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"Security Ideas for Retreat Protection"

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I am compiling ideas for integral security features that I can build into a future retreat I plan to build. Security that is engineered into the design of the building, landscape and all access points.

For example: I plan to use plan to use steel I-beams for the frame and I plan to stud them evey 8 inches instead of every 16 around my 2nd floor bedroom/bath and the 1st floor storage area below, I so I am already sleeping in my "safe room" when a tornado strikes at 4a.m.



I will be using ICF blocks (which are poured full of concrete) for the walls and concrete for the ceilings.


I am planning redundent comm systems that will be safe from attack and penetration from bad apples.

Every real camera will have 2 "dummy twins" (they can't shoot them ALL at once).

Hiding places and caches will be designed into the blueprints.

Even the landscaping will be designed to give me tactical advantage over marauders and sneaky thieves.

I will have low-profile and hidden exits and entrances.


I will have several concentric circles of security that will make it just as difficult for the zombies to escape as it was to enter.


And of course, the real security features and functions shall remain secret.


I would like to see an in depth article on the design and construction of this subject - I know the knowledge is out there in govt. buildings and military installations- any experts in the audience?

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