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Home made wind generator

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Guest kevin

liked the video but when i looked at the site he talked about they didn't have the replacement parts for the alterator. without those no point in building can buy one already assembled for the same price that they want for one of their low speed generator.

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liked the video but when i looked at the site he talked about they didn't have the replacement parts for the alterator. without those no point in building can buy one already assembled for the same price that they want for one of their low speed generator.


Yea I think you can make just about any car or truck gen. work.I just used this video to give out an idea.

But then again I'm no engineer.

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I was aking a mechanic about this at work he said generator and alternator are not the same thing.

Your right generator is what we were using when we were still using the point system in cars an trucks.Alternator are what we use know and have there own regulator in them.

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My dad has a old well pump windmill that he has been saving for years in pieces on pallets we have talked about toying with it to see about spinning a few old generators that he has laying around, as he also has the regulators from them in therory alternators are better as they have longer lifespan as I understand

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Wind power can also be used to compress air. If you add a air motor there are lots of things possible.

Check out Spring River Machine, 3490 L.C. 2110, Stotts City, MO. 65756 ( ph 417 285-3164 ) they build one refered to as Air Miser...the article suggests that it is efficient and easy to rebuild.

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A combination of home solar panels-wind turbines can produce much of the power required by the average home. Small wind powered turbines are manufactured by a number of companies and can be readily set up either through guyed tower or free standing tower. The recommended tower height is about 12 feet, power is about 500watt-10Kwatt.

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the only problem with any alternative source of energy is storage a battery bank is very expensive and due to the fact you


basically have to buy a large amount of them at once they start to go out at the same time batteries like 6 volt deep cycle


are the best price / availability wise but they are not light and copper cabling is not cheap a good ventilation system


and a dry area with a heavy duty racking system.


you need to have on hand replacement charge controllers as this is the most important part of the system if you don't


have a charge controller you will overcharge and damage or boil out the battery you need to have distilled water and


a schedule of maintenance or else your hard work and money are trashed and as we all know with MURPHY on the job it is


going to happen right when you need it most.


managing loads and partitioning your system to protect and have a backup should a catastrophic catastrophe cascades


to a kaleidoscope of carnage {try saying that 3 times real fast} batteries are dangerous they can catch fire explode


you could be electrocuted on the back side front side is 12 volt but enough amperage will and can cause injuries dependent


on battery bank size it can blow off a toe or finger if you ground yourself.


I think people have a Pollyanna view of complex systems especially when they are modular as in many cases technology allows


the novice to install and use equipment that is very dangerous direct connection bypassing a battery bank is very dangerous.


but you cannot run complex electronics or appliances directly without a battery bank it is the storage / fuel tank


for low light days and night time use and solar systems cannot deliver enough power on demand but a battery system can


if it has the capacity your solar array needs to produce 2 ++ times the power to run as at night it cannot charge {no sun}


your battery bank has to store enough to run your home until daylight and if it is a grey or rainy day you will no have power


if your battery bank is not large enough.


Fusing as well as cable and wiring size as well as insulation composition some is more resistant to melting or fire.


Anyone who has experience with wiring a 12 volt system knows a mistake will flash melt insulation in the blink of an eye.


incorrect connection of jumper cables have injured and even killed people you have to be intensely aware of your actions


and what you are doing, start with a small system using a single or double battery setup and run a simple circuit to run


a light, fan pump or other equipment.


LED technology and more efficient appliances will allow you to operate for longer time and less voltage drop for other


things on the circuit compressors are power hogs and starting amperage is higher running but this will cause a system


to burn a fuse or throw a breaker this is detrimental to compressors and electronic components of these new appliances.


Your charge controller maintains the battery charge but your inverter controls voltage to your powered devices if it is


not a sine wave type it will not give even consistent voltage and in electronics it will burn them out in short order or they will


not work properly even damage them.


Since most people who use these systems are using them for emergency power it is not reasonable to expect they will be


experienced enough to do all that is required to connect and maintain a system of 2K watts and this is a minimum needed


for an emergency system.


I think a diesel generator is a better choice as diesel can be stored with proper fuel treatment will last many years


E85 gasoline is crap even treated it seems to not last a season {4 months} diesel is an oil it can be stored in a old propane


tank or fuel tanks from a old diesel truck and use a gravity flow system


Unless you have a professionally installed solar system the learning curve is a bit large for a hobby / part time user.


Gasoline before E85 I have treated and kept 5 years and used it during a hurricane now you need fresh gas or your small


engines will not run well and that effects your generator output directly.


Natural gas or propane systems in a long term disaster have a run life Natural gas lines remain charged for a long period of time


and the infrastructure has backup that is not predicated on electrical power in many cases I have no idea of systems that


are newer than 25 years THEY have probably managed to fu@k that up as well I have a demand hot water heater well I had a


choice when I bought it one was an electric 120 volt system WHY? I have no clue as that would need to be run on a generator


during a power outage so I chose a pilot light model a pilot light only uses a fractional amount of gas in a year.for the


security that it will function regardless if the power is out or not made my choice for me.


every part every appliance and light needs to be factored in when your your own power company a hair dryer is a


B-52 as is any electric heater they use a minimum of 400 watts air conditioning and heating are the largest draws of power


in a system these need to be augmented with alternative methods like a fire place or a window AC unit in a confined / small room.


We / I am spoiled just as all of you but I was lucky enough to have some experience with survival power and some who use it


like a off the grid cabin do not run everything as they please they have to schedule use and have a priority list.


or they run out of power and have to wait until batteries are charged enough to do what whatever is required


the blood sweat and tears of packing all that solar equipment in lost in translation a float plane has a weight limit


and batteries are heavy 2 weight as much as a large child or half your wife / husbands left cheek panels with the needed


watt requirements are too large for hiking or flying in so a multi panel system that can be stacked in a small area


12 x 30 inches 2 inches thick is conservative as they need to be padded and protected in transit.


if your planning on bugging out your 4x4 won't hold all you need you will need a trailer and that has it's limits if your


traveling over wet unpaved roads or rough terrain consider well your choices and using 2 or more alternate fuels


power choices if your money allows is better than putting all your eggs in one basket IMHO.

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forgot to include that diesel can be bought in increments you can put additive in the can fill and add to your tank


as you can afford it.


A 55 gallon BLACK nylon White or semi clear will not hold up to sunlight or time, drums hold {actual} 42 gallons of fuel


NEVER store any fuel or flammable liquid in the sun or even the hot side of a building and they need to be stored outside away


from potential fire / hazards.


any fuel system needs additional storage and a way to transportation or move fuel so at least 5- 5 gallon cans plastic and metal


they cannot be underestimated in a fuel system as if you have a chance to fuel up you will need to get it then not wait


fuel here was available only as a generator was brought in to operate the fuel pumps and then the fuel was quickly bought up


like ammo is now. if you have one barrel get 2 if you have 2 cans get more your going to need them if you live in an area


that has problems and as far as I can see that is everywhere no of days.

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dad gum it


NEVER top off a fuel tank fuel expands and contracts in hot and cold weather so leave enough head space for heat expansion


don't freak out if you see your barrel sucked out of shape or swollen leave it alone it will be fine allowing air in is what you don't


want to do it is the oxygen that destabilizes fuel.


as you can see the devil is in the details never stack fuel barrels on their side you can use as gravity fuel tank on its side


but if you store them that way any leak will / can cause a siphoning effect and drain the drum.


Ask questions double check your facts and remember you cannot remember everything so keep a notebook print your files


and make a survival plan notebook {hard copy} use a laser printer a ink jet is worthless for long storage and keep it in a


water resistant bag or container it is your life raft in a emergency kindles ore fine but if a EMP or sunspot hits your area


or you have no power and run out of batteries your now in the Alexandrian pit as when the library there burned the knowledge


of the ages disappeared and man had to start from scratch and reacquire the knowledge lost in the case of survival that can


put you at a distinct disadvantage to creating a livable situation out of a bad event.

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