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Looking for the best place for survival off the grid???

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Here's Urban Wolf's link so that people can click it directly:


I do find the idea of being forced into on-the-grid living reprehensible; if you can make it work without utilities and without creating a public health issue (such as by not having adequate plumbing, or by having waste that isn't properly filtered/disposed of), then it's none of the government's business from my perspective... and from the perspective of a lot of people around here, I suspect.


That said, one of the places listed by TahoeShane is not all that far from me, and we have quite a few communes and off-the-grid inhabitants in Oregon already. It clearly will pay to get the proper permits and to look into land use regulations BEFORE buying a property or making improvements to it, but then, that would always be the case, right? It will be interesting to see what the Supreme Court has to say about the couple in Priest Lake, Idaho, whose property was apparently declared a wetland only after they had done due diligence and started construction.

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