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Guest survival101

What about Guinea Fowl? Anyone have comment or experience?

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Guest survival101

I understand that in their foraging, they keep down the tick population. And, their unique vocalizations (:B) make a good early warning system. Thoughts?

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Guineas are pretty good birds. They roost in trees and if you have them around your place NOTHING bigger than a rat is going to approach you without EVERYONE knowing that something is up. They are noisy as hell. The meat and eggs are good and they are pretty tough but massively stupid.

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You should build a coop for them...make it coon proof, don't use chicken wire when you make your coop, a coon will rip that apart fairly easily. If you let them just roost in trees they will get picked off one by one.


You will need to feed them some grains, around here its a combination of hen scratch and black diamond sunflower seeds. Put the grain in feeders in their pen and scatter a little on the ground in the coop. Do that about 3 hours before sundown because about an hour before sundown mine would start to try to roost. It was easier to herd them into the coop before they thought about roosting in the trees.


If you have a garden they will help keep it bug free and not hurt your crops, they will eat ticks and they will kill snakes. I have heard that if you have a bee hive they will park themselves in front of it and eat the bees as they come out...


Another place you can look for info is:

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We had em when I was a little fella. I think ours suffered from severe depression though. Every one of them marched out into the road in front of the house and played Don Quixote with 18 wheelers. They were some dumb birds!

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I am with Damn & hossfly on this one I am not totally for it if your worried about being quiet

but if noise is not a negative and you live in rural area then great they can help protect your chickens

I would not have a flock of them a male and 2 hens ought to be plenty. for a couple dozen chickens.


I use roll fencing 2x4 inch it kept out everything kust do not have your roosts to close or a coon

or bob cat has a good reach and can and will pull a full grown chicken through a hole the size of a small



if money is a problem used hurricane fencing is a good alternative it is woven in such a way as

a strand can be twisted in place to replace a damaged one and as I had stated in a previous post

sheet metal like corrugated iron or R panel buried at least 6 inches in the ground all around the coop

will prevent most animals from digging in also back fill with rock or busted tile what ever you can find.

I had dug up some old concrete pipe and used that anything sharp or hard to repel digging.


under the door match ridges on the metal so the door seals good you should have to step over

6 to 7 inches to enter so when you have chicks they do not have easy access out.

I screw the Iron on one side it acts like a hinge and closes by it self and a cross bar

angle iron with a hole drilled in one end so it can be anchored with one lag bolt so it can spin free

in a circle on the other side a flat bar or I used a strand off a cattle panel ground the end sharp

and drove it in like a nail and bent an ell to accept the angle iron if I need to I can use a short chain

and anchor it with a fence staple and drill the free end of the angle iron to accept a pad lock

through the chain and angle so the bar cannot be raised.

the angle iron can be adjusted by the lag bolt tightness on the swing side I would advise a washer

under the angle iron on the other side the flat iron or wire closeness to the flat so no gap when the

cross bar is down it also helps with wind banging the door that scares the animals.


I will try to post a pic later.

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