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Video Games & Survival

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Video Games & Survival, two very different subjects entirely. BUT, they do relate a little bit. I'll do my best to incorporate mindless videogaming with preparing to survive anything and everything.


Videogames, like anything, are works of mans ideas put into actions. Videogames are a work of art. While surviving is a combination of decision making, budgeting, hard work, and mental challenges.


Well actually I work hard in videogames, while making decisions, facing mental challenges, and budgeting all the numbers on my screen.


In Videogames I enjoy, there are usually numbers, whether it be experience levels, health bars, special ability levels, leveling characters up, spending points on different upgrades, distance, measurements, and sometimes very complex problem solving skills are required to be very good at videogames.


I noticed in many videogames I played that went online allowed me to interact with other players, sometimes the options are only to kill the other player while some videogames allow you to talk, fight, trade, and other things. While playing World of Warcraft I surveyed around and found out that 90% of people who had been playing the same time as me had nowhere near the amount of gold I had or level I had. Well that means I'm naturally good at gaming right? No, it means that i'm really good at problem solving, decision making, budgeting, and other features that are always in these games.


Even though you are bound to the rules made by the gamemakers, its still very fun to figure out how to play the game right and completely kick-ass on it because your great at repeating the patterns of the game, and solving knew ones as they come along.


This may now sound confusing so I'll do some examples.


Fallout 3, a very famous Videogame, you run around in an apocalyptic wasteland following a storyline but interacting with so many things. Its all basically an interactive movie with consequences and causes & effects.


Some things I got from playing this game for hours and hours, besides a lot of entertainment:


I learned you'll always need 2 people in a gunfight.


There are considerable pros and cons to having a dog.


Post-teotwawki towns may have landmines (and basements full of food).


There probably will be cannibals and you probably won't be able to tell when you first meet them.


People will always have livestock and farms.


Currency may change.


With no government, factions, and slavery are likely, as well as increased illegal services.


They may be simple examples but to someone who doesn't already know the subject of survival, some games teach them a lot. I would recommend playing Fallout 3, New Vegas, or 4 (when it comes out) if and when you have free time. Also there are a lot of mind-sharpening challenges in games which is why I play them, its entertaining.


Some games do completely suck though, definitely.


Some schools use videogames to teach kids, and I can say I've learned a lot from videogames, but definitely could have read more books as a kid. I think everyone should do both.

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When you play Call of Duty Modern Warfare online you see that everything that the avg. person does in the game is wrong. They just run around like keystone cops trying to get the quick draw on everybody. In real life you want to bait the enemy into an ambush and kill them. Thats why I'm a camper and they hate me. I lie in wait and wax them. My kill ratio is 3 to 1 while most guys bearly get their kill ratios up to 1 to 1. I think alot of people are learning bad tatics in these games and I fear it will get them killed if they ever have to apply them.


I heard a Navy SEAL on the Opie & Anthony show awhile back talking about how he gets his butt kicked on Call of Duty on Xbox Live. He joked that he could kill most of the people he plays against with little effort in real life but that they kill him, talk trash to him and end the game thinking that they are some sort of John Rambo's. He was said the reason that he gets creamed is because real life tatics just dont work online. He said " if I showed up at their house after the trash talking they would pee their pants and run like little girls but man they are hard asses online"


I think Fall Out 3 is the best game for preppers out there. It shows you that some people you can trust and some you can't. It also shows that after the SHTF even bottle caps might have value. lol

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This is probably one of the best games (first person shooter) I have ever played!


Hell yeah! It is 10x better than the Call of Duty garbage out there. The single player was awesome and the online multiplayer is even better!

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The only game I've got is MW3 on PS3. I don't think it adds any survival value, like wolfpack said you most often have to use tactics that would get you killed in a real life scenario.

The best aspect to gaming is the break, the mental check out from everything else. It gives you some down time while still using your brain, as opposed to zoning out on TV.

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