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If you use single edged razor blades in your BOB/Survival tin, consider adding these

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I see a lot of folks plan on carrying a single edged razor blade or two in their 'last ditch' survival tin (etc). That is a nice way to have a sharp cutting edge for emergencies, but if you are going to carry the blades, consider spending another dollar or so and picking up a handle for them.


These metal ones are available at most any hardware store for about a dollar:


and if you want a shorter version, try one of these plastic scraper handles:


We use both here where I work, and the scraper handle is surprisingly helpful for both scraping and cutting. The scraper one I have is black, made by American Line, and cost me 88 cents at Home Depot.


If you seriously plan to use a single edged razor for much of anything, a handle of some type will be safer and more efficient, at next to no increase in weight or cost.

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I picked up about a half a box of those box cutters last year for a buck at a flea market. They even came with blades. They are really handy.


On another note I have a couple of barber's razors and have those and a box of blades in my kit. They are like straight razors but the edged part of the blade is half of a double edged razor blade. Cheap, light as hell and just because it is the end of the world doesn't mean that I have to look scruffy.


I got mine off Ebey along with a real straight razor for a little of nothing. (Under $10.00)


All kidding aside there are some real and very good reasons to maintain your personal hygiene. In a high stress situation the more normal regular things you do to offset the other the better off you are. Bathe, brush your teeth, comb your hair and shave if that is your preferred choice and you will look sharper and think sharper. I maintain a goatee and mustache but the rest needs trimming or I look a little like Festuss(sp?) on the old Gunsmoke TV show. I'm part Native American and my chin and upper lip are about all the thick whiskers that I have so I look more mangy than anything else it it gets out of hand.

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use safety razors for shaving with those old fashioned double safety blades. really sharp thin blades. have a 10 pack($2) from Walmart in my BOB. got the handle on ebay for $20. good blades, cuts good, lasts a while(for me about 5 good full face shaves)

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I use a non safety straight razor


here is the link,default,pd.html


it can be used as a scalpel a razor and it is an injector style so the blades can be saved and resharpened

for odd jobs and this razor comes with a comb to cut hair and we will need to keep hair cropped

to prevent lice in some regions.

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Glad you brought this up, I need to add a mirror for shaving among other things .


When I'm driving cross country I admittedly let my beard grow for a few days, but I feel scruffy and keep a razor and camp soap with me in my bob just in case.


I can't look rough for the apocalypse! You never know who you'll meet :)


Snake: awesome, as always!


I read your post 3 times before I realized what you were getting at about 'regions' LOL

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