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AmeriGirl's Bug Out Bag

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yea fantastic look for a small metal block and tackle that you can use para cord in like this.


ace and best hardware stores have them and a couple of carabiners

to hook on the eyes learn 2 knots a bowline and a truckers hitch {actually a compound knot}


notice pulling on the bitter end through the eye is like a block and tackle in fact a round piece of

PVC or pipe {no sharp edges} only a couple inches long acts like a block and multiplies your force

and draws much tighter than you can pull pinching the bend in the eye you can hold tension and

using the half hitch {last part of the knot} to keep it from slipping.

can be used in place of a block and tackle but is hard on the rope and can cut it.


multiplies your strength and can be used to help pull a vehicle out of a slick spot lift up to 550 + pounds

for raising hammocks hiding your gear in a tree etc.


I would find 2 1/2 inch web strapping and some buckles to make a back pack out of these bags.

strap them together with 2 or 3 then 2 to make shoulder straps threaded under the straps to

make an X harness you can use para cord to keep them from sliding off your shoulders.


have weather proof clothing like goretex jacket with hood and pants water proof boots.

for winter and a good rain suit for summer, and a mosquito head net cost 2 bucks from wally world.


and have some DEET bug replant only weights 2 to 4 ounces.

critters that attack you while your trying to rest sap your energy and undermine your sleep

and we need rest to maintain good health.

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Water, Fire, Shelter, Food


Looks you have a good pack put together. Others have suggested getting an actual backpack to carry your gear, and I agree.


You have your drinking bottles and bottled water, should be good for at least 72hours. But i didnt see any kind of emergency waterfilter/purifier. Might be mistaken.


Id like to suggest getting 1x 3600calorie ration, trading it out for some of the junk food.


As for the rest of it... looks like you have your bases covered. Perhaps consider more paracord, or wrap it in a way that makes it more readily usable. You have your tarp which is good but no bungies, so im guessing your para cord will probably be used to setup your tarp.


no need really for spare batteries, you have the hand crank, does it have a radio too? You have multiple methods for fire building.

You have several different bladed items, good.

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I like give me hope that ladies CAN and DO this. Also, I liked seeing your hand lotion. I'll probably have a tinted lip balm with SPF in mine. :P


Two suggestions, though.


First I ditto PP's on the backpack idea. As a woman, with limited upper body strength, I would prefer to have the weight on my back. These bags are great for tossing in the car but what if you need to ditch your car and walk...then what?


AND, you have your CASH labeled as "cash." Maybe you want to find a better way to store your moola so it isn't so obvious.

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