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Vitamin mineral, supplement in BOB

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I saw awhile ago ( I lost the link) a company that was selling a supplement to use in the place of food in an emergency, they claimed that it was blended to help your body make the most out of the energy that it was getting from stored fats when you had nothing to eat, and to have herbs and vitamins that would help fight the fatigue of not eating. While they were very straight forward that this was not a replacement or food in your planning just a cushion if thing were worse than you thought, and a small space solution for smaller packs like GHBs. They were to be taken 3 times a day in the place of meals(I believe it was two tablets) ,and it got me thinking that this may not be a bad idea, if I put a bottle of daily vitamins and some say B vitamins, iron,joint formula, etc in my BOB it would help me get more out of the food that I carry and what of other proven herbals like goldenseal for toxin removal, Echinacea for antibiotics. Etc these was the only time I had seen this discussed in a SHTF way. I keep forgetting to do research and add this to my plans/bags as I keep getting caught on the usual guns,ammo, canned goods etc.

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