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Lawful Good or Every man for himself

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You talk about honor and other lofty ideals, but you can't resist ridiculing and taking a swipe at the Snake for stating his opinion. Makes me wonder.


If you're referring to me I neither took a swipe at him, nor ridiculed him. Snake has my utmost respect, and I hope he knows that. It was meant in good fun, and had no malice or mockery in its intent.

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Hey Snake, do you sit on your porch with a shotgun tellin' them darned kids to git off yer propertie? Just curious, because I could easily imagine it :)


no I don't need to, a curious event happened and people decided it is not good to trespass

here and children have heard the tale and walk on the other side of the street LMAO

got to make / set an example.

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no I don't need to, a curious event happened and people decided it is not good to trespass

here and children have heard the tale and walk on the other side of the street LMAO

got to make / set an example.


...:eek: I'm staying out of Texas from now on

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I think how I would react in any situation is impossible to say until I'm actually in the situation. Even seemingly minor differences could change what I would do completely.


For example, if the SHTF nationwide I would probably be a lot more hostile to "authority" figures. If it was local I would be less likely to be hostile.


Take this for example:


If the police came barging into my home trying to take my guns and refusing to even give me a property reciept I would probably......lets just say... I'm not sure what I would do...but it wouldn't be a good thing I bet....


and depending on how bad the destruction/chaos is (nationwide or local) I would be more hostile...

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If you're referring to me I neither took a swipe at him, nor ridiculed him. Snake has my utmost respect, and I hope he knows that. It was meant in good fun, and had no malice or mockery in its intent.



I know that. I have read enough of your posts to get a sense of how you are. I just could not resist throwing that in. Just trying to keep it lite. I am sure Snake sees it the same way.

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lol, I guess the jokes on me then :D


I sometimes have a dry sense of humor. But if I had an issue with you I would send you a PM and not do it on an open forum. Like I said, I like and agree with most of your posts.

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We are discussing things like Honor and how certain of us put it to work in a SHTF situation..NOT WHAT any politician says or does..

If your so sure that the Goverment is going to take everything and people acting like Nazis and everyone being self center,well you believe they are smarter and better organized than I do and it seems you have lost your faith in the American people.

I have not..


Honor is doing the right thing when no one is looking.



I have nothing more than what I see I am a mirror, if I am in front of a gentleman I become one if in

front of a convict I am worse than he ever was.


honor I have it, I dust it off and polish it once and a while when I am in the midst of those

who are deserving of it, most of the time it stays in storage.


and as people use to say walk a mile in my shoes and there are graveyards full of

those that tried, and I take no credit it is the way it worked out.

but like someone I once knew said don't play in the mud if your worried about getting your skirts dirty.


101MATT the story about the pineapple was true it happened in Odessa Texas and it can and will happen

again the first thing during a crisis is black market activity and the powers that be hate

competition and not knowing what is going on as well as needing to apply pressure to gain control and


A recent SNAFU across the border one Killed, so you think they won't place lives in danger for information

I am laughing on the outside if you only knew how many times a "day" yes DAY it happens you would

sh*t would already be in your bunker LOL, it must be wonderful to be in such bliss.

I am not being negative I am really jealous and like your posts as well as

everyone who has posted on this thread so thanks for your comments

and I enjoy my time in SC as spring is here I figure I will be doing more

outside but I will try to keep my hand in..


and bless you all

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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We are discussing things like Honor and how certain of us put it to work in a SHTF situation..NOT WHAT any politician says or does..

If your so sure that the Goverment is going to take everything and people acting like Nazis and everyone being self center,well you believe they are smarter and better organized than I do and it seems you have lost your faith in the American people.]



Please tell me how we can have faith in the American people (as a whole) when you see what kind of a President they have elected for us. And the types of corrupt legislators which they keep electing. The leadership in this country is a reflection of the American people (as a whole). I certainly do not like what I see. I have been active in trying to elect the Republican of my choice, well, second choice since Herman Cain backed out. I am not really happy with the choices which are left but if you have lemons then.....throw them at the opposition. Maybe the govt. has not taken everything you have yet, just look at the freedoms which you have lost since WWII. Look at your paycheck and tell me how much more they can take. They have certainly taxed the stew out of me to give income tax credits to non citizens who are in this country illegally and have not paid into the income tax fund. This is a shameless example of vote buying by this President. IMHO

Edited by VIS 9
post did not quote properly

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VIS 9 and I are in good stead with each other

and vis 9 and 101matt can call me anything but late for dinner LOL


and I do not mind honest comments whether for or against my point of view, and most here are

decent and honorable people I believe.


I have been prepping since before 1995 and have not changed my mind about what I have done.

because through storms or unemployment I have sailed through, and it has kept me

comfortable and that is what I think we should all strive for December 21st 2012 just another day

if you packed up all your survival stuff and gave it away the next day and a storm came you would

kick your self.

so don't but do not destroy your credit or scare or alienate your family either, just remind them

natural and mishap disasters happen and it is reasonable to be and stay prepared to be a first responder

or to mitigate personal suffering or maintain comfort in the time after a storm.


I have a dark side { Luke I am your father} and not, it depends on who I am dealing with.

I am sure that is not an alien concept to any of you I have just had to take it to further

lengths than some so I got pretty tuff hide.


honor well you cannot have the kind of friends or positions I had without unwavering trust

I always had my reasoning, I did not sit on the bench I was in the game and played hard and to win.

I attempt to do what is right and have a good average not perfect but this is not a resume'

and that is life

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Sorry but I wanted to add


Vicioustom and I get along fine


and everyone has a right to their opinion and to express it I just like for it to be supported by facts

because we can all get carried away with emotion and misunderstand the possibilities,

or ramifications if we misread the other side of the issue or our enemy or so called foreign friends.


Honor is a fine thing but it can be used against us it was proposed that we place enemy combatants

under the Geneva convention and rule of law and we are suppose to take the HIGH ground {IT WAS SAID}

well count me as one who is not in favor of that Ideal if your mistreating our prisoners we need to

turn up the heat. remember that these politicians and ambassadors as well as captains of industry

are awaiting the day where they can make MONEY, and they worry about our appearance not

how many die war is political remember WWII and Montgomery and Patton how many died playing

games like that we need to remember.


I have no honor when it comes to dealing with a enemy were in close so I butt stroke this dipstick

he's not dead but he's out of it but trying to get up honor would dictate it is not fair to bayonet

him so am I going to move on to the next or cover my rear and stick him to the ground.

honor well they gave up but after they killed everyone in a hospital and ran out of ammo

well now I have a dilemma honor or expedience if it is war lets kill each other till someone yells uncle

if not let get out the nerf guns and shoot each other with foam bullets or paint ball wars.


it is not simple and if you kill my friend I am almost certain you ain't going to make the 25 year reunion

of your regiment your going to fall down go boom or boom and fall down.


did I miss something when the Iraqis were fleeing for their lives running we strafed them and

bombed them in retreat as I recall from the air not face to face so how honorable was that

we won't execute criminals who are extradited from countries that have anti capitol punishment

laws but we allowed Iraq to hang Saddam Hussein and the Europe disagrees with the death

penalty also so who the hell is making the rules here and it was religious in nature as as he was

dangling they were chanting opposing religious rants.

we better wake up it is all a show and your children are in the blender or about to be

the rules only apply to those who are not special.


the poor bastard that burned those Korans is going to get fried and Why these books were either

damaged or used as a code key or whatever and we lost 4 people directly so what are they going

to do about that they did not do anything wrong soooooo

I may be transferring the issue of Honor but do you understand honor is not as simple as it seems.

And trying to attach it to every issue or event is a mistake OH but we are going to take the high road

PLEASE and it will not be any different here because of different ethnic groups what are we not

suppose to do to whom because they believe in what you can be shot dead for resisting arrest

for a traffic ticket is that honorable is it right but the police will and have.


honor like love is in the eye of the beholder and let us agree that if we give our word we should keep it.


and I am never alone and yet always alone God is with me but I have to die and i have done that

when I woke up I was a little miffed that I was still here.

I did it well though my significant other was impressed and the doctors were confused I guess

they thought I was going crack up when they told me.

I told them go try to scare little children in the nursery and quit waking me up asking stupid questions.

but God and a good surgeon I made it back.

I wish I would have had one of those out of body experiences to tell you but I don't, all I remember

is the doctors talking to me and me cussing them { for asking stupid questions} like do you know

your dying duh yea you keep waking me up asking that same question dumbazz

and then waking up 4 days later 100 miles away with another college graduate {how do you feel}

dumbazz I felt like hammered sh*t.

If I had a ounce of gold for every time a graduate of some school of higher learning told me I

should be dead I would be back in Austria hitting up ski bunnies driving a Jag instead of banging

this keyboard.


just remember all is fair in love and war

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