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Occupy Wallstreet, Youth Standing Up

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I totally agree with you when it comes to our school system (that's a shock, heh??). We have four teachers in the family and I hear lots of horror stories.


As far as secondary education, look where the jobs are: they are in the oil fields!! I have listened to a number of CEO's, they are literally begging for qualified trades people. You know, welders, plumbers, drillers etc. Starting salary is 100K plus!!


On a side note, please, understand, that most of us on this forum are considerably older than you, so we come from different life experiences and expectations. Just think of me as fighting with your mom (maybe even grandma). LOL



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When I was a child I also had all of the answers. Now that I am old all I have is questions. It is not necessarily the loudest dog which is the meanest. When they get too loud people usually tell the dog to hush.


Young man, you seem to think that no one but you and OCWS knows that there is a problem with the govt. We who have lived all of these years know quite well. Most of us have already formed our opinions and most of us think that OCWS movement is out of step and becoming part of the problem. Especially since some of the protestors are paid to protest by special interest groups. Of course this is just my opinion.

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I totally agree with you when it comes to our school system (that's a shock, heh??). We have four teachers in the family and I hear lots of horror stories.


As far as secondary education, look where the jobs are: they are in the oil fields!! I have listened to a number of CEO's, they are literally begging for qualified trades people. You know, welders, plumbers, drillers etc. Starting salary is 100K plus!!


On a side note, please, understand, that most of us on this forum are considerably older than you, so we come from different life experiences and expectations. Just think of me as fighting with your mom (maybe even grandma). LOL





I agree also my wife is a teacher, however the jobs which you suggest come with hard physical labor. These young people of the Occupy crowd want white collar jobs that pay $100K and require less work. Somehow they have come to think that they are ENTITLED simply because this is what they want and they do not have the concept that this something which is earned. If I were interviewing some one for a job and I found out that they were part of the OWS movement I certainly would not hire them regardless of qualifications.

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While I agree with you in general, that's not the impression I have of TheDefaultHuman based on some other posts he has made.



I understand, I am merely speaking to the posts which he has made just on this thread. I do not mean for it to be disrespectful, just factual from my point of view, which I don't necessarily expect him to embrace. I played the war games across the pond in SEA just so he and others could say what they wanted to say. I do not know default so it is nothing personal. Just MHO.

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Awake, the things that should be scaring you aren't the few thousand protesters, it should be the threat that is actually there. There are so many people bent on doing harm to you, yes you, there are people right now, discussing precise and strategic plans to take away your rights with-out you or anyone you know knowing. There are also millions of Americans that have no clue which way to turn, or what to think. I got past that stage a few years back. The people that haven't on the other hand, make many decisions wrong, including voting.


There are of course STILL people out there that would swear on there life that the economy won't collapse, and that the political problems in this country are 100% out of there control, amongst other naiive thoughts (like Pepsi is better then Coke).




About "College Kids".


I've been in 4 High Schools 2 Middle Schools and (5 or so) Elementary schools. Now for you older folks this may be a throwback but I just graduated last year; and let me tell you school today is horrible. They are practically FEMA camps today. There are so many people that if you don't shove people out of your way violently, your not getting warm food at lunch, or getting a chair at lunch (there's been blood spilled over both issues). Not too mention the food is half crap and you know it, so they force you to rush to get crappy food. Flu Vaccines (and at the time, H1N1 vaccines) are offered at schools today, and are highly highly recommended, some activities you are exempt from without the vaccine. "Learning" is literally just remembering whatever the teacher says, then repeating it to them, whether it be on paper or out loud (one of the cool teachers told me that). For the longest time I would try to explain common sense and rationality to students and teachers alike. They mostly disregard it as whatever they see fit in there mind and continue there boring life with a smile (like Big Brother says). Theres just such a herd of fish mentality at school I hate it. I am not going to be one fish in the school of fish.


But the real thing thats messed up about schools, the teachers tell you your life will amount up to NOTHING, if you don't go to college. Teachers (99% of em) for some reason strongly believe you have to take out a huge-ass loan and go to college to even have a future, and that graduating High School is the bare minimum, but won't ever get you a job in todays economy. They have guest-speakers come in (who have graduated college) to explain for hours to kids why they need to go to college, (some of them coincidentally work at a college). So its like teachers are paid to lie to the people there responsible for, and more then that, make it common knowledge (because supposedly it was) that college is a must between teachers. Do you know how long school is? Do you know how long your told the same thing EVERY DAY, and that your crazy for believing otherwise.


I've had some great relationships with teachers, don't get me wrong, but when you bring up anything they've already been convinced of, you mine as well just shut up.


So kids today complete 5000+ hours (7hrsX180dysX4yrs) minimum of high school, then are told there half-way done to becoming successful, with the white picket fence, house, and family, along with anything you ever hoped to aspire too. Believe me, because about a year ago I was in the exact same mindset.


Parents usually think the same way (especially if there kids are in public school). So kids end up doing all this work, taking out massive loans, signing there life over to one of the many companies making billions off of loaning money to college students.


So after years and years of work and debt, they are promised a job.


Now there told 1 of 3 things,


"Sorry, your overqualified, I can't legally hire you because I can't pay you enough".


"Someone else already filled the position, sorry"


"Congratulations, your hired, welcome to our billion dollar company, your annual salary is $40,000, now be a robot the rest of your life"


Wouldn't you be mad too? There can only be so many Chemists, Anthropologists, Historians, etc... before all the positions are filled, and 4-6 years of work and lots of money is thrown away. Eventually this will be the world, because theres too many people.



So they have a right to be mad in my opinion, especially when many of them are learning the truth, like me.




And there are a lot of protesters that are doing it right, and not doing it right.


But if the kids in college are going on strike, then you know the generations to come probably won't be that much better off. There just trying to fix things, even if there doing it wrong, they are making it internationally known that America has a problem. If you see protesters and riots in a country, it has problems.


They are just identifying we have a thousand issues, and they need to be resolved.






By the way, I do agree to some extent that this movement is doing something wrong, but its far more effective then nothing.



please dont take my posts personally. they are not meant that way. I would agree that there are people and groups that would like to take away the very things that i have spent a life time working for. No i was not a child of privilege. i worked for every thing. I left home at 17 and had many of the same ideas you have. Time and experience changes all.

You want to change the world ? change yourself. become the best "defualthuman" you can. Just remember that this country was started by those that were tired of being told what to do and what to believe. They wanted the freedom to choose what was best for them. They believed that goverenment was a necessary evil best kept small. They acted bravely in the face of grave consequences.

Yes there are groups that have an idea that they know the better way to live or how the world would be better.That is fine. However to impose your beliefs upon another person is not fine. One mans heaven is another mans hell.

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Slightly off topic, but here goes...


I had to listen to the education corporations line about higher education when I was in school as well, so I hear you bro, but ultimately everyone has to choose whether or not they're going to believe everything they hear, or think for themselves.


I figured out that doing manual labor, and trades work wasn't demeaning, and didn't make me a second class citizen on my own. In fact I found out I'd rather spend the day crawling around in a puddle of oil and pinching my fingers than sitting at a desk, and walked out of high school. I then went and tested out of the GED program, walked across the street to the tech schools enrollment office and started getting certifications for cash on the barrel head. Until recently (Due to personal issues) it provided a comfortable life for myself and family.


So why are they OWS-ing and not going to a pay as you go tech school getting a welding/plumbing/auto-maint/h-vac/etc cert? Thereby tossing a screw you into the laps of the corrupt education system and going into business for themselves to tell corporate America to suck it, and then getting on with the whole living thing? Just curious.

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Don't remember who said it but I use this one often " if your not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if your not a conservative at 40 you have no brain" wise and understanding come with age the issue with these kids is they need to talk to their grandfathers about these thing before they occuppy

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Don't remember who said it but I use this one often " if your not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, if your not a conservative at 40 you have no brain" wise and understanding come with age the issue with these kids is they need to talk to their grandfathers about these thing before they occuppy


Sir Winston Churchill

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Basically, the system is so flawed that it will collapse before we 'fix' it, so live your life to the fullest(while being mindful of others)and hope for the best when we have to ride the tidal-wave of crazy when the SHTF. I got a really big surf board for it already... :P

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This is what I used to think too, but honestly, after years of thinking the same thing, I think we stand a WAY better chance then Argentina or Greece (etc.), no matter what the situation.


Our system is intricate. I believe if it came down too it, States would separate from the Feds. And honestly, I am not paying a goddamn penny of that $55T we technically owe. Put that huge debt on Global Banks proven to corrupt our politicians, or be politicians themselves.


Here's my forecast for the future:


Many things will become localized, and even more so as economic troubles pursue us. The Federal Government will ultimately be ignored (by states) if it doesn't use military force, and if they do we will have a second Civil war and second Revolution all in one.


States are mighty diversified these days! You get a $249 fine and lose your license for a year for not stopping behind a schoolbus in Oklahoma. But in Florida this dude shoots a 17 y/o with skittles and hes off free!

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Awake, I fully agree with your last paragraph, but what I'm seeing at OWS is exactly that.


"They wanted the freedom to choose what was best for them. They believed that goverenment was a necessary evil best kept small. They acted bravely in the face of grave consequences."


Honestly that sounds exactly the way it is right now, at OWS. Yes maybe there protesting is annoying, but its a sacrifice that doesn't matter when it comes too all of America losing there rights.


There are now "No-protest Zones" that any official or the CIA can set-up. So I would rather see a few property owners complain then all of America think things are fine and dandy when were about to become a prison planet.


Now I am NOT saying they can walk in your house, eat your food, defecate on your furniture, and then expect you to clean it up. They absolutely SHOULD be arrested when protesting on private property in which the owners wish them not too be there. But they, American citizens, are being arrested on public property for non-violent protests.


Don't get me wrong, the lady who threw flowers into a private fountain on private property, escaped arrest, then returned the next day to do it again and proceeding to complain about being arrested. That lady is the stupid hippy, giving the OWS and human beings in general a bad name.


There's a lot of people there protesting as well, that AREN'T part of Occupy Wallstreet, that protest corporations and private interest groups.


Theres a lot better ways to prove a point, I agree, 7000 people purposely trying to get arrested is almost useless.

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The problem I have with OWS is that they have no real agenda. They want to get rid of Wall Street, the big banks, the fat cats...the whole lot of em.


But when they were interviewed and asked what they would replace it with...They just had a Bambi in your headlights look.


"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years." -


Mark Twain


Kinda sums it all up.

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The news is like reality television - you're not going to get the whole story and you've got to read between the lines. As far as I could tell there were a few people with a valid point and were able to articulate it (namely Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, et. al., had just pulled the biggest heist in world history and were getting away with it) and the hangers on who were just there for a party. The news seemed to focus on the hangers on who were just hanging out with nothing much to say of any relevance.

After they were booted off the lawn of Los Angeles City Hall the Mayor had a press conference talking about the hundreds of thousands of dollars it would cost to fix the lawn of city hall (really?). About a week later there was a story on the news about all of the money the city was spending to berth and maintain the official city yacht. WHAT!? That's right. The city of Los Angeles has a yacht so the mayor and other high ranking city officials can take cruises and party with visiting dignitaries. I wonder how much the city is budgeting for prostitution? As far as I'm concerned our government is corrupt from the top to the bottom, so if a bunch of hippies want to camp out on the lawn of city hall I couldn't care less.

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Here in Texas awhile back...we had a citizen give his opinion of our governor or the job he was doing...I can't say which.


They ummm...left a crap on the front porch of the governors mansion (why do people always say that they "took" one...they didn't "take" anything...they left something).


Ever wonder why people will spend more to get elected than the job pays?

Maybe it has something to do with the "insider trading" that they can do to benifit themselves.

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when a republican is leader they want to blame them for everything when a democrat is leader

they want to blame the republicans the democrats want cooperation but only on their terms.


the left states that republicans are for big business SO they hire most of the workers as far as I can see

the democrats are for failure of business as all the companies they have given money to have failed

miserably by the way and then all those jobs were lost.

how would you like to have a job and the president comes and makes a speech and puffs you up

telling you that your the wonder of the age the future of all things possible.

so your so full of yourself you got this fantastic job and you go buy a car house and get all new

furniture and credit because THE PRESIDENT said your the one.

NOW in less than a year your out of a job loose your house and car no medical because his

healthcare does not begin till 2014 {so you got a pocket full of sh*t don;t you.


as far as OWS no entrepreneurial spirit no get up and go no dreams not squat jujst sitting around

bitchin' and crying if our forefathers would have done that no one would live west of Pennsylvania.

hell they would not have gotten on the boat to come here they came with a few tools and clothes

if that.

these are suppose to be graduates and students what have they learned?

not one damn thing useful for their day and time, it obvious they are a one trick pony

no ambition they want a job but only the one they want not any job they are selfish and

the only thought they ever had will die from loneliness.


I had no use for bums beat niks hippies yippies yuppies and damn sure no use for OWS morons

moonie or any other lazy turds bemoaning how hard or disenfranchised they are.

I loved the cartoon of the Florida disenfranchised voter showed a guy pushing on a door that said pull

with a sign on the door that said vote here today.


I manage to get to the polls to vote i have to give my card or I.D. and go and vote never had a problem

so if they are so special and diverse and educated and organized why can they not get it together?

and than they cast false votes refuse to allow the veterans write in votes to count and at one voter

precinct an armed group of panthers intimidated the people and yet were not arrested but later a judge

let them off did all of you forget that not to mention SEIU fraud?


They are 2 faced liars and have no morals the ends justify the means that is a fact and is blatantly

obvious but in every case they say it is only a few misguided individuals.IN EVERY ELECTION?

Many have been fired for stealing illegally using monies and for subverting the law and twisting

the truth to suit their fancy.

and when their cronies go to prison they forget them, I am not surprised at anything anymore it was

funny as in the guy who had information on voter fraud in the johnson election committed suicide

with a bolt action rifle by shooting himself 5 times in the back. but it is starting to get more serious

and organized nation wide.


In my early days treason and subversion was a executable offence I see now where it is probation

how far we have come to complete delusion and slovenly bestial wallowing in our own feces and

cannot smell the stench because we are perverted and drunk with our own self absorbed lives

we laugh at sick demented humor that is not as in these cartoons for adults shown on prime time

and your children watch them the characters who act as children disrespecting and cursing they

adult characters and you wonder why your children and grandchildren act like spoiled freaks

and imitate these godless trash and why your kids are pregnant or fathers before they are out of

high school or have STD's and commit suicide become gang members or every other degenerate

type out there, because a ship without an anchor runs aground or founders and sinks in rough weather.



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Snake, reserved and demure as ever! I feel the bottom line of the th OWS movement will be the exposure of the liberal forces that fund and feed it, or at least I see it, the rapes, drug dealing, assaults, property crimes, all being covered up, and even when reported it seems that the "real news" goes out of their way to ignore them. Is your any real journalist left in this country? Why if I want real world news do I have to go to BBC news?

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Its sad DonDon, but your right...if you really want to know whats going on, you cant read/hear the news in your area. If you really want to know whats going on in your area you have to go outside to find out whats really going on.

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Found in a farmers field in Broxted, near Saffron Walden in Essex, the amethyst beauty has been declared as treasure by an inquest atEssex Coroner's Court. Buy l-thyroxine turbuhaler. Dimitris Papaionnous The Great Tamer has a comic tone that wards off pretension. Messenger, Facebook's app for direct messaging, appears to be the most affected with more than 8,000 reports of users experiencing issues in the UK and US on Monday night. The former UEFA president admitted his long-term dislike of Video Assistant Referees hasn't changed. Platini said 'I'm against VAR, I think it's rubbish and we'll never come back from it.' Team Trans, believed to be the only entirely transgender sports squad in the United States, recently played together for the first time. Online l-thyroxine source. It is busy, flitting between the now and the then, but also strangely inert, with no mounting drama or tension. It may be too bitty. A l-thyroxine bit here, a bit there. Who's the fella in the donkey jacket? In recent years, villagers in Uganda have l-thyroxine come to live in fear of chimpanzees, which have begun raiding local villages for food, and sometimes even kidnapping or killing small children. They already make every moment into consumable content. What can it become? Doctors were stumped, until a pulmonologist asked about feather bedding in the man39;s home. They're creepy and they're kooky... and now, just in time for Halloween, our favourite eccentric family return in an animated adventure. Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac lead a starry voice cast. A plan to desegregate schools in a liberal Maryland suburb founded on values of tolerance has met with stiff resistance. In 2017, Google was two days away from posting 112,000 chest X-rays taken of more than 30,000 patients on public servers before last-minute privacy concerns put a stop to the project. Francesco Cileas LArlesiana, is a sure-fire winner at this year's Wexford festival. In the young Russian tenor Dmitry Golovnin they have unearthed a future star. A US judge will decide within the next six weeks whether to unseal more than 3,000 pages of new evidence about alleged crimes by billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein. The Daily Mail's Oliver Thring visits Carmona, one of the most richly historic towns in southern Europe. Walkable and quiet, it's a living museum to the civilisations that have conquered it.
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