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Gas Mask Questions??

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I have seen some at,, and amazon, I know the Israeli ones come in youth and adult sizes, and are generally pretty inexpensive. Not sure how they would stack up to U.S. military gas-masks, but i can tell you from the picture that you will find it very difficult to fire any weapons with it on. heck, shooting with a gas-mask on is a pain in the butt even when it is set up for such a thing... Hope this helps to initiate your search.

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This isn't really my area, but I know a bit about protecting from chemical agents. Stay away from military surplus masks, they are often times no longer suitable as protection from chemical or biological agents. On the civilian side a friend of mine who's been through the DOD NBC college (I think that's what it's called, correct me if I'm wrong) recommended the MSA 3200 to me, price was a concern on my part.


On a grim side note he also informed me in no uncertain terms I would most likely die in the event of a well planned, professionally made chemical attack. The variety of ways chemical weapons can kill you are frightening. But for your more common chemical spills, or easily made chemical weapons he told me the mask would keep me alive long enough to get out of the contaminated area.


Hopefully one of the smart science guys will come by and give you a better answer.

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I have done a lot of research on Gas Masks.


Go for the Israeli ones. They can be pricier, but think about it:


The Israeli people live under constant threat of terrorism. Don't you think they would make their gas masks as efficient as possible?


You can buy a more recent one for around $50. It's much safer and more worth it than a crappy 50's Finn gas mask that will give you cancer.


Also, do not expect ANYTHING to be easy in a mask! It's simply hard to find a good mask that is comfortable AND safe that doesn't cost like $500.


(Yeah, the best of the best gas masks are usually American gas masks and cost upwards of $300.)

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Dont worry


unless you have cws {suit} drinking straw for your canteen and swabs some idea of the threat then

it does not matter a gas mask is like a pacifier because you do not have adrenalin or atropine

and other blockers like Quinine and others some can eat the mask and the filters even if you

have new ones they only last 4 to 6 hours or less if a prefilter is not used in dust dirt choked air.


you will still need to evacuate the area or have a way to have a clean room {sheet plastic & duct tape}.

chemical wash down / decontamination even then you have no way to test if your successful.

there are still some chemicals there are no protections against but preventative measures and ventilation.


as I have posted before if there should ever be TEOTWAWKI some many places will be a death trap

although grass and trees are growing some birds etc love canal is still not a garden spot.

chemical and biological may not be diluted and may continue to infect and kill people for a long time.


A gas mask for our purposes is for standard pepper spray tear gas other harassment agents also

for areas where dead bodies or unknown areas where many dead animals etc are found.

for a pass through better to skirt the area altogether.


just like prophylactics are not effective against the herpes virus neither is a mask protection from all

things, NBC or CBRN as you prefer protect against common things and that is really all we need

concern ourselves with as unless you have a closed circuit system and the proper suit you still have a



certain rad elements can penetrate even lead to a few inches not to mention your like a T.V. dinner

in a microwave the only protection is out of the effected area in enough time not to incur an

accumulation of contaminates and drop your suit and leave it and you have still internal damage /

injuries that will cause death or illness to such a point that your a toe tag anyway


All these survival guru's fail to understand that after birds peck out your eyes they can fly up to 150

to 300 per day now you shoot little birdie many miles from area X and you eat it and die the winner is

any source of energy can cause compass malfunctions, wind can carry X anywhere so there you have it.


and not a complete but somewhat minimal understanding that your screwed there are always some

drawbacks 12 inches of water protect against rad.. but it evaporates under heat or if deep enough

it is now contaminated.


I would advise reading on Chernobyl disaster I am sure if Fukashima was properly documented

there would be similar parallels (gambatte kudasai).


so buy the Israeli about 4 filters and a tyvek bunny suit next size larger and do not worry

even the military expects losses with all their equipment and preparation.

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