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I would rather die and go to hell than use anything google.


do people forget that google is the first and foremost tracker of all internet activity they helped foreign entities

track their enemies remember it was reported on TV

and did it to keep their footing in those countries so they sold those people out and that means some are dead or in prison.


they have even given information on us here and many of you speak of being grey well too late your not if you had anything

online it is out there forever because they collect it and keep it your first amendment rights you piss them away using their

software they are in everything wonder how spammers get your email through their tracking and constant cookie programs.


any person or business that operates against what you believe in you are obligated to work against them and that has

been the problem they are the witch in the gingerbread house they give you something you want until it behooves them

to work against you by giving information and you get slammed in an oven.

your children are being tracked their photos and what they post and even cell phone and texting are kept forever in their databases.

their every where all the time and were the first to give in without any argument to the powers that be.


I remember when reporters would go to jail to protect their sources now why should they it is already out there as they have used this technology of emailing and twitter facebook and all this other crap.

facebook has changed user settings en mass women have had problems with stalkers children may have been targeted we have no idea and if you think we will ever know how will we when they are so chummy with the powers that be.

without even a warning and yet the sheeple still use them.


using this analogy consider this if a local drug dealer gives you free stuff to give him information and he gives the kiddies a way to play with some security and helps keep the area organized helps corrupt politicians so you get free and more services.

well I give you google and Detroit as examples.


In fact google is so infused in our lexicon that it is in your browsers spell checker and want to be capitalized but try to find

more important words like zink and you get a squiggly red line under it and your choices are juvenile to childish

no wonder our children rank 28th in the world in science.


we fought a civil war to reject slavery and now people throw themselves into it it is a technological ball and chain

it is an ever watchful eye that never sleeps it is a snitch that knows everything you do within its space

America the free yea right nothings free

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Oh I wrote it the point is will anyone do anything with it I use for my search engine

I use seamonkey for my web browser and I damn sure do not use microsh*t anything. if I can help it.

I use Linux.


yea it took a while to get used to how to use it it is different but I got tired of bending over years ago

so I did something about it.



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