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How do I find people like me

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I live in the Northeast and wonder how do I find like minded people like myself to join forces to weather the coming storm. I would like to find other families like ours to share and prepare. It will take a group with mixed skill sets and resources to beat this. I have finally convinced my wife that I am not crazy about what may lay ahead of us. I know that folks may be leery of my lack post but I can assure you that I am a public citizen and do not work for HLS. I just believe that I can not go this alone. Thank you.

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@ nightowl not helpful!


I feel ya. Still working on wife. Can't talk to any of my friends about it and my brother lives three major water crossings, two mountain passes and 250 miles away. Most people in my area are grasshoppers not ants. And I live in earthquake country!


Good luck


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I guess I should expect sarcasm. So basically I am on my own here. Autonomous you were a big help here. I will look for my answer somewhere else.


I was just trying to be funny- BUT, the point is ANY list, bulletin board, chat room, etc. where you ask to meet fellow survivalists you are going to attract some percentage of kooks, wierdos and dangerous people and THOSE people attract law enforcement!

Best way to meet people is just face to face in everyday life - AND EVEN THEN BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

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Shooting and gun ranges are a good place to start. In anti-gun areas that is about the only place that you can safely gather, shoot and talk guns without someone freaking out. Also you need to join as many groups like this as possible, post a lot and make it known what part of the country you live in and that you are interested in making some real life connections. Anyone else that lives near you is most likely in a similar position.


Plan B and in my humble opinion the BEST solution is Move to Texas where almost everyone that doesn't live in a megalopolis already is to some extent a bit of a survivor in mentality. A couple years ago they even made it legal and acceptable to use burglars for target practice! One guy here in town that ran a recycling center even put up a thief stand (Basically like a Deer stand) and bagged himself a couple of thieves before the rest wimped out and refused to play. Before the change of the law they hit his place almost every week and all they had to do was turn to run and he wasn't supposed to bag them. The assholes would bring the copper back a couple of days later and sell it back to him.


Things are a lot better now. There is no gun registration here. Concealed carry is available to any that can stand a background check. EVERYBODY owns guns and the big thing is that after the balloon goes up so the cops stop protecting the criminals they won't last long at all. In other places the gangs will be a problem where as here they will just kind of evaporate. Imagine some silly gang-banger with his high capacity auto pistol against a farmer with a .270 at 200 or 300 yards. No cops will quickly mean no stupid doped up criminals.


Anyway, back to the subject, Hang out at places where the kind of people that you want to find would likely be. Think of it as a hunting exercise. You don't look for bunnies in treetops and you won't find many good safe survivalists in a bar drunk. Look around at flea markets. TALK to people. Open up and maintain a network of friends and maybe convert some of them to your ideas. Guys never totally out grow liking to play soldier or cowboys and Indians LOL. Introduce the topic as a "What if" discussion. This is how you stalk and set out traps to locate and contact the elusive survivalist.

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Hang out at a farmer's market. First, you get really good local produce. Second, you start talking about how do I preserve the fruit/meat for future use. Third, just pay attention to what folks say. Ask about where you can go to shoot your deer rifle (trust me, you will not get a "you shoot BAMBI?" response from farmers) or what animal pests they have to deal with.


These guys are usually a self reliant bunch; on top of that, a lot of prepper types buy here so it is a win-win location.

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I do have a cousin who is really into the HAM world. I will contact him for more info. I had thought of this for communication since CB radio has limited distance especially up here in the hills and valleys of western Maine. Thanks


I would like to see an indepth article aboutHam radio and radio waves in particular:

"old knowledge" that might work very well under todays high-tech radar, - all for the educational purposes only.

Edited by NightOwl

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I would like to see an indepth article about the "Black Arts" side of Ham radio and radio waves in particular:

Jamming, Improvised transmitters, "illegal" modifications, "old knowledge" that might work very well under todays high-tech radar, Pirate Radio- all for the educational purposes only.


I'm not too sure what you mean by "black arts". As a ham you can build anything. I have a transmitter that will transmit from 500 KHz up to 54 MHz. It is a legal transmitter as long as I only transmit within the limits of my license. In other countries the possession of a transmitter out side of your license is in and of itself a crime but not in the US. Several services (MARS, for example) use ham gear outside of the ham frequencies.


Jamming is malicious interference and is a $10,000 fine and up to 2 years in jail for EACH occurrence. Really a bad idea. Pirate Radio is simply illegal operation - transmitting music on a frequency I don't have a license for as an example. Radar is a highly complex subject. It is fascinating (I've used it for meteor and orbital debris work as well as some astronomy stuff) but not simple. What would you use the radar for? A ham can legally operate a radar or even space based stations within the restrictions of their license. Not much of a BLACK art to ham radio; most things are legal if done correctly. I even know a guy who used "moon bounce" as a communications mode!

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I am of the mind set that TRYING to meet people that you can count on in a SHTF is not the right idea, if you feel that you will be best served by forming a group ahead of time you will need to REALLY know these people and i feel that the people that you know that you can already count on truly are going to be the people that will be able to help you. Up your prep to be able to help these true friends and family that just don't get it instead of looking for others that you may not be able to truly trust, but if you are really going to look drive 30 mins out of what ever city you live in, in to the country and join a church.

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How to find like minded people in your area?




You could try to see if there is a black powder or cowboy shooting group somewhere close to you. Another choice could be a defensive pistol shooters group, I forget the name of their club...

Or you could also see if there is a group that teaches wilderness survival skills.


These guys are kinda close to where I live, I am not affiliated with them in any way means or manner, but I am interested in some of what they teach.


A lot of what they are offering I already know, but at this point in time it wouldn't hurt me to take some refresher

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Yeah, what about long moonlit walks on the beach!? And I thought the EPA was in charge of the giant moon destructor ray?


There was an episode of "Big Bang Theory" where the nerds were going to bounce a laser off the moon and the Penny's Jock boyfriend was worried they might 'blow up the moon' until he was told they set the laser to 'STUN'! Laughed myself nearly sick. :D


Our problem is that it is easy to find "mall ninjas" and tough to find serious preppers. That is probably because serious prepping requires op-sec. Some good advice though; gun ranges, outdoor classes at places like Bass Pro Shop or REI, almost any camping activity, shooting sports like cowboy action, the re-enactor groups for things like mountain man events or civil war events. All possible sources.

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Ill throw out another idea, try checking out your local chapter of the SCA. I was never very active in it except for the fighting, but they have lots of people into the 'old' skills. Stuff like blacksmithing and leather work and archery with old scool long bows or recurves, some places have stuff with horses. And of course the fun stuff that I did, fighting light and heavy! Light fighting is basically like olympic fencing that you see on TV, except you can fight two swords, sword and dagger, sword and buckler, sword and cane, sword and cape, heck just about any way you want. And heavy fighting is full on armor and sword and shield stuff, with weapons made out of solid core bamboo (rattan) wrapped in duct tape. Talk about a work out!


Anyway, there are some strange ducks in the SCA, like any re-enactment group, but for the most part they are nice down to earth people with some very useful skills for the prepper.

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I was with Bryn Gwlad years ago. I don't even know if any of the guys I used to fight with are still in or not. I was your basic stick jock.


If your still interested I think they have a new group up that way...Hells Gate.

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