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Hey Men and Women of the forum, I'm looking for some books about plant and animal life in my area, more survival manuals, post anything you think may be helpful I have no problem going through it all. My area is mid west, specifically Nebraska, but books for Iowa, the Dakotas, and Kansas will probably be added also. I really appreciate the help looking forward to your ideas.


Sincerely T2S

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Try going to Amazon and look up these types of books. Do not forget to also look in the used book section. Another good place is Albris book store. Look also in the used book section. That is where I buy my almost new books. The money I save goes to other things like ammo.

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Now you can pay to download books or you can make a free account and upload anything i mean it can be what ever pdf file you have and you get free downloading for 24 hours.

That is where i got most of mine and let me tell you its over 120 GB of books.

Hope this helps

Edited by Melissa_Montana

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I can't believe I haven't already recommended this here:


Here's how it works: List books you'd like to swap with other club members. Once a book is requested, mail it to the club member. In return, you may choose from over 5 million available books others offer. Books you request are mailed to you for free. No late fees. No hidden charges.


I suppose that, as with purchases made at Amazon or books you check out at the library, there's always a risk that some "big brother" sort of situation will occur where your reading habits get you flagged for follow-up by some agency. But they have a pretty decent privacy policy by online shopping standards. And it's a great way to cut your costs if you're trying to acquire a lot of books for your permanent collection.

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Library is great of course and the price is, the post above it is awesome and i've already checked the site out and posted three books. What a cool idea to save money

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You can also go to Half Price Books...they are a chain that started in Austin, don't know how far out they go, but they do have a web site.



We have one here and i've bought books from them. This site mentioned above is a way for me to get rid of a few and get some new ones to read and all it costs is postage. You list what you have and if someone wants it you mail it to them free. Then you have a credit to pick from whatever book you want and they mail to you free because of your credit from the one you swapped.

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Half Price is good. If you have a Kindle you can get an amazing amount of books on the kindle. I keep hard copies for the "got to haves" but the stuff I might need in the field or in an emergency or just not important enough to spend a lot on, I put on the Kindle. A lot of them are free, many are $0.99 and all are cheaper than hardbound.


Just a word or caution, you can wind up in the poor house at 99 cents a pop. Had to replace a Kindle and found out I had $200 worth of e-books plus my free books. It can build up in a hurry.

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Just for grins everyone needs a reflexology chart it shows the lay person nerve location this can be used in numerous


defense first aid and home / self surgery


there are survival playing cards that are located at I know I have seen it listed on SC main page



playing cards are good to pass the time and keep your mind off things that you can't change or just self entertainment .


of all the choices get the one you have a lack of memory for or as in edible plants the color photos are much better than


a drawing.


While we have the availability a laser printer and plastic sheet protectors and make your own note book of information


important to you I love manuals and books but lets face it to each his own some is fluff and other meat that we need


in a time of dire straights so cutting pasting specific information like formulas and methodology charts of things each of


us need and cannot remember off the top of our heads also emergency and other frequencies moon phase charts future


calendars etc, planting and long range travel plans depend on seasonality notes on agronomy geology will be helpful


A loose leaf rings to bind these pages and allows you to have any page without breaking the spine of a book it makes the


pages water proof it needs to be compact but that is the beauty of making your own, survival scrap booking is a thing


who's time has come.


I have had to find reduced size books some come in other formats that coffee table size.

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You said anything, I'm new to SC, that is my excuse for not being more informed about the books that have so far been recommended.*That is also my caveat for repeating what you all may have already*known for years. Regardless I'd rather repeat than miss.....Here is one of my favs.


The Backpackers Field Manual by Rick Curtis


Although it was written from an environmental stand point and specifically for backpacking, *it has good lessons on how to not leave "any trace of your passing". *Which alone could be somewhat handy.*


This book is not specific about your area nor is specific about plant life.*It was written for camping and then going back home.*But by reading through the lines of what doesn't apply, it will give you some wonderful info. * * * * * **

Here are two*instances.....


1) He discusses simple ways to remember the "combination of foods" that give you complete proteins: * *

*How the Nutritional "N" * Works.


* * * * * * * * * * * Don't * * * * get * * * * *love * * * * * * *sick. * * * *(easy to remember)

* * * * * * * * * *(Dairy). * (Grains). * (legumes). (Seeds)


Any of these that are next to each other if eaten in the same day(that's new info per CDC) gives you all of the necessary and/or complete proteins or in other words, the same proteins as meat for when it is not available. This is critical to developing minds, the elderly And the person who needs to be on their best game physically. *

Did you know that peanuts and almonds are not nuts?*A peanut is a legume and an almond is a seed.*


2) He also mentions that heat (therefore hot water) deactivates the sterilization chemical in chlorine bleach. * *

(Now this one was new to me)*I'd have thought by my advanced age I'd have come across that at some point in my life!


I'm trying to digest the LDS this weekend, it is such an incredible resource*


Thank you SC for making it available!

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Heat evaporates chlorine,


chlorine in order to be effective must remain in solution for 30 minutes minimum to 60 minutes recommended.


water is at the temp where it is found if it is in a hollow of the black rock in Hawaii middle of summer in the sun


it is HOT if you put it in a covered container like a canteen it will not evaporate just shake it let it set closed and wait


for an hour and open it and now it will evaporate if you want to rid taste of chlorine you could heat it and the chlorine


will evaporate out by solar method or use a magnifying glass even a convex mirror to concentrate heat a straw or


something to stir with in a more open container like a cup will infuse air in and allow chlorine to escape


solar pasteurization requires 160 degrees held for 6 minutes bare minimum this kills pathogens but does nothing for


heavy metals of inorganic compounds that are toxic or poison.


if water is cold or cloudy / dirty you need to filter with cloth and if still cloudy or muddy add 2X recommended amount of


chlorine to get the same effectiveness.



here is a scenario you find water but out of this puddle is a plant growing poison ivy or oak even sumac now you scoop the


water with your cup and bruise the plant allowing the oils into the water you treat it with bleach and drink it are you safe


NO! if the water has radiological or mercury or natural cyanide strychnine from plants your still going to get sick or die.


some of these are progressive and cumulative toxins some man made "chemicals" take time to show signs as in tremors


diminished eyesight nausea muscle cramps headaches seizures etc... metallic tastes copper scent in nostrils.


Sorry boys and germs but you have distilled { PUN INTENDED} water purification into a lass than useless piece of




Charcoal dependent from it's source can be more detrimental to your health anything can be burnt to charcoal


hardwood like oak hickory iron wood etc when water passes through them they make lye water slightly bitter


depends on how much ash is on the charcoal so simple statements lead to simply sick as a dog scenarios.


one of the best charcoals for water treatment is not from this country it is coconut hull charcoal


when you build your fire you need to be very aware of any vines and what wood it is as you can be poisoning


your food you cook over it.


I have plants in my yard of them some are poison to animals children and stupid people and just because a bird eats it


does not make it safe for you to do so animals have specialized gut structure and or biotics that break down or are immune


to things that will kill you from dehydration from vomiting or crapping yourself to death.


they longer I am on this forum the more I think I have wasted my money and time prepping as most of you will kill yourselves


and I could just spend my time taking your sh*t after your dead.


Am I being a hardass YES I want each of you to wake the hell up and learn now while you have an opportunity learning on


the fly or as you can when you can will get you dead and in many cases it takes days weeks or months to die.


T2940 has filtration ask him but also gain knowledge NOW because it is not the water it is what is in it I use


secific chemical I have posted on it and given formulas to use it sodium hypochlorite {NOT HYPOCHLORATE}


if you research it you will find out why is is many times more effective than bleach .


everyone worries about pathogens well after a hurricane or any other natural event you have oil gasoline brake fluid


raw sewage and hundreds of other combinations and compounds that will destroy your gut flora kidneys liver eyesight


nervous system etc etc. there is a very popular defoliant {weed killer} that in high concentrations acts just like


a biological / chemical weapon near farms and industrial complexes golf courses and numerous other places this sh*t


is more available than soda out of a vending machine so unless you have stored water all you see may be contaminated


and bleach or sunlight nor boiling is going to do one thing even using a still and condensation method only transfers some


compounds over as they evaporate like water does.


Over simplification of water purification and treatment IMHO is the most dangerous threat to survival under some extreme




chlorine will remain in solution under pressure that is why it is effective temperature has nothing to do with it it is concentration


and pressure / containment water in a sealed container will stay drinkable forever or until the seal fails by time and erosion


or external damage.


And for the Last damn time water is water it will always be water I don't care if it is floating on a lake of mercury or


in in your septic tank your problem is how in the hell do I treat filter and contain it so you can use it without dying


from drinking it or killing your plants with it


we live in a very toxic environment every town has a hardware store go look at the chemicals they have a gas station


a sewer plant etc etc. a tornado that crosses a sewe plant now has turned into a BROWN water spout spreading disease


as it goes runoff from farms fields and ranches are loaded with chemicals and fecal matter all a flood is, a stew of everything


in the flood zone mixed together black mold fungus chemicals your neighbors ass water and bat bird cow dog etc etc crap .


and all the chemicals from every shed in that same area and you think 5 drops of bleach is going to clear that up



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Well thanks Snake that is the most informative a-- chewing I've had in years.

I had no idea of some of what you listed off and I can say I'm glad to know it now. I love to belong to a place that will take that much time to make sure we are all on the same page.


Now in my defense I was only referring to washing & sterilizing pots and pans and men's clothes. ;)

I have been concerned and very pro-active in getting the cleanest water possible. I had RO systems installed

almost 20 years ago. I'm into back ups of back ups as far as water purification goes. Not to worry I promise they do not include 5 drops of chlorine.

I'm being serious when I say thank you for your time. You could of just written me off instead of making sure I understood all dangers and angles.


So, have you got anything to add to the food combining?




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Ahhh, no reason to apologize; there are things all of us don't know, even Snake (but don't tell him :) as he's sensitive) and that is part of why we come here. It is surprise to find out how many people don't know that if you burn wood that has poison ivy on it, you can be in serious trouble from the breathing the smoke. We all learn from each other and the "silly" or "ignorant" question can be something we don't even know we don't know because we've never thought about it.


We often get repeats of questions we have had before. As new people join and as more posts get created it becomes hard to find the older threads. It is the way the web works so why complain about what makes all this possible? Welcome to the site, sir, and feel free to post. Occasionally someone has a bad day and has to apologize, including me and I'm the old guy here, but that is human. The moderators tend to let most things go except spam, personal attacks/flame wars, or criminal conspiracy (none of us will go to jail for someone who wants to commit a criminal act) and that is about it. We are a family site and occasionally someone needs to be reminded of that fact but unless someone ignores friendly reminders no further action will be taken. Again, welcome.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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Thanks Capt I appreciate the welcome. Not to worry I'm here to stay and Snake can chew me out anytime he is being that concise. (I hate poorly worded criticism ;) ) If he has facts I'll take'em any way I can get them out of him.

I have a lifetime of experice at pulling the facts out of what peeps are saying, no matter the manner in which they say it.

I also appreciate your pointing out that this is a family site. I will keep that in mind next time the situation presents it's self.

Now I'm off to find the thread about other books.

Thanks again for the welcome Capt Bart!


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Sorry I did not mean to seem like anything but information I hate the typed presentation of anything as it is hard to understand


the intent / personality of the poster but welcome and I understand that most post a paragraph and it is hard to get the total sum


of what we all need to absorb to be up to snuff if we get in a tight spot in the bush.


some times I get a bit irksome but never take my rants personal, when I start poking the keys and trying to recall


all the points and facts figures and forget that I am also writing to an individual as well as a many of folks online.


pardon me and overlook my zeal to leave a useful bit of information behind because I am one who really believes


some of us are going to need it as in all events in history some are not as affected as others so none of us know


if we will be the ones to dodge the bullet due to our knowledge or location or any other number of factors.


But like many I think it is better to be prepared and not need it than like the grasshopper {grasshopper and the ant story}


and fiddle till winter comes on only to realize he is going to starve.


justareader keep posting them and I will promise to read every word looking forward to all your posts


Respectfully JCMS

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