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50 Watt light from Water

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I just ran across something that I would like to share. You can create 50 Watt of light just by simply filling a soda bottle with 10ml of chlorine and water. THAT'S IT!!! Place it outside during the day to absorb sunlight, bring it in in the evening.

Somebody in Brazil figured this out and it is now widely in use. Granted, they install it in their roofs, but the principle is the same.

It is very clowdy and rainy up here right now, so I'm going to give this a try tomorrow to see how it does during winter conditions and will give a report.

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I was really interested and looked it up and the article I read says that, when the soda bottles are mounted into the ceiling/roof, the bottle lights work by diffusing natural light. They really only work during the day when there's light outside. Apparently they're becoming more and more widespread in places like Manila in the Philippines, where houses are built so close togethere that daylight doesn't come through the windows.


Kudos to the mind that thought of it.

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Share on other sites sounds like a liquid version of the old prism in the ceiling thing they used on certain sailing ships in the 1700s. They had a large piece of quartz or glass crystal cut into a prism, and then mounted in the deck above the captain's cabin (or other areas) so that sunlight would come down and light up the interior of the room, rather like central lighting.


I know about these from reading all the C.S. Forester novels and of course Patrick O'Brien (I love old sailing ships). You can buy these today from Edmund Scientific and such, and here is a link about them in a wiki.

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