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When did you realize you need to Prep? Your awakening moment?

Did/do you read Science Fiction?  

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  1. 1. Did/do you read Science Fiction?

    • Yes and I think it may have influenced me.
    • Yes but I don't think it had any influence on me.
    • Did and still do
    • Did but don't now
    • No
    • Didn't but do now

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That's it, that how I learned it, just left the farm and stopped thinking that way for too long, now trying to play catchup to where I was 25 years ago!


i know exactly what you mean double d! i'm in the exact same boat! should have stayed on the farm!

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i know exactly what you mean double d! i'm in the exact same boat! should have stayed on the farm!

That's what I'm doing now doc, moved back to the farm, some of the old skills and knowledge are coming back to me. I made the move after 25 years, my wife wanted to get out of the city, very happy with our decision.

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I found myself hanging upside down and naked and a guy in a white outfit was whooping my azz I figured if i did not want

this experience again I needed skills and weapons.

my first was a cap gun but if I recall my hip shooting was exceptional and I never missed or shot anyone in the back a no no

in the day and shooting the gun out of the hand was the preferred method.

I must have known it was a precursor to more guns and training because I took to it like a duck to water.


somewhere between the cap gun and a rel one I was potty trained and learned to brush my teeth and comb my hair

after I got my first real gun I learned to use a washing machine and an Iron and do dishes properly as per my mother.

who was a prepper she canned dried or dehydrated and made sure we had more than enough incase of an emergency.


My father was a prepper he did his own mechanic work and made me learn he had and maintained tools and equipment

so at anytime it was ready to use he hunted and fished and smoked meat as wel as helped my mother canning

and they both maintained a garden and used me as slave labor we also kept animals and thought we were

making an episode of Bonanza I always wondered why little Joe and Hoss never hoed the garden and shoveled sh*t

out of the barn they had people we never saw doing that I guess.


at that time I was not mature and was prepping to get the hell out of town that life was tough but now here I am back at it

on a smaller scale but still doing what I never thought they would just like my dad LOL


well there ya go the readers digest version of my life.

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Those of us who were children of the depression survivors may have had an edge. I never knew it was "prepping", I just knew that tomatoes from the garden tasted better than from the store. My Momma (may she rest in peace) was always unhappy if she had less than a couple of months worth of stuff. For us, hurricane prep was tying down trees and fence and such. We already had all the food and water we needed.

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my wake up morning was in october, at the beginning of the cuban missile crisis. they showed duck cover and run movies at school and we did civil defense drills .. and later on in new york state, we did the same stuff, except there i didnt have a bomb shelter to go down into like i did in missouri....back in the 60s..a long time ago..

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I've always been prepared in a very general sense of the phrase. But, the major push toward a more fervent "prepping lifestyle" happened this past summer. My in-laws were having a friend and his wife over one evening for a discussion about this very topic. Hubby and I had just moved further north and he was working that day, but they invited me and the kids down. I brought a pen and note pad to the living room discussion.


Our family, especially my husband's side, is politically and socially conservative. My mother-in-law does ministry work on life issues, post-abortion counseling, modesty, men and women's design, etc. Due to her reading and contacts, we are all pretty well-versed in what's eating away our culture today. The two of them are very plugged into the political circuit. Anyway, husband and I are news junkies too and we definitely have a worldview which differs A TON from pretty much the majority of our nation. We've seen a shift in this nation's values over the past two decades especially.


When we met this evening for discussion, I already knew where it was leading and was on board. The signs all point to a drastically different culture.


My notes led my husband and me to know that we needed several things and we needed them ASAP. A Get Home Bag for Him. BOBs for each of us and supplies to go along, weapons (we had always been discussing buying guns, but this meeting was the catalyst), food stores at home, water purification means, fire starting means, knives, multi-tools, nitro-packed foods, gamma seal buckets and lids, oxygen absorbers, survival books, paracord (which, I had no idea about previously and had to google to find out what it was), military shovels, extra gas cans, a tent, fishing gear, and the list goes on.


I read every single article from this site (thank God I found this stinkin' rocks!). It was my job to research every thing (except the guns and long-term food prep) we bought, to complile it and to make our BOBs, DH's (dear husband) GHB, and to stash our vehicles with emergency gear. I also made a binder of our important document copies, a list of what to grab in a leave the house fast (if we have time to grab things beyond the BOBs), and I have done a ton of research about growing a garden. I'd like to buy heirloom seeds, but that will need to wait a bit. We have alternate routes to our BOL. We have identified the weak parts of our home and dealt with them. I had a whole life policy started as an infant by my grandfather that we cashed out and bought silver with. (Don't worry, we still have other forms of life insurance).


We felt like the time was pushing us to do it and to do it quickly. I fully admit, some would say we were irresponsible financially, dipping into savings to pay off the monster credit card bills that resulted from this summer's madness. Now we are stored up, and prepared. I don't regret it. Everything now is just reading up, staying vigilant, rotating things as needed, and practicing. It is a never-ending process, but it's something to be proud of. Kind of a "stand up and, for you men, beat your chest experience."

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It was this last year. I guess I got kinda hooked on some survival shows that were teaching techniques for survival and of course I am a "gadget guy" by heart.

Also, I walked into a manufacturing plant and meet some guys that were first responders around the world. They take water devices to disaster areas and I liked what they were doing.

There was so much I didn't know but I knew without potable water you die in about 3-4 days. Next came fire, food, and so on.

I got hooked on this site and have learned so much i'd like to thank you all from my heart. It opened my eyes to disasters that take place around the world outside of just the doomsday scenerios.

My wife and I are covered from our autos to our home. I'm still building and learning. I invested in the water manufactures products and have been having fun sharing around the nation.

No, this is not an ad because I love Sawyer and Berkey products as well.

Once again, thank you all for your input. You have become family to me

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I had always been somewhat prepared, I live in Southern California and have always had an earthquake kit. Grew up as a hiker so I've always had the equipment and skills needed for a pretty good foundation, but my Prepper moment came when I was on location in Baton Rouge when Katrina hit. It was at that time I realized I needed to get serious about my preps and my skills to survive in an urban survival situation.

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Almost 40 years ago when I was in high school. We had a science class that taught us about the effects of a nuclear war. 90% of it was wrong but it did get me to start researching the subject. Then I found Kurt Saxon a few years farther down the road and changed my thinking. I personally think he's offbase with a lot of his ideas, but he does make some good points. We like to keep our pantry full and any time we can add more is an added bonus. The LDS has a lot of storage information as well as recipes to use your storage. It's info we can use every day and worth checking out. Also, Backwoods Home magazine has a ton of info geared to use.

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About 30 years ago. I was just out of the military and didn't have any money and no job. Life got a little harsh. I made a promise no more eating out of trash cans. I will start learning how to survive. Prepping was just a second nature type thing to go along with survival.

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