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Shipping Containers

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Well, I have thought of using a refrigerated one as storage for my prep stuff. If it was a refrigerated one, the insulation is great, so no worries about too hot or cold. Put it on a concrete pad, and that pretty much takes critters, insects, etc out of the equation. I would want a regular knob-type door though. Like a double bolt that is keyed from both sides.

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Was thinking on doing the same thing, but i'm going to bury mine not as much rock as you have. I'm also looking into a tractor trailer or a refrigerated box, already insulated. I've been told shipping containers are harded to find and more $$$. I think you would be fine with a 30' refrigerated box and bury supplies in random places I plan to run water from stream uphill bury the line and have bath rm. facility. Also been working on small gen. system water powered. If your as remote as you say all you need is some camo netting and bury supplies. good luck to you...

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hum...... i didnt see it mentioned but what happens if your in this metal container and lightning hits it?

what i would do is bury it above ground and plant grass. it will look like a hill in no time if done right.

nothing but the extra cost of a rented bob cat to get the job done.

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As long as the container is grounded (touching the Earth) you don't have to worry about lightning strike. The electricity will flow through the container into the ground, electricity always takes the path of least resistance, and going back up into your body makes no sense for it. As long as nothing electrical is touching the sides of the container, you'll be just fine.


Another thing you could do if you're really worried about it, it to put the container near a tree or two and attach a metal pole to the top of the tree and wind a metal cable from the rod down the tree and bury it. You've just made and grounded a lightning rod that doesn't stand out from the tree and break OPSEC.

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a conex box or shipping container is not water proof not even water resistant

they have vents on the top that are about 3 x 4 inches app 6 of them.


of course there are so many designs I would advise to go and look them over some have a soft top

a rubber sheet over a frame some have all metal floors and square tubing and a C channel ceiling.


it does not matter which you choose it better have a metal ceiling inside use black mastic a light coat

to prevent rust through pay close attention to rust spots corrosion will over take it in a few years

if it is not properly coated some are painted with epoxy paint and still rust bubbles after a few years

of use.

If your going to bury it coat the outside with black mastic also it is cheap and coats well and has

a long life.

under dirt the container should be covered with a poly pond liner and on a high spot water will come

up in them they are not a submarine, and a french type drain for underneath.

here is where solar panels, charge controller, battery and computer fans come in these connect to

vent pipes blowing in and the other blowing out

at least one in each corner 3" in diameter a PVC p trap or double p trap configuration why three inch well the notches for a fork lift are 4"

from outside the burial mound

with vent caps and stainless steel scrubbing pads used as a bug / critter screen / mice.

air has resistance so length is a consideration..

one almost to the ceiling one close to the floor air has to circulate top to bottom if closed

a 3/4 burial or a full burial and a spider hole entrance depending on your climate conditions.

freezing water or earth will crush or break pipe so a spider hole needs to be thought out ask

plumbers how they bury french drains tips and tricks each area will have its own challenges

the desert is the easiest but then spiders snakes mice Gila monsters are not a pleasant surprise

and terrain if it is flat a large hill would look conspicuous

you have to engineer you burial to your rain fall and freeze depth / line


a box that has a C channel ceiling can have 2x6's cut and notched for insulating and ceiling joist for

hanging a ply wood ceiling wall you need to use fir down strips in between use foam sheet or this new

metallic bubble wrap looking insulation if buried insulation will not be needed as the earth 3 foot

will give you ground temp but remember your body has the heat of a 75 watt bulb

so depending on how many people will in habit this area you must consider this for air and

heat / cooling also fan power to get the volume of air an underground pit of coiled tubing like used in a

heat exchanger


hey it needs to be considered I have done a few of these and it ain't rocket science but its more

complicated than plumbing a bathroom..

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I think that's a great idea also, but make sure to line the outside of the container in tarp or something and make sure it's sealed well or it could turn into an indoor pool. If you could get a few welded together, you might even be able to make a nice "eco home" under the hill.

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I watched a Extreme home show once and this family built a massive house out of shipping containers. It was massive. Above ground.


People get real creative with these shipping containers. I want to but 4 of them and cut and weld them, bury them in a concrete reinforced foundation. Theres all sorts or vent valves available for panic rooms and such. Same for exhaust fans that can be installed 20-30 yards away to not give away the exact location of the shipping containers.


I know you just want to know where to buy one so you can store some stuff. But whats the fun in that. lol

Theres a few companies in New Jersey that sells them. I have passed the container yard a million times seen the advertisement but never took the number. I will try to search for it.


It will get broken into tho man. Not to jinx you. But a container in the middle of no where, with just simple locks holding those things together, it will get broken into and when you need it most you will go there and it will have nothing. Its the force of nature. People do shitty things. They do sell them for 2-3k tho, and it would cost another 6-8k digging holes and pouring cement and getting vents, welding ( hopefully you know someone who could weld and plasma cut )


I know I have plans on buying 4-6 of them bury 4 to use as a "panic room" and have two on hydraulic system where they lift out of the ground. Ive seen a few rich bastards do this for these Lambo's. The system isnt that expensive. Having the foundation is the pricey part. Ive seen farmers build tornado shelters out of these containers. Wine guys store there wine.

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they do not have to be welded welding is actually a negative because the cannot be disassembled or

moved they are built to be moved by truck on high ways legally with out a special permit.


you can bolt them together 7/8" galvanized telephone pole bolts with 3" square galvanized washers

use commercial grade 30 yr caulk and impact them together.


pull the floor panels to get under the floor and re screw down.


to separate them to need to use hydraulic jacks and log splitting wedges on heavy posts wood or iron

they are very stuck together!!!

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here is the basic numbers in my area.


74 dollars per square foot for a standard home wood / brick structure


a shipping container about 9.40 per square foot for a 40 foot container {3000 dollars for ship drop level}

and have it anchored like a mobile home.


add 4500 dollars for appliances RV type propane 120 and 12 volt refrigerator freezer

and a high efficiency ductless AC unit and 12 volt lighting and fans and vents.


paint the floor with truck bed liner and the rest with mastic thin coat.



fir down strips metal 1/2 foam insulation sheet 1/2 inch treated plywood or sign board

base board needs to be vinyl or non wood

ceiling only needs boards turned sideways in C channel to screw plywood to so as to insulate

use 6" insulation


electrical 200 amp box as this is minimum code so do not try to skimp here

12 volt box for

electrical track some is very designer acts like conduit but good looking and

can be opened like a clam shell and reworked to add or move wiring.

In other words all electrical is on the wall not in the wall.


standard plumbing standard cabinetry and furniture.


even a small wood stove using a hardy board backer and stone or such for fire proofing.


make locking steel shutters or by roll up internal steel shutters

2 steel doors w/ frames


for this price you have a bullet resistant standard pistol not magnum and true storm Resistance.


about 15,000 will build a very nice looking very durable water can be placed on top

and a 12 volt system like a motor home


the exterior virtually the same I would use something long lasting but a choice of many

new materials for aesthetics.


No it is not the Taj Mahal any one who thinks that they are able to loose everything and walk

right in to the same size house is not firing on all cylinders renting is almost as expensive as owning

and the neighborhood is worse as if one home is a rental then eventually most will be soon..


a paid home even though smaller is also less expensive tax wise as well as bills

It would startle you what I pay for everything for my home I thought that I wanted to have

my money free for fun and travel so I planned to be debt free and have a smaller house.

I did and just in time I started prepping geared toward an unknown problem in 2006

and it works fine never run out of anything and not to many worries that is all this is about

to minimize worry of being unemployed or sick or some calamity as you have some back up

and stock of what you need at your finger tips peace of mind is what your buying.

TEOTWAWKI is just a word long term unemployment is a reality accident impacting your income

shortened work week can we say U.S. post office? if what they are speaking of happens,

oh crap more home car and recreational vehicle repo's


If your over 40 to 50 finding a job depending on your experience may be a lot more difficult

than you think there are even people moving over seas to find work and not for more money.

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Add on a RV cover style roof / cover will kick butt on heat and large enough for all surround porch


windows are no problem but security as well as fire escape should be considered before buying windows

double or better pane windows.


plumbing out side only bring in service lines braided stainless if a water line bursts 90+ percent

it will be outside then using 1/4 turn ball valves for all water sources just saves time money and effort and

they seem to last longer than gate valves and seal better.

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