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Fishing Gear for the Prepper

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Hello, as a resident of the Florida Keys for my entire life, I know enough about fishing to get by and I want to pass on this knowledge to the community by showing you guys some gear that I am interested in getting that would be ideal in a survival situation.


First up, the Pen Fishing Rod

When my little brother showed me this thing, I thought, theirs no way this could be used to catch real fish, but I was wrong. The Pen fishing rod is a compact fishing rod that extends to a couple feet and can actually catch a decent sized fish. Perfect for survival. Theirs different variations of the rod that can stretch from around $20-50 bucks. For small fish this thing is perfect.


Next up, the Pack Fishing Pole

This bad boy is practically unbreakable, and you can catch some serious game with this rod. At only $60 bucks this thing is actually a really good deal. Get the right test for this rod (weight the line is able to sustain) and this rod will really be able to last you any survival fishing situation. It's small, weighs only 8oz, and is compact enough to fit in a BOB.


Here we have our Cuban Yo-Yo

You can lookem up or find them online for very cheap. Basically they're a circle with fishing line on the wrapped around the outside like a garden hose. I remember using these as a kid, they're light, cheap, easy to use and great for fishing off the dock. Great things to have, and MUCH better then what you'd find in a so called "Survival Fishing Kit". Please avoid those at all costs, a popsicle wrapped in fishing line is not ideal.


Lastly, the automatic Yo-Yo Fishing Reel

From what I've seen from these, this is a great item. First its only $3.50. In a survival situation you want to conserve energy, and these things will fish for you. Just set one up on a branch and allow the line into the water, when it gets a bite the reel will start fighting the fish automatically, all mechanical, and effecient I might add. You could set up a cheap rig to house a number of these things and increase your chances in catching fish. Great option!


Coupled with some artifical bait, and you have the perfect BOB fishing kit. I would so go with 2 of the options above, and you have the ideal preppers fishing kit (along with your bait, local fish guide, hooks, and pliers). Stay away from those survival fishing kits, trust me, I would never trust those with my life. Hope you guys got something out of this, and best of luck.

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Interesting items.


I keep a small roll of 6lb test line (about $4 at any sporting goods store) and an assortment of #8 to #14 hooks (all small to very small) and a few splitshot. All of this fits into a used air rifle pellet tin. i dont carry a rod, because one can be fashioned from just about any branch or bamboo. If none is available, you can still hold the spool and fish it yo-yo style. The reason for the extra small hooks, you can catch lots of small fish in just about any ditch. Where as, you may fish for days or weeks before catching a large fish.

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poor people have poor ways and they are ingenious and crafty I have learned more things from

indigenous people than any book, manual or training.


south America and Mexico they use a can regular metal can or a tall boy beer can they tie the line off on

the can rim then wrap the line toward the bottom that does not have a lip / sealed edge.

you may use a regular can but it can hang the line until its broke in.

I have seen a plastic water bottle and see no reason a metal water bottle cannot be use other than you

can loose it should a large fish takes the bait it seems I catch a big one when I am using small tackle.

Attach whatever sinker float and hook and take a couple of feet and whipping it around turning the can

bottom toward the point of aim and let it fly.

hanging on to the end of the can the line comes off like a open face reel.

the line is wrapped as retrieved and or jigged if a fish is caught the hands are used like a friction break

when flying a kite the only improvement I would make is to use a ne clear plastic tennis ball can it is

tough and has a cap and the inside can be a tackle box.

I would use 20 pound test and a swivel and use finer line for the leader or thin wire or cable if salt water

and pray you do not catch anything over 15 pounds because this is not for large fish.

and these boys have hands like leather they work for survival not just a living so use gloves,

you bunch of citified pansies LOL cause I sure would


I saw a rod like a ice fishing type out of stainless and a small reel looked

good it just was not as packable and I was not familiar with the reel and

the reel is heart if it is not durable well you have wasted your money.


Here is a better option as it has all the common controls as a normal reel and the rod folds into itself and a life time warranty.

this is not that piece of garbage I saw on tv here lately who ever made it had no imagination...

I am getting a pair of new pocket fisherman this Christmas I had one long ago and have not found anything as good and now i need a new one.

stick it in a sock and no crab claws

{projecting pieces hanging grabbing on everything in your pack}.

pocket fisherman by Ronco


hope you find this useful.

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I have never done much fishing. I live close to the Texas Gulf coast and several lakes. I've been seriously looking at fishing gear for survival work. Thanks for this thread; I'll do some research based on your recommendations and see what develops. I suspect I'll have questions later.

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im a avid fisherman (semi pro)

the fishing kits ive seen for survival leave much to be desired in my opinion.

i dont know if i can put my survival in the pen rod mentioned above, i would rather

just use a stick with line tied to it. if it works for you though go for it. the cuban yoyo is a great idea. i loved those things when i was a kid. the yoyo is also great for 550 cord storage. i keep 10 and 6lb test on hand

for "hobo fishing". hobo fishing is fun. for my pack i'll carry my 6WT fly rod. its a travel rod i bought

from cabela's several yrs ago. each piece is just over 12in in length. light weight, strong, and very packable.

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In my BOB I keep a 110 yard spool of 6lb mono, an old pill bottle with various size split shot (mostly 1/4oz) and #6 and #8 snelled hooks. Bait can be found in nature if need be. I have been fishing all of my life, thats all I really need to pull a nice trout from the rivers or streams near my home (or in all of New England really). Another thing I learned a few years back is a technique called "tickling". Basically you look over a river bank for trout, VERY SLOWLY place your hand in the water (trout particularly are increadibly spooky fish) and with a finger tip gently rub the fishes belly, it sort of puts them to sleep, when ready "simply" grab the fish and throw them on the bank. I have successfully done this twice on 3 attempts. In an emergency, it could be your only option if not preparred.

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There was a post or article on Survival Blog that mentioned the Yo-Yo Fishing Reels and one other. I can't remember the name but once tripped the wires in v-Shape sprung apart reeling in the fish on a leader. If anyone can remember the name please let me know.

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Has anyone had any experience with the Emmrod Packrod? It looks crazy but the concept is sound and I like that I can use my own reel on one. They are a little pricey but might be worth a look.

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Yo yos are great...unfortunately they are illegal in Texas now. That's about stupid but it is all about politics. You know that politics comes from the Latin word Poly meaning many and ticks meaning blood sucking parasites! I've set up a few limb lines like limb snap snares but you have to tailor the trigger so the perch don't trip it.

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Fishing for the survival is a multi-plus thing. If you are lost the best thing you can do is sit still and lety the searchers find you. You also need to leave the BERRIES alone and not eat much. I've fasted for 14 days three times and it isn't a big deal. If you eat a bunch of stuff that you aren't used to it can give you the trots and that can kill you in a hurry. Eat the fish sparingly and don't drink a lot unless you have a filter or other way to sterilize the water and you will be better off.


In a TEOTWAWKI situation you don't need big fish. Eat them as a soup or stew so you don't waste any of the juices like you would if you roasted them. That juice is partially the fat and you need it. The nice thing about fishing is that you don't burn up a lot of energy doing it and if you stay in the shade you don't lose a lot of water sweating.


People don't need near as much in the way of food as they think. If you don't work yourself to death you can get by for months on 400 to a thousand calories. Let's face it most Americans can live off "the fat of the land" for quite a while before they suffer too much. The less you eat the more your body hoards the fats in your system and when food is available it will store it as fat in a hurry. Ask anyone who has dieted and they will tell you. The longer you diet the harder it gets to lose the weight.


Fishing is good for you. It is peaceful and a good way to pass the time. If you can make it a month or two before you just have to deal with other people you will be better off. A lot of the crazy folks won't last that long. They will run around wasting their energies and fighting with others...let them and don't get involved.


I live near a large river and several nice creeks. I plan on spending a lot of time fishing. The limb lines and such along with fish traps will be a major source of protean and I will be fishing mostly to keep an eye on my lines. Another nice thing about just sitting there fishing is that all manner of other critters also come to the bank for water or to the bank to feed. A gator would be a very welcome addition to my larder as will racoons and the other smaller mammals. At first I will mostly be eating hand to mouth because smoking and jerking meat will draw too much attention to us. I am very comfortable in my ability to catch plenty for day to day food for the short term.


Yo-yos and such are great fish catchers but they also will get stolen if you don't keep an eye on them. I've lost several nice trot lines to ass-wipe thieves and they didn't even need then to survive. As I do now if I catch more than I need I will ghive the extra to those that have been less fortunate than me. When I have a good day I ofen share my catch with someone that I see sitting on the bank fishing.


After things go to crud these folks will be my neighbors and a little good will may be important down the road. Once cars and gas become scarce the only people that I will see will be locals and in the end I want them to think well of me. If you feed a man's family he WILL remember it.

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Lots of good information!


Being that I'm part Cuban...I'm required to use the Cuban Yo-Yo :)


I definitely need to work on my fishing skills. Given my location, fishing would be absolutely necessary in a SHTF scenario.

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Don't forget the "Ron Popeil Pocketfisherman" picked up two for a few bucks each at local resale store, this along with our yoyo fishers and a small net and trot line are going to be tested soon by me and the boys I have a lot of fishing experience but never tried the yoyo or the pocket fishermen before. We have Several lakes and rivers around us with big catfish and I feel that the yoyo fishers will excel at these lurkers. Let you know how it goes


Also have a smallish 4 prong gig in my survival fishing gear for frogs and other close work in a real survival situation I would use it ti gig anything that I got close enough to shore to see lost to many good fish at the bank

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Although I am no expert when it comes to fishing, my grandfather taught me to fish, so I know the basics.


I should fish more, I live on the Delaware river, I think that would be a great source of food if SHTF and the water stays safe (Hopefully SHTF doesn't involve waterborne pathogens.)

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Based on what I read here I ordered a couple of Cuban Yoyos. The ones I ordered are 6" but there are bigger ones. I've made similar things for small fish with PVC pipe and they worked well. Now for my report....


I got them in this morning and was impressed right off with their shape amd feel. They are dirt cheep and cost less than 5 bucks apiece with the shipping included. I wrapped one with 50lb mono and the other with 20 pound mono. Right up front I want you to understand that I am NOT trout or bass fishing. I'm looking for something that will allow me to get out into the deeper waters of a river and handle catfish and big gar. I live on the Trinity river in East Texas and if you watch fishing shows you know that it is prime territory for monster gar.


I put a 2 oz weight on the 50lb rig and a half oz weight on the 20 lb rig. I have no doubts about my ability to get the fish to bite or to hook and land them. I was just looking for something small that would open up the bigger water to me and would handle a bigger fish if I hooked one.


JESAUS!! With just a little practice I was throwing the 2 oz on the 50 lb 75 yards. That is all the line I had on the thing! The lighter rig is about the same and it is a hoot to play with. LOL, I have thousands of dollars worth of fishing tackle from 2lb rigs to 80lb shark rigs and I can hardly wait to try these things out.


I'll rig them with circle hooks so there is no hook set to worry about or a treble hook if I'm going for a gar. The way they are made there is a lip inside for you to grip and if I get a runner on I think I can turn the yoyo and let them run using hand friction for a drag. Since I'm an old fart and started out with the old knuckle buster reals that were direct drive and had no drag this won't be a totally new feeling for me.


The thing is that it weighes almost nothing and I put 300yards of the 20lb line on the small one so I will have a lot of line to play with. Rocks make good weights so all I will just have to carry is hooks. (On a side bar, I make a lot of my weights now with a stick of JB weld and swivels. They are almost free, environmentally safe and look natural laying on the bottom. I will have wire for snares and such so I can make the weights out of whatever is available."


I've made the can tupe things and they are great for perch and stuff near shore. I carry a little one made out of a tube that held M&Ms and it is my pocket survival kit. The reels could be a true multipurpose carry all with a bunch of mono then some spider wire braid on top of that then topped off with 550 paracord then sealed off with duct tape with the hooks and a few lures in a plastic bag under the tape.. I do a lot of this layered type of thing for my BOB stuff. If I need it I can break off a stick and separate the lines and tape in the field.


When I do a test run i'll let y'all know how it went in practice.

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