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Guest kevin

the politics of prepping

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I understand crAz314


just reminding some that may read as we have many readers that are not members

not directed at you.

punctuation malfunction yours and DonDon were suppose to be part of the first sentence that was not

completed because I had a thought and ran with it...


Haha right on, I'm a victim of the leap frog thought processes as well sometimes. Drives the wife nuts.

No worries.

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Snake, after our daughter-in-law informed ME, that our grandsons were starting to refer to bad drivers here as

(I'll be delicate) "pooheads", she informed in no certain terms that her sons are NOT going to have the language grandpa has, I started to use a much better vocabulary. Yesterday, I was informed by grandson number two what Mommy called another driver who intentionally cut her off in traffic. I will still let the boys learn their phraseology in school rather than with grandpa

I am concerned that as all of us around the country who share certain key concerns and wish to pursue a path of self-reliance, would do well to remember that our domestic enemies WISH for us to be Balkanized and/or Tribalized so they can run

amok in their unbridled lust for power over everyone. Those who choose self-reliance are not the sheeple waiting to be sheared or slaughtered. Just my own opinion, such as it is. In some areas I'm a hardcore ultra-conservstive, in other areas, I'm a

Libertarian, and in a few areas, I'm a strict Constitutionalist.

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Damn I find myself agreeing with Snake more and more...


But then I hate to tell you guys this..but:


"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy."


Quote has been attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville.


Ummm...I think we have arrived at that point.

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a d d guys???


Kevin Malcolm if you check these posts they are any time of day or night I sleep little

and sometimes I am so tired I do not proof read before I hit reply


as far as cussing oh well I have all my life and I have curbed it a bit and sometimes my pastor

grips his face and shakes his head but he knows my heart is in the right place.

and we both know we were no saints to begin with that is why Romans 10:13

and 1 Cor. 1:2 with 2 Samuel 22:4 also Joel 2:32 hold a special place in the heart of a sinner like me.


as to the politics of prepping I do not think they want us to be free of their reach that is why

all the 2 faced laws and rules in small print, they say have a plan and supplies but not enough to

be self sufficient and then under FEMA they can hold you for hording and confiscate your stash.

Now does any of this make sense to anyone?

president clinton under a executive order after the Mormons {latter day saints} argued vehemently due to their religious beliefs of having 6 months

or a year of food on hand and got petitions and even there own politicians

against it he did it any way now I am not Mormon but they have a right under a free country to

do anything as long as they do not damage property or injure or defame others that was our law

now it is so convoluted and corrupt I cannot recognize it anymore I may as well be living on a

parallel world.

these men that have been and are in our government are all lawyers they know exactly what

they are doing there is no room for doubt.

This is entrapment and undermining the constitution there must be a plan or an agreement to my mind

because if not then why has no successor FIXED the obvious problems.


IMHO we are being setup framed there is no way everyone has receipts for everything they own

are all your DVDS real? is your gas the proper mixture or has your station replaced it with something

else it is your responsibility as the owner {lMAO} we do not own sh*t we rent it from our government.

to make sure no illegal fuels are used IE off road diesel even if you just cross a public road your guilty.

your guilty out in your yard as you must provide identification on demand under HS provisions and rules

and yet state laws vary and federal laws are not always congruent with state and HS even though

they are suppose to be together on this it is a sham a lie an outright affront an insult to our intelligence

and to any freedom loving individual period.


you can't beat the ride downtown and during that separation from your

property they can make accusations and search with a search warrant

under the veil of law and it has happened so many times as to be

sickening to me that they use their power in a free country and have

the unmitigated gall to call other countries oppressive but fall back

on the old argument that those were corrupt individuals.


like the 28 children at waco they were collateral damage for a power

struggle over church and state and quashing of posse comitatus.

over a warrant that the local law enforcement told them they could

effect at any time as he was always coming into town.

Not to mention they did it for the good of the children...28 dead

burned to death and no apology in fact all of the were promoted.


there is your future there is your justice and then to add insult to

injury they prosecuted the survivors even though half could not be

proven to have not been held against their will and fear of being

killed by their own overzealous members.

most were found not guilty


I am not up on all the results but it should

have been a wake up call but america slept again.


1 kid get shot in Florida and the whole system is quivering and it was

done by an individual not our own government.

and none of those talking heads and they were around then had sh*t to

say jackson al and farakhan quiet as death do you remember NOW?


Edited by juzcallmesnake

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