-tale" sign. The thing with going underground, is ensuring you get fresh air, or a bunker becomes a crypt. If possible, tree stumps and other "natural" concealment can be used and have multiple air vents in case one becomes plugged or if a fire removes the one hid inside building walls. Filters can be gotten and installed to minimize risk of pathogens or other "unwanted airborne visitors".

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"bunkers becoming crypts" is why i wouldnt go underground for any real length of time if at all.


I would have to say this is probably one of my biggest fears. Not really interested in being buried alive. The other would have to be being burned (or smoked) out. Probably why I keep so many stinkin' fire extinguishers around the house.

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...However the problem comes down to over all preparedness. She really doesn't like to do the prepping herself and we are on extremely limited funds. I do what I can but over all we aren't close to where I'd want to be for preparedness. My plans include blackout curtains to prevent what little light candles produce and a 2x6 to jam the front door if needed. So more or less it comes down to just hoping no one notices we're there in the case of shit hits the fan. Getting out of dodge is likely to be safest option if the situation goes bad.


Consider little things like changing your diet a little. If you start eating rice a few times a week then the 10 pound bag of rice is convenient to have on hand. and the bags don't really close back up so you keep in in a food grade bucket. If she doesn't like you having survival supplies then pick up hobbies like making bread from scratch or learning to make beef jerky. If you can make your survival food taste better then off the shelf food you can justify having a lot. In fact just liking to cook a lot as a hobby justifies owning a lot or diverse foods.

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If you can make your survival food taste better then off the shelf food you can justify having a lot. In fact just liking to cook a lot as a hobby justifies owning a lot or diverse foods.


+1 for this!

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      спекотне лто. Це мсце, де ми розповдамо оригнальн новини за темою спекотне лто. Ми намагамося знайти х для вас 247. Кожен день ми публкумо щось цкаве 14 Червня 2018 19:09. Лто-2018 буде найспекотншим за 123 роки!
      Дивитися Дже ДА. Вони дорг в HD онлайн вд телеканалу 2+2. Дивться ДжеДА. Вони дорг повний вдеоархв всх серйсезонв онлайн в гарнй якост на 1+1 video 12 07 2019. ДЖЕДА. Машина розганяться до 100 клометрв за 4 секунди. Поширити в соцальних мережах. Share. Tweet. Share. Чому електросамокатихалепа на вропейських дорогах? 11 07 2019.
      - фльми в кнотеатрах Украни Мо спекотне лто з Соф. Малюк Джо. Хто твоя бабця, чуваче? Вктор Скрипник 46, Гент 41, юнацька лга уфа 38, результати 33, Мальме 32, Олександр Бабич 29, вольфсбург 23, Андрй Шахов 22, Олег Федорчук 21, аталанта 21, Сергй Кривцов 19, Микола Матвнко 17, Артем Бсдн 15, Каштру 14, Вталй Миколенко 14. ТАБЛИЦЯ. УПЛ.
      Докладнше про фльм. 18-35. 70 грн. ЗА Опис: Час для ново фантастично пригоди! Мандрвниця Дора вдкрива нов незвдан свти. Facebook:Instagram:Докладнше про фльм Чи буде сеансо 12:00 год? Свтлана, 18 Джумандж: наступний рвень. Хочу Вам сказать,что вы офигенные !Если б ещё буфет работал до конца последнего
      Счень буде спекотним. зркове життя. Женя Кот ззнався, чи пропонували йому секс за грош Время и Стекло BalensiagaТанц з зрками 2019. 6 сезон 14 випуск. 4. 06:05. Анна Рзатднова VS Вкторя Бултко VS Ксеня МшинаЧа-ча-чаТанець за перемогуТанц з зрками 2019. 6 сезон 14 випуск. 5. 06:29. Вкторя Бултко VS Ксеня Мшина VS Анна РзатдноваДжайвТанець за перемогуТанц з зрками 2019. 6 сезон 14 випуск. 6. 06:15. Ксеня Мшина VS Вкторя Бултко VS Анна РзатдноваТангоТанець за перемогуТанц з зрками 2019. 6 сезон 14 випуск. 7 Бльше програм. Пн-Пт. 06:30. Снданок з 1+1 ранкове шоу. Пн-Пт. 09:30. Життя вдомих людей зркове життя. Щодня. 19:30. ТСН новини дня. Щопонедлка.
      Купити офцйн квитки на фестивал 20192020 в Укран Повний розклад на фестивал 20192020Безпечна покупкаНавщо ризикувати гарним настром?Квитки на фестивал 20192020 в Укран. Грудень 2019. 20 пт грудня2019, пт, 10:00. Шоу льодових скульптур.
      Водночас фльм отримав купу негативно критики через "нездоров" стосунки мж головною геронею тапартнером У цьому фльм Скарлетт Йоханссон гра безменну нопланетянку, яка прибула до Шотланд в пошуках чоловкв. Далогв у фльм мало; а бльшсть другорядних акторв знмали прихованими камерами.
      Дзнайся, що потрбно зробити, щоб лто 2018 запам'яталося назавжди.
      Enter-Фльм. 18:00. Загадочные убийства Агаты Кристи 18:33. Релакс. Акварум Смешные КОШКИ и котики, приколы про котов до слез Смешные КОТЫ 2019Funny Cats. 19:54. Лучшие приколы за неделю приколы 2019 май лучшие смешные приколы подборка 1 бублик view. Орёл и Решка. 19:46.
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      Дивись онлайн онлайн. Бюджет 2020 Розведення Вйськ. Пряма трансляця на В Украну йде спекотне лто Фото з вдкритих джерел. В п'ятницю, 17 червня, в Укран буде мнлива хмарнсть, без опадв. Мсцям температура повтря прогрться до 30-31 градусв тепла. Температура повтря вдень 28-31 градусв тепла, нчн показники будуть вд +15 градусв до +17, повдомля Гдрометцент р. В центральних областях крани буде сонячна, спекотна погода. Температура повтря в середньому по регону вдень 28-30 градусв тепла, вноч 15-17. На пвноч Украни триматиметься така ж ясна погода, температура повтря вдень 28-30 градусв тепла, вноч 15-17.
      30.05 - За пдсумками конкурсу медабрендв в номнац кращий проморолик розважально програми, програми life-style, комедйного шоу переможцем став ролик Мстичних сторй виробництва Television- За пдсумками 2012 року, в рейтингу популярност фльмв онлайн-кнотеатрулдиру мультик про Лунтка. Правами на використання образв геров анмацйних фльмв студ Мельница на територ Украникомпаня GOOD POINTS, що входить доGroup.- Кноклуб NoName Club, який проходить у кнотеатр Правда на територ , вдсвяткував сво дворччя.
      Понедлок .2019 Середня свтова температура суш в серпн склала 0,78 градусв за Цельсм. Свт 18 вересня 2015 05:15 Серпень став найспекотншим мсяцем на планет за 136 рокв спостережень, причому рекордно спекотним стали вже чотири мсяц поспль. Середня свтова температура суш в серпн склала 0,78 градусв за Цельсм, що перевищу середнй показник усього XX столття. Рекордн темпаратурные значення в серпн реструвалися у Пвденнй Америц, Африц, на Близькому Сход, в вроп Аз. Поширення пдвищених температур вдбуваться не тльки над сушею, аленад океанами.
      Кохання тисячолттями надиха режисерв створювати шедеври. А фльми про кохання одностатеве нод виходять ще цкавшими, нж про традицйне. Адже героям доводиться не тльки шукати шляхи до сердець одне одного
      Ми також не використовумо такий варант завантаження книг як .torrent, вам не потрбно використовувати сторонн програми (наприклад, u Torrent). Книги збергаються в архвдоступн по прямому посиланню. У пдручнику розглянуто основн питання курсу з урахуванням сучасного стану мовознавчо науки: загальн вдомост про мову та мовознавство як науку, природусутнсть мови,походження, закономрност розвитку й функцонування на рзних сторичних етапах, походження й розвиток письма, генеалогчну й типологчну класифкац мов, структурн рвн та одиниц мови тощо.
      Про фльм. Коротко. Ус творц. Цкавинки. Прес-релз. Новини до фльму. Лнки. Реценз. Кнокритик 97 хв. Крана. США. Режисер. Девд Уейн. Премра в свт. 2001-01-23.
      У цього фльму вдмнний саундтрек (пдспву Адам Левн з групи Maroon 5)приголомшливо тепла, затишна атмосфера. Акторський склад пдбрався що треба: в головних ролях Кра Найтл Марк Руффало. Та й головна декораця фльму, мсто Нью-Йорк, зробила свою справу Ця щирасвтла комедя розповда про сторю знайомства ДжекаМелан. У той день все пшло шкереберть: хн дти спзнилися на шкльну екскурсю, а в обох запланована купа справтурбот. Можливо, героям вдасться не тльки викрутитися з проблем, аленесподвано знайти кохання? Дует молодих Мшель ПфайфферДжорджа Клун навряд чи зможе залишити когось байдужим, та й сам фльм переглядаться буквально на одному диханн.
      У 2019 буде продовження сералу Американськ боги, створеного за мотивами однойменного роману Нла Геймана. Премра 2 сезону запланована на березень, попередньо вдомо про 9 епзодв. Творц сералу вже виклали в мережу сцену, з яко починаться другий сезон. У ньому битва мж Старими та Новими Богами продовжу назрвати. Через клька годин псля оголошення вйни та епчних под на вечрц герон Крстн Ченовет стер перед нами знову поста мстер Середа Очевидно, що саме проти ньогоборотимуться у новому сезон. У трейлер творц показали торговий центр Starcourt Mall, навколо якого розгортатимуться под нового сезону. 8. У другому сезон Велико маленько брехн зявиться акторка Мерл Стрп.
      Пряму трансляцю матчу дивться за цим посиланням. ЧИТАЙТЕ ТАКОЖ: В спан розгорвся скандал пов'язаний з екс-гравцем збрно Украни Михайличенко: Гравц Динамо проявили характер. Знайшов помилку? Видлита натисни CTRL+Enter Мо спекотне лто з Соф. Малюк Джо. Хто твоя бабця, чуваче? Best Horror Shorts - 2019. ПРОГРАМИ. "Великий футбол" вд .2019 (ВДЕО). "Профутбол" вд .2019 (ВДЕО). "Великий футбол" вд .2019 (ВДЕО). вс програми.
      Lookbook Лто 2019. попередн LOOKBOOKИ. Весна 2019.
      Все, що треба знати про головну футбольну подю лта. 10 фраз батькв, що можуть зпсувати майбутн дтям. 8 ознак, що вам потрбна психологчна допомога Георгй Ярмоленко та Петро Миронов розповли про зйомки фльму "Тльки диво". Снданок з 1+1 Сьогодн 11:33. Олександр Попов став обличчям календаря-оберегу на 2020 рк вд журналу "Натал" У Прилуках сотн людей знову збралися пд полцю через смерть 14-рчного Дениса Чаленка. Люди не врять у результати медично екпертизи. Укрaнa Вчора 21:26.
      Температура вноч 10-12 тепла, вдень 16-18. У Днпр сонячно та сухо. Температура вноч 7-9 тепла, вдень 20-22 Скльки у свт залежних вд смартфонв людей: вражаюч цифри. 18:55. Як швидко пройти лабринт: вдео з хом'яком розвеселило мережу. 18:22. Гороскоп на 2 грудня 2019: прогноз для всх знакв Зодаку. 17:52.
      Спекотне лто в севль. 27 червня, 2002, 00:00 Роздрукувати Випуск 24, 27 червня-5 липня. Автор Як вдомо, за узгодженими ранше планами, до початку 2004 року в С мають влитися 10 нових кран з Центрально та Схдно вропи. На самт багато й патетично говорили про те, що сьогодн процес переговорв переходить у фнальну стадю. Оскльки сам договр про вступ треба пдписати до весни 2003 року, щоб нов крани 2004 року змогли взяти участь у виборах в вропарламент як повноправн члени С.
      София. Про крану. Сонячне спекотне лтознаменит курорти. Болгаря вдома свом сонячним та жарким лтом, знаменитими курортами, великою клькстю готелв рзних категорй, чудовим морем з дивовижними пщаними пляжами, за чистоту яких м з року в рк присуджуться знаменитий Блакитний прапор, шаленою рзномантнстю вин, дуже смачнимидешевими фруктами, а також привтним ставленням мсцевого населення до прижджих Якщо вас запросили на обд, то подбайте про гостинц. В принцип це може бути все що завгодно, головнещоб подарунок був пдбраний з душею. Болгари дуже гостинний народ. Посадивши гостя за стл, йому пропонують
      Марганець Маруполь Мелтополь Миколав Миргород Могилв-Подльський Моршин Мукачево Нетшин Нжин Нкополь Нова Каховка Нововолинськ Новоград-Волинський Новомосковськ Обухв Одеса Олександря Охтирка Павлоград Первомайськ Переяслав-Хмельницький Петропавлвська Борщагвка Подльськ Покров Покровськ Полтава Прилуки Рвне Самбр Свтловодськ Святопетрвське Свродонецьк Слов'янськ Смла Софвська Борщагвка Стрий Суми Тернопль Токмак Трускавець Тячв Ужгород Фаств Харкв Херсон Хмельницький Хмльник Чабани Червоноград Черкаси Чернвц Чернгв Чорноморськ Чорткв Чугув Нове вддлення Снево в Кив! Тепер ще ближчезручнше здавати аналзи. Ласкаво просимо

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    • Родина Адамсів мультфiльм и онлайн lk

      Дивитися мультфiльм Родина Адамсів
      Дивитися мультфiльм Родина Адамсів
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      17 жовтня Родина Адамсв. 24 жовтня. 16 днв до прокату. Родина Адамсв. США, Великобританя, Канада, 2019 (комедя, мультфльм, анмаця).
      22 квт. 2019Диявольська смейка Адамсв припала до смаку глядачам.нагаду, що головне - це родина, дуже важливимактуальним в наш час,за маршрутом Кив-Львв на перод з 24 квтня по 1 травня 2019 .17:39
      19 трав. 2016сторонами вважаються фзичн особи та члени родини фзичних осб, як21 нституту розвиткусамодопомоги, який при вдповднихцей процес зробили так вчен, як Адамс Р., Блуха М. Т., Соколов Я. В.,
      У 1934 роц родину спткало лихо: вмира вд лейкем молодша дочка Адрана Прихд Челентано в кно не був випадковим: спвак постйно шукав новнтернет-блоз ранше не опублковане вдео з кнопроб до цього фльму.Гостями передач були: Браян Адамс, Енцо Янначч, Антоно Альбанезе,
      Росйський рок-гурт Мультфльми використав у центр ПРОПУСК, щоб Автор запитання скачав маленький файл через торрент за клька днв.вен Адамс пише про проблеми досвдченого розробника, який багато роквДомашнй ПК, 92001, ст. 71.
      26 квт. 2013таинства, и могли повторить на родине священные ритуалы. Все это43. . До сих пор неразрешённым остаётся эпизод, о котором
      8 чер. 2019дивитися фiльм Берлн, я люблю тебе без рестрац 3r2019Фантастика Сериал Черное зеркало смотреть онлайн в hd Люкс ФМDating after 50 comes with a unique set of challenges, says Ronni У ролях: Ем Адамс, Меттью Гуд, Адам Скотт, Джон Лтгоу, Ноель О Донован, Тон
      8 лип. 2019Шахрайки фiльм 2019 дивитися онлайн без рестрац Короче ходила якно Секрети домашнх тварин 2 ou Дивитися мультфiльм Секрети66 605. Знаки етнокультури Жайворонка. Жайворонок ПАРА1, и, ж. 1.Элайджа Вуд, Томас Джей Райан, Марк Руфало, Джейн Адамс, Девд Крос,
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      9 жов. 2018Адамса, самой примечательной в этой книге, то подобнойфльм Гая Рч Король Артур: Легенда меча. (2017)Вортгерна зрадити власну родину та слугу Варто вдзначити, що трейлер показу най-.
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      Стрчка Родина Адамсв вийде на екрани вже восени — чекамо. 6262Завдяки цьому, ви можете обрати будь-який сеанс та дивитись кно з
      14 лют. 2015Актори: Джим Керр, Кейт Унслет, Джер Роберт Брн, Элайджа Вуд, Томас Джей Райан, Марк Руфало, Джейн Адамс, Девд Крос,
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      64 с. : л. 39(477); Кротюк, О. Прилетла пташечка: традицйн свята народного календаря. К 83; з творчими забавами О. Кротюк.Львв : Апрор, 2017.
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