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When did you realize you need to Prep? Your awakening moment?

Did/do you read Science Fiction?  

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  1. 1. Did/do you read Science Fiction?

    • Yes and I think it may have influenced me.
    • Yes but I don't think it had any influence on me.
    • Did and still do
    • Did but don't now
    • No
    • Didn't but do now

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I was watching 'The Universe' by History Channel, 5 seasons of anything you wanted to know about the Universe and how it works. They dedicated 1-2 episiodes explaining what a CME is, how it effects the earth, and what will happen to people.


Being a military vet, we all get training of some kind. I've always been aware of possible disasters but never really took it seriously, until I learned about a CME, and how the sun coincidentally is in it's peak cycle, and.... coincidentally, the Mayan calendar completes it's cycle this year as well.


I'm not a doomsday freak. But those are 2 very BIG Coincidences with a big C.

Realizing what could happen if a huge CME hits earth... that was my OH SHIZNIT moment.


Strangely enough, I'm not so worried about the 2 nuclear plants 10 miles down river.

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my moment came when my hubby lost his job and we were homeless and i was pregnant. after that i swore never to stoop that low again if i could help it. i have had small incidents, such as cars breaking down that have urged me in my preps. i fear the unexpected.

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It was actually a slow build as part of learning more about sustainability, organic farming, focusing on local resources, etc. And then it was really thinking through how many global forces have a potentially dire impact on us, from international banking practices and economic woes to availability of oil to terrorists and threats from foreign governments.


At first, I'll admit to a bit of (totally undeserved) smugness when someone pointed out that the Willamette Valley in Oregon is a prime location should something really big go down. We have extensive natural resources - water, forests, wildlife, farms, ranches, and a lot of wine and beer - that could keep us in food, housing, etc. as long as people were willing to work at it. Compared to a lot of other parts of the country, we also have a low population density, so competition for those resources wouldn't be as extreme as, say, much of the East Coast or Southern California. So for a while, I just thought, "Good for us!" and kept doing what I was doing.


Only later did it occur to me that nobody would just GIVE me the stuff I needed, that none of my "practical" job skills are actually practical, and that if electricity and money could no longer be counted on, I was pretty much [expletive deleted]. That's when I realized that I needed to prep - and that I needed to find a way to convince my family to do so, too. It's only been a few months, but I am working on it!

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My whole life I've been into camping, fishing, shooting, etc so I am used to having "survival gear" around the house. I changed my focus after the horrible tornado destruction in Joplin Missouri. About one week later a tornado took out several houses exactly 2 miles from my house. My place didn't get a scratch. However, that was a "what if?" moment for me.


After that I got organized. I now have a dedicated staging area of food, clothes, gear, water, and tools. My family could be completely independent without electricity, water, etc for at least 8 weeks with our current resources. I am not an ITEOTW prepper, I am a natural disaster prepper, but it still never hurts to be prepped for whatever may come at you.

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It started back in 1995. My brother inlaw is a computer progamer for IBM. Telling me that their could be a problems with computers crashing in 2000/y2k. We all know what happened. I kept on preping for i was told by local food stores that they resupplyed their stocks every 3-4 days. If transportation was distrupted, food comming to the stores would be empty in short order. One never knows what's around the corner these days. Way too many issues in the world these days. That's why i prep.

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1968,having my left eye brow sewn togeather in the ER in Detroit,15 years old and seeing TSHTF.

I have never been without a piece of STEEL after that.Florida storms in the 90s got me serious about preping for the Family.6 years ago when I was unemployed for a year because I have too much experence!!

Garden and food storage became very important!!3 1/2 years ago when Barry took office I started to PLAN!!

These forums gave me the correct HOW TOO Prep for me and mine thanks..

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For me it allll started when I first saw the Aaron Russo documentary Freedom To Fascism. I had no idea where our money came from! How the money system worked, and how the Federal Reserve System worked. So after watching the documentary I started researching and read G. Edward Griffins The Creature From Jekyll Island, which is a great read for anyone interested. Ever since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913 the value of the US dollar has gone down by 97%! Everything to do with the economy today can all be traced directly back to the Federal Reserve. I knew that if things were to continue the way they were, especially with The Fed monetizing debt, an economic collapse would be imminent.... What happened in Argentina in the early 2000's would soon happen in America, only much worse, so I began getting interested in prepping.

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During the early integration years in Texas it was pretty tough for a lot of people. I personally didn't have much in the way of trouble but then I was a really big boy, played football and had a lot of big black friends that watched my back and I watched theirs. Later I got to try things out from the downhill side of things. After having to fight my way out of a convenience store parking lot though a passel of Kluckers I decided that if ANYTHING ever went bad the haters of this world were going to turn it into total chaos. (About the Kluckers. They hate blacks but back in the 60s and 70s they hated motorcycle riding hippies even more! A black had no choice in being black but I CHOSE to be a freaking longhair. What they didn't understand was that I was actually a long haired country boy that had little interest in Peace and preferred a piece instead.)


In the 80s when the oil industry tanked I lost my job and everyplace that I had ever worked for went out of business. Fortunately I was ready and we never hit the streets. We ate mostly what I killed at night or caught fishing and only used power for minimal necessities. Survival is a mindset where you quickly change your ways to meet the situation. I had some stuff stashed and worked every day doing anything for a buck and kept a roof over our heads until things got a little better.


The greatest advantage a survivalist has is that he or she has already faced the fact that things can go bad and do it fast and at any time. While others are in denial or in shock and fretting the survivalist is taking action because they have made plans made in advance and know what it is they need to do. I was raised in a sort of tough area. There were a lot of drugs and with the drugs comes violence. As I got older I could see that in times of trouble this could easily spread and the world could suddenly become a more survival of the fittest type of place. I was in an active survival based militia in 1973 when I was 20 but had been thinking that way for a lot longer.


A little clarification here lest you think that I was some sort of punk. My Daddy was a Lay Minister and I was the youth counselor in my Church. I was on the board of directors from 1976 till we moved in 1986. I was just not interested in what people thought that didn't know me and because of Cherokee blood I had no whiskers so I grew my hair down to my ass instead. I have a mustache and goatee now. ;-> It only took me 6 months to grow too.LOL

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I strated prepping as a kid. My dad grew up in rough circumstances (bathing in cold creeks in North Dakota, one-room shack, etc.), and although he became a successful attorney, he never forgot his roots. Whenever possible, he acquired land, put in a garden and livestock, and cut his own firewood. So while I grew up in a veritable mansion, the acreage around the house provided lots of work. I baled hay, irrigated farmland, planted fruit trees, cleared land, fed chickens, pigs, cows, and horses, cut down trees and hand-split the wood for the woodstove in the basement, and hoed weeds in the garden. We dried the fruit from our trees; my mom canned all kinds of fruit and vegetables that we grew. My happiest day was when we shipped off those filthy chickens to be slaughtered.


After going to college and spending nine years adding a bunch of letters behind my name and getting hree diplomas to hang on the office wall, I started working in a large metropolitan area. I got lulled by the ease of urban life, and really didn't give much thought to self sufficiency anymore. Strangely enough, education and career success seems to dull one's awareness about how fragile our existence really is. Eight years into my career, I lost my job at the firm where I was making a comfortable six-figure salary. I think that's ehen I realized that stability is an illusion.


That event really changed how my wife and I looked at the world. She started food preps, and I worked on getting a firm started. We stopped using credit cards and pay cash for everything. The extra money goes into reserve to buy long-term supplies and improve the BOL. I make a lot more than I made when I had a salary, but we live on a lot less.


It drives my wife nuts sometimes. She has started to swing back toward complacency. She'd like a bigger house, to travel more, to buy more stuff for the house. That's why I've never told her how much I make--she'd spend it on something. To keep her in prepping mode I understate my income to her and tell her how bad things are with work. Every so often I'll splurge on stuff for her, and it generally keeps her happy.

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when there were 12 of us for 2100 inmates and other jobs were slim to none and the crime rate was going

out of site.

I could see a possible unemployment event as state was groaning about money so I prepared for a

unemployment scenario..though I had doubts as we were way short handed already.


we had riots and killings all the time so that was a non event more worried about personal stability.

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I was raised into it. Retreaters -> Survivalists -> Preppers run in my family.


Retreaters.. I think is a harsh word. Theres no shame in knowing when you're beat.

You followed with 'Survivalists'... good recovery


My grandmother grew up during 'The Great Depression', not this one... in the 30's. She is a 'Horder' by habit. THats how they were raised. My family has always kinda made fun of her for that. But in the light is Survivalist Prep, i don't think I'll make fun of her anymore.

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Retreaters...I like that word. It is new to me. A retreat is a place of safety and quiet where you can pause, rest and reflect. Retreat in a military sense is to fall back into a better position than the one you currently occupy. In either case it does a good job of reflecting the survivalist or prepper ideal.

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DanM / NavyVet, if you look back in the history of Survivalists there used to be a sect that went by the name of the Retreaters.


I was referring to my family members, ergo the arrows. There was family of retreaters, then a bit that called themselves survivalists, then a bit that calls themselves preppers.


I'm a Visvalorist. Self named. Same s**t different name :P


I wasn't in any way insulting Survivalists, if you look around you can read a little about the Retreaters.


In fact I do believe I have some Doomers in my family as well, I forgot to mention them.

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I just never had run into the word used like that before. I like it better than Prepper. The prepper movement is a little to isolationist for me. Most of the shows that bear that name are about individuals that are going to hoard their toys or crawl in their hole and defend it against their neighbors. I can understand that desire but the individual can't survive alone for long and if you alienate those around you it will get ugly sooner or later. I guess I'm more of a gatherer. If the world goes bat poop they will know where to gather and reform. My place will BE the BOL for a lot of friends and once gathered we will be safe as it will be possible to be. We are a diverse group with several VERY talented people that will give us a better chance than most.


Let's face it. If you are going to be deep in poop[ wouldn't you rather be there with friends and family than all alone or with strangers of uncertain quality?

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Grew up in some rough financial times, parents worked their asses off to keep us fed and clothed. Went to Colorado after high school, got into hiking and camping....always fished and hunted growing up. Lived on my own in Alaska for awhile, fished almost every day, slept in a tent, did what I could to make a living. Moved home, found the right girl, and bought a small farm. Now we are in a postion to bug in indefinitely, so I feel like I've been prepping/surviving most of my life.

But last year we had one hell of a storm, knocked out power for a week, trees down everywhere...and even though we did ok, it opened my eyes as to how fast things can change. So now I am doing what I can to be ready for most anything, if nothing happens, I can always go camping....

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