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Guest survival101

A recent thread started asked a really valid question about what to do when you are at an "in between" stage in your life. When you might be moving on soon, but want to invest now in a BOL, to stand your ground.


It's late, and maybe not the best time to start a thread, but it got me thinking, really thinking about what all of us are doing or trying to do. I have the utmost admiration for all the everyday men and women, as well as the military and ex-military, and LEO's who are hoping to stand their ground if the Scheiße hits the fan.


This week I noticed an article:


The gentleman purchased an entire town (population 1) called Buford, Wyoming. He hopes to turn the frigid and remote area into a center of profit for Vietnam. While I cannot reasonably object to someone trying to make a buck in the good old U. S. of A., I guess I felt just a bit saddened to see another piece of America slip away, to make money for some other country.


Personally, I have some wide and relaxed views about mankind, and everyone's right to what amounts to the American dream. Our families all came here as emigrants, with the exception of those of you graced with Native American blood. But, it remains that I'd like to see America grow stronger, and have pride, rather than slip slowly away.


With the recession (oh, let's be honest, it's a recession), the housing market failures, the less expensive foreign mass merchandise in the giant Wally World's in our towns, nothing is coming home to the American people, except through the rapidly reducing service sector.


Personally, I love that each and every one of you wants to find a piece of ground in the U.S. and stand it. I hope this movement accomplishes a "back to our roots" kind of surge that will put money back in our pockets and our neighbor down the street's pockets. I hope it carries over to our kids and their kids.


So, please, find a piece of American soil, buy it if you can and stand to it. Bring homesteading back, even in the city. Be proud of who you are, of who we are as a group. And, bring back something to your town that it can be amazed at. Whether it's fresh produce, honey, blacksmithing, art, quilting, canning, candlemaking, or some fantastic new invention that will forward our progress.


Don't let America slip out of our hands. Buy American. Build American.


Regards and Respect,




P.S. Don't we have a blog feature (Laughing at self)

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Beautifully stated, and I completely agree. In a year or so, my sister is going to move and I'll (hopefully) be able to unload the duplex that we're living in - she is my tenant and I live in the other side. It's in a cul-de-sac and only a couple of blocks from not just a main thoroughfare but one of the state highways, so it's all kinds of bad for a BIL.


Secluded acreage abounds, and I just need to get together enough cash to buy it when the opportunity presents itself!

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This may sound kinda stupid, but I kinda think that too far out is just as bad as too far in.

You have asked the perfect question... do I hide in plain sight....upper floor office of a empty warehouse or right where I am or run to the hills (what ever that may be). It would depend on your abilities and assets. Also are you by yourself, have a family, extended family, or a group....each changes the answer to a degree. Every area likely has places that are off the map (so to speak)....problem is finding and aquiring them. A team can make it easier if all have the same goals....there-in can be a If you can find a place that is off the beaten path but sort of close to an urban area it could be the best of the bad situation. You would want city maps.....street, power, police, places of interest, school districts, commercial, etc. With them you can create a vision of what, where, when

routes to various supplies. Detailed maps of the area you are going to call home should be studied as well....are there possible danger areas or overlooks or places to dispose of "stuff" that should be kept in mind while moving around. Can you install alert devices...covert ones are best....if they don't know that you know they are coming the surprise is on them.

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That has been the question for many of us that have looked into a BOL. My choices were to find a Retreat/Bol/Retirement location all rolled up into one. After years of looking i realized unless i was rich beyond my dreams i was never going to find the place that fit all those needs perfectly.

One thing that comes up as (needed in daily live at this location) is availability to good roads. I need to be able to come and go easily and quickly. The location of medical treatment is a priority as we age. I have seen perfectly great locations that need 4X4 vehicles and you still have to know what the river depth is to cross. 5,000 foot locations that take 45 minutes to a gravel road and no one around for 15 miles. You can choose to be far or close to civilization. This impacts the defensibility of the BOL in times of need. I am not fooling myself with my ability to stand off a hand full of people if need be(I can). A well motivated and supplied mob is another thing. And a military situation is a no brain-er.

How far also is impacted by the fact of you are self sufficient or not.

Another factor was the proximity of neighbors. That can go either way. I am lucky that i have neighbors at my BOL and home that are very like minded. Enough so that coordination with them is 2 second event. I watch their back and they have mine. Yes trust is hard to come by but if give a little trust then you never received it.

Each factor will limit the perfection of you BOL.


In the end i found a place that fits my needs pretty well. If i end my days there as an old man or watch the world consume itself from the front porch, i feel i made a good decision. These are questions that each of use must answer. How Far? and can you find Far enough?

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As with AWAKE..

Im at the age that I may need medical help in the coming years..So im prepping for that with hard copys of "what the shit to do "when and if this or that happens..


How far away is easy to deside for me..As far as it takes to put down a well and have fresh water!!!

I can live a basic life with out power,I cant live with out WATER!!!


Land can be MADE to produce what ever you want!Yep it takes time but with the net gone we will have the time,and the NEED will be there to do it..that is whats missing right now in our country..



PEOPLE dont have the NEED to change!!so they wont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just look at what people did after the storms..they went to Bars who offered to Charge up the Laptops and phones..and complain about how slow the power companys are taking to restore!!


Sorry to rant..Yes get some land ASAP while you can.. aint humble...

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What I'm doing in response to being far off from having my own land, is getting ready for "mobile bugging in". Things have gotten off track for me in a few years to the point where I want be as mobile as I'd like if a disaster hits soon, so if I can't make it to the places I'd bug out to with mobility, I have a mobile Bug In plan.


Basically, my town is getting worse and I'm in a bad area of it, so I'm gonna' continue to build what defenses I can at home, and I've planned a number of "interior" (in-town) BOL's that I can survive in or hop to as I make my way out of the city. My city's pretty decently sized, and foot travel is slow, but meanwhile there will be patches of gangs and chaotic survivors, so if I watch my back, I can get us out of the town with multiple places to use as rest stops, and which I've researched enough to know better than the gangs probably will. Luckily, I know where most of these people will use as bases, so I have a good chance at avoiding them, and maybe even using their lack of coordination to keep us well fed, armed, and whatever else we need (Most of these guys don't seem to know how to even clean their guns, let alone spot an ambush or an IED). Not to say I'm gonna' go out there and play rambo, but that if they have food and I don't, I have no problem taking advantage of their flaws to feed myself while taking scum off the streets.

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