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sorry 101matt


in time you will be able to build a smokehouse or even now but during an event don't smoke


a large smoke house about 8 x 8 x 8 high enough to hang quarters in winter to work on or age


all this needs to be done in 40 to 32 degrees but not freezing or in a refer salt with cure


needs to be done for a few days to a week and stitch or use syringe with liquid cure around bone


some cure in a heavy brine my post above tells you all about it


a door that has a seal all around so a berm you step over so you can make a frame for your door


the roof need to be pretty air tight


the vent stack has to be lower than the meat your going to hang so the meat stays bathed in smoke




best to use cooking twine or white cotton strips to make cord to hang your meat


I would use a reversed dryer vent with a hard expanded metal screen to keep out vermin


about a foot off the floor this is air for your fire


shelves to store salt boxes for salted fish meat etc... SAVE YOUR ASHES in a wood box or barrel


make a fire in like a small fire pit in the floor with hard wood air has to circulate when it has


turned to coals use damp hard wood chips double hand full and this is for your smoke and keep it


going cold smoke is below 90 degrees If I remember right your not cooking your smoking


at least 3 days you have to tend the fire it can stop smoking but you don't want the coals to die


small like a basket ball a pipe in a corner to under where the meat is to hang look for dead spots


where no smoke is in the ceiling may need to move the fire but meat should not be under the fire


smoked sausage and other things were left on the shelf under ashes.


I have seen where the fire is away from the smoke house and a pipe or tunnel at a grade to the


smoke house this would need to happen if the smoke house got over 90 degrees


get the book there are to many steps and this is a synopses not a blow by blow explanation..




and best hardware or ace will bring in anything on their site so wide mouth jars no problem


just remember nothing larger than quarts as time and temp is not stated for anything larger


and I have an american pressure caner and while rebuilding a house a dozen cases of wide mouth jars

also a few regular cases of jars were in the attic the owner did not want them so I got them

wahoo then started buying lids and rings and got some small jars too


bass pro shops sell a vacuum sealer attachment for ball/mason jars both reg and lg it is great for

all kinds of things like edible seeds and dried fruit anything that air will effect it is not for storing food

that needs to be pressure caned


I have a recipe for oxygen absorbers on another post FYI

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here weeeeeeee go


works for up to 2 1/2 gallon double for 5 gallon container


piece of muslin cloth about 3x3 inches and a paper covered wire twist tie


piece of 4 ought steel wool about a teaspoon full dampen with water "lightly" when ready to use


put steel wool in center of 3x3 in cloth


add 1/2 teaspoon salt non Iodized on the steel wool


wrap it like an egg roll drop and tie it off with twist tie and drop it in whatever you want to

remove Oxygen from.


rust takes oxygen "lightly" damp steel wool rusts when in contact with salt

as it rusts the steel wool oxygen removed


WAAALLAAA not magic and cheap price these suckers they act like they are gold


now for my next trick we will get some ping pong balls and lets not

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I have some Blue lake beans that I saved from the garden to try this on..

and some bulk rice,my wally world 1 dollar buckets are going to be used..

Ok so do I need to send you some Hot pepper seeds I have from a Doctor that brought the seed here from India?? In your Debt



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watch out India has peppers that are nothing less than viscous even peel the skin to touch them

I am not even sure they know the real scoville units a jalapeno is 10,000 SU


the Bhut Jolokia from India is the badest Mother of them all so far, over a million scoville units I would

burn the gloves I picked them with used by someone else and rub their eyes or nose holy Hanna...

an accident with out at least a scuba bottle and a regulator

to force air in case of frozen larynx and a water hose to flush eyes. I would go as far as to use a gas mask

this particular pepper is considered dangerous.

I am guessing but I would believe that the greenery is hot as well...


there is a company that makes a specialty hot sauce not near the heat of this they use sand blasting gear

/ positive air flow helmets and throw away suits and gloves to protect their employees.

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Sorry took so long to answer...YES SIR they be the HOTTIST THING IN THIS HERE STATE.after a mens retreat(3 years ago) many of my BROTHERS stop braging about how much "heat" they could take ..My pastor swore like a sailor,Ok so they were WARNED....needles to say I washed some feet that weekend.Pride is a terrable thing...LMAO

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Has anyone raised this plant????


Amaranth is one of the most nutritious, easy-to-grow and well-adapted plants on this earth. This plant can provide you with year round sustenance. In the early summer the young greens are a wonderful addition to salads with a flavor similar to spinach. As the leaves get bigger, they are delicious steamed, sautéed or added to soups. In the fall when the seed heads have matured they will yield many ounces of protein packed seeds with a slight nutty taste.


Most whole grains are about 10 percent protein, Amaranth seeds are about 16 percent protein and has a balanced amino acid profile high in lysine which is rare for plant foods and essential to humans for protein synthesis. The grain also contains generous amounts of iron, calcium, fiber and phosphorous. The leaves are high in protein as well as calcium, iron, beta carotene and fiber.


This plant requires very little water and can grow in almost any type of soil

It may be on my shopping list.. I took this information from a great site that I also use..


Pioneer Living Survival


please let me know if anyone has..eather here or send me a private note thanks ..Matt :]



Sounds interesting

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I just bought a bulb bag from Sams club.It was $10.oo and has 200 bulbs in it.

1 horseradishroot..Oinons.60 whiteEbenezer,60 yellow Stugart,50 Red weathersfield..Garlic 1 Italin,1 silver rose 3 Calfornia..Shallots,12 gourmetRed 12 yellow..

At .05 each its a good start on my bucket garden.

Im taking Snakes advice and trying it along with my expanded garden.I may take some oinons to the woods with me to see how they do on there own..


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Matt, here is a link on Amaranth I found awhile back. As you know, I look for non mutated (hybrid) food and was looking for alternatives to the current "everyday" grains.


The site covers a few of the "traditional" grains, along with uses and other pertinent info. I hope this helps you on deciding if you want to grow it. I have a few links for seed suppliers also if you want them.

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hi all

yes in survival conditions ,you can live about a month on rabbits.protein is about the only nutrient they offer unless you eat all organs,hide hair.the eyeballs aren't as bad as they sound ,can be eatin raw.diets your body needs study,caveman diet,ancestor diet ,ect.high fat,protien ,fiber. fruits & vegies were only eaten during seasons by our ancestors.this diet can bring your health back to normal.even if your over weight,diabetic,ect.if you take fish oil,chia seeds,that covers almost can carry a month supply of food ,less than 5#check online what chia seeds offer.not even flax seeds come close.the caveman ect diets check on line,,,, can get the information facts thru here.corn syrup is one of the biggest poisons put on the wasn't allowed on the market until u.n. decited american population needed reduced.near 1960 until then it was always declared unedible by humans.many illiness sky rocketed at this time.

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Thanks Regulator5..

I have it book marked..Got some Top crop green beans today 1/2 pound for $1.69 and someTri Star Imperator Carrot seeds/ 1/2 ounce .85cents.There must be 1000 seeds in it ..say will do a100 ft row.

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what about goats? arn't they up for discusion?


Yes they are. Goats are small, provide milk, meat and wool. They eat about anything and are normally pretty self sufficient. They also make good "non gas powered" They will mess up a paint job on your car as they like to climb.

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One crop that I think could be pretty valuable is quinoa.


From Wikipedia: Quinoa was of great nutritional importance in pre-Columbian Andean civilizations, secondary only to the potato, and was followed in importance by maize. In contemporary times, this crop has become highly appreciated for its nutritional value, as its protein content is very high (18%). Unlike wheat or rice (which are low in lysine), and like oats, quinoa contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for humans, making it a complete protein source. It is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest. Because of all these characteristics, quinoa is being considered a possible crop in NASA's Controlled Ecological Life Support System for long-duration human occupied spaceflights.


You harvest the seeds, it's an annual crop that grows into a kind of grass (although it's technically a closer relative of spinach or even tumbleweed than true grass or grain). It has a bitter coating that can be mildly toxic, but you can remove it by soaking the seeds for a few hours in water, then rinsing under running water for a few minutes (or resoaking, if that's not feasible).


Once the coating has been removed, it's easy to prepare. For lunch/dinner, it can be cooked much like rice (two cups of water or broth to one cup quinoa) and winds up with a texture much like couscous. Quinoa can serve as a high-protein breakfast food mixed with honey, almonds, or berries; it is also sold as a dry product, much like corn flakes. Quinoa flour can be used in wheat-free and gluten-free baking. You can also apparently germinate the seeds (like some do with wheat) to enhance its nutritional value, but whereas it takes wheat about 12 hours to germinate in a glass of cold water, quinoa will do that in 2-4 hours, releasing enzymes and multiplying its vitamin content and softening it enough that it can be added to salads and cold food.

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Tidermike14 Was just going to say the same. Not only are cats great for sanity, but they are great for rodent hunters. My baby girl ( who actually has deformed feet, three toes,) is a Great Hunter!! She is indoor only but since we live in the country we see alot of mice and she catches alot in the winter. Also she snugglesup to me when i am sick. How much more love can you ask for! :-)

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