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Snake: re;MMS

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Sorry femvet59


if it took a while for me to answer you can always PM me.


MMS is A chemical that is used in water purification it is very good it is even used by our troops,


but theirs is made in small batches here is a unit that makes it in the field.


here is a commercial application system made by GE no less.


it is so powerful that it purifies thousands of gallons from a container the size of a Noxzema jar.


in a weak solution it is a wash for vegetables and kitchen cleaning it kills all viruses and bacteria,


and it seems that information is getting harder to find some want to use it for treatment of disease.


I would not advise this unless there is no other resources as in disaster it is not medically approved.


BUT here is a free download of a book by Jim Humble in PDF form


the size power / shear amount of purified water over any other method is amazing.


I posted the chemical and information and how to make it in the field with minimal equipment


potatoes make a battery set to power making MMS YES I said POTATOES LOL takes a bit but what


else do have to do at a time like this.


lemons limes tomatoes and any other acidic fruit or veggie film cans with vinegar all on this site.


you can test any fruit or vegetable acid from old car batteries adapt overcome you know the drill.


We must think outside the box is what I have always been told but it seems few pick up on it


even if TEOTWAWKI or a disaster takes all the batteries in the world with a little knowledge


we can still make a bit of electricity to make mms or power a LED scrounged out of a electrical device


I have 90 penny nails {galvanized} and some copper plate or you can use tubing or pipe


some emery cloth { a fine grit sand paper to polish the copper} these 2 give more surface area


as they are larger than what is shown in the video..


some alligator clips radio shack and some small hobby spools of copper wire in 4 or 5 different colors


I also like the strip solder melted by a match will solder so fancy is not needed to make these jumpers.


I like to solder them so the contact is better you can use these to do other things like ear rings if


your into that kinda thing.

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