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when it comes to group survival, be it a planned survival training camp, some sort of accident, war, or the most famous the zombie apocalypse, moral is one of the most important things to have in your group.


in my personal experience, moral kept my team going on our survival training camp (in the wilderness!), if your team has moral then your team will be more successful in activities and start to get more involved.


as a leader, or a 'follower' (for lack of a better word) you have to be able to read the signs and body language of your team to tell if moral is low. I am a perfect example of how to tell if moral is low, i am naturally a very loud and happy person, i make jokes to keep others moral up, i do funny things just to keep my team/s happy. but if i become quiet, withdrawn, still, no smile, ETC (like very recently... life sucks). anyone who knows me well would automatically know something is wrong. this can be caused by bullying within the group, lack of purpose, being new, ETC.


there are simple ways to keep up moral in the group. if you have something like a bag of those lollie/candy/whatever you call it in your country snakes have a competition to see who can tie it into a knot with their tongue, make jokes, play fight. whatever is necessary to keep up moral.


when moral is up, then your group is happy, willing and ABLE to do what has to be done.


what are some fun/cool/whatever ways you can think of to keep up moral? OR what are some examples you might want help with?


as usual any questions feel free to post, message, or Email me (

and i'll be happy to answer

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point projectile vomiting unit at face tell them to get it together or else..we are divvying up your stuff

and moving on.

after this they should be on point as allowing someone behind you that's ticked off

is not a good way to remain a living leader for long.


play fight well aggressive and or competitive people always go to another level until one wins now go back to my first point..

the best moral booster if your a leader is to make good decisions do not try to be a prophet if you think

water is 2 days away say 4 and when you get there, say to them

" you guys are doing great were here quicker", praise when earned is always good.


now you know why all politicians are liars they have to people can't stand the truth especially in a difficult

situation, look at Greece.

now a grave or life and death situation the dynamic changes most times to be straight is best..


the other problem is being a default leader is not like in the military as respect for leaders there is managed by military justice under certain circumstances you can be shot.

basically you will notice birds of a feather will flock together as in trouble makers and screw ups then

followers, leaders and in between organizers power brokers they want power but are not comfortable as

leader and do not mind giving orders as long as they are not considered being the one making it.

it is a very deep psychological subject.


no matter what happens try not o finger point or reassess blame or remind of past failures this is futile as

people already know their faults so do not allow it from others either .

lead by example smile when its appropriate or be stone faced, emotion telegraphs and it can be misread

as favoritism, dislike, disgust it is usually not positive.

allow people to make mistakes their best learning tool your best training tool.


Should you wander through you local libraries you may notice many books and colleges have courses some are thinly veiled and called biography's

they all fail because they start form the perspective that you can be a leader or this situation can be led

out of and that the people whom you lead are normal or at least have a goal common to your own this is never the case.

I love where a man is touted as a great leader but they do not tell you he fired 1/3 of the company military or civilian or

hand picked by virtue of psychological testing physical training or testing scores or combination of many

other factors.

its a rare case to find a leader who can see his own trail they are so focused on the future and do not

consider the individual if that were the case nothing would ever get done, and the smaller the group the

more difficult to maintain focus on the objective.

best advice:

Stay positive

expect difficulties

lead by example

praise should be applied lightly and evenly

criticism short and relay the solution

assert your idea not your self

do not procrastinate

be flexible but have a goal

look back every once and a while to see if any one is following.

If you screw up write your own biography, if its been a while find a fan and let them write it.

should you be rich or famous don't worry others will do all the above for you,

and you can sue them for defamation of character and become richer..

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This is one reason I try to keep things in my BOB like playing cards, a note pad and pencil for writing or drawing. There are lots of little travel type games that people should get especially if you have kids, sometimes it helps to get people's mind of the current situation even for just a little while.

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Remember, stress uses up the body's supply of the B vitamins and they will need replaced. Another issue for lower morale is "cabin fever". Some of the herbal studies I've seen point to the lack of Vitamin D causing this. Vitamin D is gotten from the sun (created by a photosynthesis process if I understood correctly) and winter sun in the Temperate zones does not give the correct UV or whatever needed for the process. Add the stress levels and everything else after an event, do not allow vitamin deficiency be another problem and lower morale as well. Good luck.

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Yep Tinder. So we get a job we like and pays well...... think we can get paid for prepping? I know we can't work for fema, they don't want anyone who can think, work, or have an IQ over 29; besides, if the hired the crew from this site, there probably wouldn't be cost overrun, the people needing help would get it and everyone would see just how incompetent they are.

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for me its Looking at my Photo of my two grown daughters standing with the Men that "God" brought into thier lives.I did something

So photos and music on my pod and Im Good.I share some of my music hord with the nurses I work with and they are amazed,it breaks up the long nite.

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So here is the deal,warm water in a foot basen with a touch of Epson salt waiting for her with "something cold" also.

It has saved my bakon a cople times.

At work I nuke a towel and take it to my Charge nurse about 10 oclock,stress on the neck is soon gone.

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I try to help but she thinks I'm always have an ulterior motive (not that she's wrong) and then I hear about my "alternative" medicine. She suffers migraines, so I went and grabbed a crystal for her at a healthfood store. It worked and she went without migraines, but she still tells me my way isn't correct.

Love her to death but she definitely does not think I know anything medical. To make matters worse, she was told some stories about Iraq from a couple of my troops; I think she has some different views on me any more.

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Rick, they thought it was innocent stories and one was a wife telling her "Thanks" as her husband told her some stuff.


Matt, yeah, she tries but I'm not completely ready for a rocking chair and shawl around my I still have rivers I haven't fished, woods I haven't run and game I haven't tasted (although that is getting really scarce).

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