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Great website: a year's worth of meals in a jar

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I just came across this website on food storage. The woman who blogs here shares recipes for meals in a jar that she makes from dried foods; each is a complete meal for four people, and she basically walks you through prepping for at least a year's worth of food. Almost all of the meals can be made by adding them to a couple of cups of boiling water and stirring over a stove for a 10-30 minutes (depending on the item).


Here's the link:


They are all simple recipes, like taco soup, hamburger stew, beef noodles, fried rice, etc. Their shelf life isn't years long (more like a year or two), but the food is the stuff she and her family eats every day. That means that she's continually restocking the family pantry, and that in a SHTF situation the whole family would have non-expired food on hand that they are actually willing to eat!

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I know! I was so impressed. I found it on Pinterest; someone had linked to it as a kind of "crafts and recipes" idea and I immediately thought that the people here would make MUCH better use of it. Hope that it helps with preps!

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can be mixed after you open freeze dried ground beef I vacuum seal small bags of


dry mixes that I take out of the freezer with a foodsaver vacuum jar sealer from bass pro shops


for regular and wide mouth jars it attaches to a foodsaver / or any vacuum source,


like a hand break bleeder AC vacuum pump for dry no heat required sealing


old mill brand gravy mix {or any really as long as its not sausage style 1 cup


freeze dried ground beef mix it together 1cup


remember that the gravy doubles as you have to mix water as per directions


I like half and half powdered milk & water makes it creamier salt and pepper to taste.


I not here to enhance her "CHI" and it's S.O.S. not rocket science.


if anyone in the group has a question ASK.

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