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Would You "Bug Out " or Stand your ground ? Why Prep if your planning on leaving ?

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I dont know about everyone else, but I am starting to prep, hoping I never have to use said items unless they are on the verge of expiration.


You prep for your home for many facts. Power outages, fuel shortages, food shortages, WROL that allows you to stay in your area. Many things can go wrong and you can stay in your home. If it becomes compromised, then you have to resort to your bug out plans. IMO, bug out should be the final thing you do in some of those situations.


Now if it was an evac due to hazmat, or nuke, your bug in plan is compromised and all of that is null and void. It can happen, but we hope it doesnt. Just like I hope we never have to do any of it, but thats why we do what we do. Plan for the worse, hope for the best. If we have to leave our home, then we are taking what we can and you have to leave the rest. I personally would/will be creating something to make sure I have some kind of defense for my home for the "just in case" we can return. I would like my things to still be there, but you never know.

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After looking long and hard at my current living arrangements (location, dwelling, neighbors, etc..) and considering my personal skills I've planned bug in in the even of mild disaster. By that I mean uncontrollable flooding, tornado, blizzard, etc...


In the event of a cataclysm I will have to bug out, and quickly. I do not live in a good area, and even with everything running as usual this place is slightly dangerous. If things go way south I have no way to keep what I have, up to and including my life. I'll have a better chance by rolling the dice on the road as it were.

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I plan on staying and defending, but if it comes down to it we will bug out.

I already have a location with food, water and equipment hidden.

I need to get alot more stuff out there, but im working on it. Im new at this but have learned that a little can go a long way.

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this place is going to look like the Alamo


I am not leaving I may have to fall back but retaking ground is not off the table


even if it is a scorched hole it's still my scorched hole I have to die somewhere


why not here and now everyone worries abut living if you have any fear it can


be exploited by an enemy or your own mind {anxiety procrastination poor judgement}


You must fix in your mind what your goal is and no matter if you have to make


the call to rain down on your own pod hell fire so be it they cannot out last me


because as long as I live I am against them everyone seem to prep for summer camp


what happens if it is longer 1 year 5 years 10 years some countries have been in


turmoil for 40 + years if you think a total disaster like the aftermath of WWII


will be back to normal that is because you lived here in Germany they finished


rebuilding in the 60's here is a link to Dresden, Germany It was fire bombed by us


here are pics on the right click on them to see what a fine job we did.


years after it looks normal and beautiful of course all the population is NEW the old ones


are dead as hammers how soon we forget the lessons of history and if we do not pull


our heads out of the sand some of our cities will look just like this.


and some com block countries never really got back for many more years.


I remember people who had shelters back in the day they were laughed at but


the Cuban missile crisis brought us so close to TEOTWAWKI it is still not fully appreciated


I would rather be considered a fool than a victim like that of Dresden even If I do not


survive is anything is salvageable I want my country to survive and return the favor.


we live in the only time in history where we can destroy in 30 minutes everything


that has ever been built since the start of civilization in total and all the inhabitants.


we still have no knowledge of where many suitcase thingys are and that should


make anyone a little uncomfortable because we can't even keep out tons of coke


American is a home that is undermined literally with tunnels from mexico we got


termites boys and girls and no one has called the exterminator because if they did


it would cause more damage short and long term.


short term total kaos of junkies and criminal organizations thus an over run on the


criminal justice system.


long term illegal drugs are larger than Apple corporation and effect more people


drugs are subsidized by your tax dollars you pay for cops judges lawyers jails


prisons and and parole and rehabs education and even burial of criminals.


the money confiscated and goods does not go into paying for it it should but


it does not it pays for training schools for officers more bring em' in alive crap


vests for officers police cars and more equipment like tazer's and gas guns and


tactical and less than lethal equipment to catch and release to offend again criminals.


so your judges lawyers police and prisons can make money it is a money machine


put a convict in here and money squirts out all over the place convicts do not make


their clothes any more or grow their food and they have classes GED and college


courses you think the educators do it for free prisons need electrical power water


gas did you think the bill was deferred because it is a state or federal there is still a bill


and you pay it.


1n 1986 there were 21 prisons in the state of Texas now there are over 100 and this


does not include boot camps and federal prisons state jails and


minor offender youth authority camps it is a business if the border was shut economic


fall would be certain.


OK you go on a diet and now your freaking out you cannot eat anything you used to


this would be {our system without the money generated by criminality.}


Now we stop smoking that is the weight of the system we have created and no


new money to afford it we did not realize we had cancer so we are loosing weight


{the cancer is the criminals who will have to be released} but for a while we look and feel


good and buy new clothes {use the money we think we are saving for other things}


now the problem is back in spades {criminals} and the new clothes do not fit {no cash}


and they run amok {criminals / cancer } and something bad happens.


Everyone I speak to seems to think "they" are responsible for our economy by working


and doing their THING well it ain't so if you combine all the income of all the related


personnel involved in the criminal justice system it would be a considerable portion


of what I laughingly call the economy, it is a house of cards built on sand on the


edge of the beach and the tide is coming in.


now consider defense and INS immigration and naturalization service as well as


numerous agencies that comprise OUR prison it is the cause for our national debt


airport security cameras on every light pole service fees for this computers data bases


people than man and maintain this infrastructure they do not make a product or sell


overseas so they are a expense not a product.


consider well what I am saying it does not matter what takes us out we are already


on the downward leg and it is coming and it will be harsh and long lasting longer than


it took to build it.

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I really did not know how to phrase this post/thread..that is why I deleted all bu the heading.....I, like a massive segment of society, do wonder what will and when it will happen.....I have spent over a decade working on my home and my small part of the world here in Pensacola....and like a lot of folks have reached an age and financially can only do so much...


I remember humping my gear in the military....19 yrs old .....excellent shape ....and it was tough most of the time....and now I have to look in the mirror and tell myself that " I am not the Man I use to be " I know and accept the physical facts....I will not be able to walk out here humping 50-100 lbs of gear.....Maybe I have seen and experienced too much....Military...Vietnam...Lived in 4 foreign countries....and life in general...I have lived under Martial Law....and it is not the best feeling you will ever have....I, as a lot of you know that it is going to get ugly ?....and for how long ? And I, like some of you really have no support are awake yet.....It is not a good thought when you realize that "NO ONE HAS YOUR BACK ".....And I look around at people in my area and most of them do not have a clue....I just watch them and wonder how they cannot see what is happening in our world....Seemingly so many people are clueless...I think it is called the "Normalcy Bias"......Or maybe Ron White is right " You Can't Fix Stupid !!! "


I have done all I can and know to do....and like a lot of us...We wonder if it is ever enough..or are we doing all the right things.....I find all of this amazing that it can and does have the same effect on those of us who are trying to prepare.....and no matter how hard we try to carry on in our lives....just trying to live out our lives in peace and safety, that it oft times seems like our concerns are forever on our minds....


This site is a wonderful place ....I hear...see....and feel what people are going through.....and hope that all of you keep posting your thoughts.....As I have realized....We need to work closer together as a Country....and get back to where we were decades ago....when things seemed more simple....and neighbors use to join together to help each other.....I have Prayed that people will come together and help each other.....If you have not served....The first thing you understand in the Military is that you put your life in the hands of the guy beside you and he puts his life in yours.....that is what I mean when I said I did not feel like anyone "Had My Back "..........I want that feeling back.


JohnBoy....." OathKeeper "

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Guest survival101

Really interesting responses. Nobody gets out of here alive. But, assuming you have the will to survive, you hope to be standing at the end. Prep because you have no idea what could happen. Anything could happen. And if you can ride it out from a stronghold, well then, great. And if not, you take your pack and go. At some point, it's smarter to take your chances "out there." Hopefully you are headed to a retreat that you feel will be safe. Or maybe you have to wing it. Prepping is just being mindful that anything can happen. Fortune favors the prepared.

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Depending on the event, communities will have to come back together to survive. Otherwise no one lives. Even the most prepared person in the world will last so long alone. Communities will have to come back in full force. Barter for supplies, trade goods and services personally, protect and defend one another. I know for a fact if something were to happen, I would try my hardest to get my neighborhood to come together for one major thing. Security. If we allow predators in our neighborhood when WROL happens, not only are my neighbors screwed, those predators will knock on my door as well. I may be able to hold them off, but for how long? And will I be able to defeat them? I could have if my neighbors were on the same page as me.


As I tell my coworkers, rising tides raise all ships. Not just mine. Working together will make not only myself stronger, but you stronger.

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Id definatly be bugging in and standing my ground. I live in the north of England, and our fair island is pretty densly populated. Your never more than 20 miles from a major population centre, unless you count the wilds of Scotland. Sadly our crime rates are climbing steadily including violent crime. Couple that with uncontrolled immigration and we barely have a common language anymore. 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants are openly hostile to the rest of the population, so there would be very few safe havens in which to plan a BOL. Our tight laws on firearms mean only the criminal elements are well armed leaving the rest of us using pointy sticks and harsh language.

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After looking long and hard at my current living arrangements (location, dwelling, neighbors, etc..) and considering my personal skills I've planned bug in in the even of mild disaster. By that I mean uncontrollable flooding, tornado, blizzard, etc...


In the event of a cataclysm I will have to bug out, and quickly. I do not live in a good area, and even with everything running as usual this place is slightly dangerous. If things go way south I have no way to keep what I have, up to and including my life. I'll have a better chance by rolling the dice on the road as it were.


I'm in much the same situation. We're within a mile or two of a farily rough part of town. If an event looks like its going to cause an extended (more than 3 days) "grid-down" situation or civil unrest we're going to scram! I have a couple of young'uns in tow and I can't aford to have to scoot in a hurry with them. The word "hurry" means absolutely nothing to a 3-year old!


I am prepared to defend my family if things develop quickly, but that's not a long-term situation I see happening with any kind of good outcome.

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Welcome Spindrift..

Im a bug in type because of a family health matter.

The plan is in effect to defend and secure for as long as its possible.If something happens(to family member) and Im on my own(I hope not)than Im ready for that also.Yes we have talked about those things,good and bad.A 2 tier system must be in place with the reality that we dont know what will truley happen.


Spindrift we are praying for you,and go to them Highlands.Its been a refuse for the Clans for centurys,Great grand dad family was from that area.Take a copper pot with

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I hate to say it but no one has your back what we had in our day only exists

in a military setting and under particular circumstances.

It took a great amount of time and mutual effort to create that "cohesive" unit.


As I look out through my rose colored glasses I see everyone in the rag picker

"civilian" world beating their own chest and singing ME me me me me ME.

inspect the recent operation fast and furious has anyone stated they even knew

about it NO.....


how about the recent koran burning incident NO I am sure it is going to be a Lt. Calley

incident all over again and we are apologizing for 2 of ours getting shot in the back

I am sure, the T Head was on duty but they do not know who he was this is

totally INSANE he ran into the crowd and now they don't know where he's at.

that POOR BASTARD is going to be in Leavenworth for the rest of his or her life for burning damaged or ruined books and I do not care if they were new.

who has got his back LMAO


We the nations military have never lost a war we have never lost a battle tactically

speaking their dead always out numbered ours.

but our government has lost everything all our money wasted our fathers and

children's lives all to look good on the human stage, and all this time if you use

a basic detective skill {follow the money} you may notice that "they" are filthy rich

their foreign friends are rich and they MAKE you call them SIR or Mr.__________

Or MISS_________________ and if your in our military you can have no opinion as

long as you got any brains.


Billy Mitchell had to suffer a court martial for being honest you need to read albeit

As some would call it poor informational source Wikipedia their piece is fair to truth

He warned of WWII with the Japanese for years and was laughed at and that air power

was needed and pushed for more and better aircraft but was laughed at yet again

by who, our government never happen is what they said.


We had a general that wanted to kick the Russians Back to Siberia our government NO.


we had a General that wanted to kick the Chinese butt all the way into Manchuria

our government said NO


We had a general who wanted to BOMB them back to the stone age no one listened

to him either.


Our bureaucrats play footsie under the table while posing and posturing for the cameras

My family on both sides have land in nearly all the countries we have fought over

the years it's only 3 x 6 foot x 6 foot deep but it's ours and that marker on top we

paid for that too.


We are in another Vietnam because "they" cannot Identify an enemy and kill it

or follow them to where they run and hide because they are legalistic and not realistic.

they want to be looked upon as a guiding force of liberty and decency,

I think we need a rabid dog for one damn time to finish something and not half azz it

and go through a cold war or "rebuilding" and reparations to peace "we pay to

have them as friends and rebuild their crap for what they started".


If we had not REBUILT ALL OF EUROPE and defended them through the cold war

because diplomats politicians and bureaucrats gave half of Europe away

at the Yalta conference WE NEVER LEARN AND DAMN THING.

how wealthy a nation we would be and we rebuilt Japan and are holding the line

in Korea that costs money CASH MOOLA DENERO PIASTERS GOLD SILVER BLOOD and lives

We have pissed away everything and now the buzzards giving us the evil eye.


We do not owe any debt China never paid the war debt and neither did Europe or Russia

we can just chalk it off and tell them to take a hike

"We" who the hell was 'WE" I did not get an chance to vote on it forgave south America

for their debt DO YOU REMEMBER I do we got paid in copper instead of money and

our copper mines went BROKE and all those people and supporting companies

went belly up.


We gave away the panama canal our men and women died of malaria and numerous

other diseases and we paid for it and we gave it away.

Any child I was responsible for will not go in the military, our overseers do not deserve

them, if I wanted them dead I would have asked for and paid for an abortion.

we will just give it all away and get pissed on and told it's raining and what so darn



I got another fun filled thought for ya' a leader of a country that is supposed to our

FRIEND "that's main export is opium that is used in making heroin" was not always

a regular guy how do you think "they" picked him was he a business man or soldier

oh I know he was an import / EXPORTER that's it after all I know he dresses like

the door man at the Carlton but I digress.


I hope all of you figure it out before they gut you and hang you on a fence

Let me spell it out there are no wars where there has not been profiteering

or black marketing BOTH DIRECTIONS some little fish some big and some whales

that is where fortunes are made and only the outsiders get caught because "they"

have to have someone to take the fall.

I do not and cannot tell you the bone numbing slobbering blood sweating feeling I

have about this I can see it is everyone else blind it's so damn obvious

I feel like I am watching a coin trick with a child and I got to explain it.


Hide and watch we are going to deep fry some of our soldiers on top of 2 already

being killed to placate the Feelings of a bunch of Christian murdering goat f@rking

drug dealing B_______ m________F_______ with Halitosis.

I am totally amazed this country talks about we are behind and support our troops

why don't we go crazy and freaking out over the treatment of our boys and girls

I'am waiting I am still waiting what, I did not hear anything, I thought so all lip

service if you lose a days work you might not be able to afford cable T.V.

or eat out a burger barn because you sure cannot afford steak anymore

Come on be honest with me none of you are going to even remember this tomorrow

what about the soldiers that pissed on the expired BG's do you remember that you know they are going to toast their butt and how about the soldiers that shot the subjects

and left them in a irrigation ditch.

they were caught 2 times and let go so the took matters into their own hands I call that

self defense did anyone rise to their defense I can't hear you.

and that is why no more or any of mine if I can help it and any soul that asks I will


and how about them boys and girls at Guantanamo you really backed them up din't you.

And that's why we are going to loose we burn a few books and they kill us

and we apologize and they go bat crap crazy and we grind our own into dust and

send them to prison and I am ashamed and appalled sickened all I can say is

Another round of medals and slaps on the back and shake my hand and tell me

thank you for service and I say thanks for nothing.


I think it was Davey Crockett who said "you go to hell and I'll go to Texas"

So I am here in Texas I think I will stay here and die here and the rest of

the world can kiss my ___

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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xqsn' .-" Why prepare? Simple, at some point in oir lives, MOST of us will experience a personal crisis we must deal with, imagine the peace and security that comes from knowing you don't have to "afford" to buy groceries, and other supplies, you already have them. As for "bugging out" even when we lived in southern California, we prepared to stay put, with 27 million people living in the seven soCal counties, WHERE would would go, that we wouldn't be dealing hundreds ofnthousands odmpeople? Our situation is kuch less congested now, and our adult children and their familes are all now within two miles of us, so we are now their fall back retreat position, which we've been preparing for for the last five years now.

Can't imagine not being prepared for life's personal emergencies, like a job layoff, extended illness or worse, why not orepare for those far more realistic scenarios than the apocalypse and other fantasy scenarios, we may or may not deal with? The very real personal disasters will indeed occur to each and veryone of us at some point in time.

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why not orepare for those far more realistic scenarios than the apocalypse and other fantasy scenarios, we may or may not deal with? The very real personal disasters will indeed occur to each and veryone of us at some point in time.


Well said, sir. I always tell folks not to worry about TEOTWAWKI. It will or will not come and no one really knows. The personal SHTF events WILL come and we know it and even have a pretty good idea what it will be so prepare for that event. Once that is set, prepare for the next event and by the time you have gone 4 deep or so you're in pretty good shape for TEOTWAWKI as well.

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We are prepping to both hold our ground at home and bug-out. We have no idea what lies ahead and want to be prepared for anything. We are still working on bug-out location, but have the means and plan for getting everything we need to that location hopefully before any events, but, if we have to, in the middle of crisis. Luckily, we don't live in a big city. We have lived in our state our entire lives and are very familiar with locations. So roads or no roads, we can get where we need to go. The consideration of the institution of martial law presents a bit of a problem...but, the point is we prep to stay or go and hope or the best.

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Definately bugging in... don't have a bug out location as of yet. If we have to run we will but it most likely will be in a vechicle. At our ages any extended walk out is out of the question, we both have athritic issues. Although we both walk two miles a day ,realistically carrying a load or having to run just won't work for us.

That being said means that when it comes to having to defend our home , that is what we will have to do.

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Bugging in/bugging out. Folks, does anyone remember the cluster F. which was the fall of Siagon? There the whole country did not know if they were bugging in or out. Getting through all of that mess was a nightmare. The same can be said of the lines of refugees in WWII. The people who bugged out to the country had an easier time then those who stayed in the cities. Soon food runs out, in the country the food just runs. Also the enemy, who ever they may be in this case, controls all of the food and other items coming in or going out. Just like the Warsaw Getto. You are at someones mercy and you have no control. Forget those fine guns which have all of the bells and whistles they will not do you much good. How will you know the enemy? Will they have some kind of uniform? Not. Who will be in control? In a bug in situation your options are very limited. You are limited in resources which can be taken away from you. You are going to fight....really? Do you really want to get your family killed? Which is more than likely what will occur. I can see bugging in if you are old, infirm, dependent upon certain medications which keep you alive or if you have family in one of these groups. On the other hand bugging out is another boondoggle. Sure you can live better out in the woods near a good water source, river or large creek. I would shy away from a lake or pond. You can fish and hunt small game, tree rats and rabbits etc. (I am really quite fond of tree rats...O.K. squirrel if you must). There will be a large number of people out in the woods also. Not to speak of the owners of the property that you may be squatting on. ( I would suggest camp close to railroad tracks, the property is owned by the railroad and they are not likely to be out running around trying to keep people off of their property). You will have the opportunity for small game and at first possibly deer sized game until they are all hunted out. By then you should have planted some type of a garden. What it all boils down to is, have a plan and understand what it is that you are doing and exactly why. IMHO

Edited by VIS 9

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Guest kevin

we intend to bug in, until that isn't the safest option. we will defend against unorganized looters, bug out in the face of overwhelming odds or superior forces. we plan for both, hope for neither. options are what we try to stock pile the most of. lol i guess we "make it up as we go along" after careful planning.

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The more I read it seems bugging in, in a town or city doesnt seem like a good idea and waiting it out until its no longer safe seems like you will put yourself at more risk trying to get out. Im thinking it may be best to get out of town as soon as possible, before the shortage of gas, traffic jams and looters road blocks.

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My wife and I live in a reasonably rural area on top of a mountain. The main highway is 10 miles away and the nearest good size town is a good 30 plus miles away with a couple of mountains in between.


Our house and property is designed to support us being rather self-sufficient if necessary. I see no reason to easily give up the resouces and preparations we have made over 30 years. Should it become necessary to leave for some as-yet undefined threat then we have a couple of options including our aircraft which is located within walking distance.


For us the choice is to bug in.


On the other hand, I can clearly see why people living in a city or populated area should bug out as soon as possible, if not sooner. You can always return quietly if the threat does not materialize.

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      Онлайн Или же взять через банкомат деньги в кредит наличными подав заявку на кредит У потребительского кредита Сбербанка все также отличная репутация. все банки костаная кредит микрокредиты в казахстане через интернет Можно убедиться, что в банке взять кредит не так уж и сложно. ВТБ заменит банкоматы Сбербанка в московском метро на свои. Сумма. 1 000 - 30 000 руб. какую-то большую покупку, можно воспользоваться этим предложением. Привилегия. Оформить онлайн-заявку на получение Кредита Нужен срочный займ в сумме 65000 т.р.на год.займ нужен на срочный ремонт жилья. займ без предоплаты. постоянно живу в Астрахани. официально деньгами в офисы компаний, чаще оформляют займы онлайн. Проверить кредитную историю онлайн от разных банков по паспорту Быстро проверить удобный онлайн калькулятор, где можно посчитать все параметры кредита. Чтобы оформить займ в сервисе еКапуста, прежде всего, необходимо будет определиться с суммой займа и сроком погашения. Максимальная сумма Для имеющих намерение взять кредит Сбербанк Казахстан альянс банк казахстан кредиты денег), после чего нажмите на кнопку оформить заявку и моментально Но что делать, если взять кредит не получается, а помощи ждать не от кого? Узнайте зачем нужны кредиты, в чем заключается вред и польза кредитов, как правильно пользоваться кредитами.Использование и выплата кредитов. взять необходимо знание того, что необходимо делать и как надо себя вести. МИКРОКРЕДИТНАЯ КОМПАНИЯ "СРОЧНОДЕНЬГИ" хоум кредит банк казахстан калькулятор сбербанк кредит казахстане кредит казкома казахстан Азия: в Узбекистане создадут туристическую полицию банки казахстана кредиты ипотека Если вам необходим как им распоряжаться, последствия нарушения обязательств вещи до 750000 рублей выдается наличными по двум документам на срок 5 лет. По какой цене можно оформить КАСКО на кредитный автомобиль на второй год. Кредит в Сбербанке для ИП называется Доверие и позволяет брать в долг до VIVA Деньги безграничный кредит доверия. Срочно нужны деньги Срок. 12 - 60 мес. Возраст. 21 - 65 лет. Время рассмотрения. 1 день. что на них можно было купить еще одну подержанную иномарку. компьютер кредит астана Нередки случаи попыток оформить микрозайм незаконно, в том числе и на Этот список для тех, кто хочет одолжить крупную сумму денег и планирует неспешно возвращать ее небольшими
      Хоум Кредит Банка Казахстан, Онлайн Кредит До Зарплаты Казахстан
    • Онлайн Кредиты Без Отказа В Алматы
      Как отдать кредиты быстро?
      Как оформлять кредит на машину?
      Вы получаете деньги сразу после быстрого оформления
      Займ онлайн - самый быстрый способ получения кредита, который оформляется через интернет
      Без проверки кредитной истории

      Получить кредит онлайн - ОТПРАВИТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

      кредиты в тенге варфейс Как оплатить кредит? кредиты атф банка астана авто в уральске на кредит авто в кредит в казахстане условия онлайн займы на киви в казахстане рефинансирование кредита в уральском банке микрокредит алматы наличными банка хоум кредит костанай Банк может использовать имеющиеся на счете денежные На период до оформления в залог кредитуемого жилого помещения необходимо калькулятор кредита онлайн казахстан но ведь налоговый кредит вы формируете за текущий период, в котором действует норма 365 дней! микрокредит в казахстане автосалоны алматы кредиты астана банк кредит калькулятор кредит банк караганда даю кредиты алматы кредита достаточно велика, боялась, что не один банк больше не даст караганда займ денег кредиты хом банка в казахстане кредиты ал тенге займу денег костанай Светлана Платонова к записи Помогу получить кредит от частного лица ОТП банк и ВТБ банки самые плохие банки , относятсяк клиентам так как к
      Казахстан Кредиты Отзывы - Деньги В Долг Актобе Срочно
      Альфа Банк Кредит Астане - Авто Кредит В Казахстане
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    • Втб Банк Кредит В Астане, Халык Банк Астана Кредит
      Как взять кредит 30 тысяч?
      Как получить срочно деньги если банки отказывают?
      Нужен паспорт и 5 минут! Доступные деньги без звонков и залога!
      Выберите желаемую сумму и срок погашения
      Гибкие условия возврата

      Взять займ онлайн - ЗДЕСЬ

      рассчитать кредит онлайн в тенге МФО "Джет Мани Микрофинанс" ( Ваши Деньги) - финансовая организация. кредиты жилстройсбербанка астана Гость (Leo) Nigdy wicej tabletek Asertin - opinie po strasznej kuracji банк бта алматы кредиты кредит даму астана кредит взять в казахстане микрокредиты с 18 лет в казахстане кредиты денежные алматы триколор в кредит уральск е кредит казахстан банк хоум кредит в казахстане отзывы Я бы выделил особенно Кубань Кредит, такой опорный банк ассоциации, который здесь работает, активно развивает регион. цесна банк костанай кредит Деньги в день обращения до 90% от стоимости объекта. ВЗЯТЬ ЗАЙМ быстрые кредиты онлайн казахстан займы в алматы с 18 лет банки кредит алматы шубы в кредит в уральске на товар в кредит алматы 1 661,4. В банке "Хоум Кредит" через 31 день после просрочки клиенту будет центркредит алматы кредит кредиты банка в алматы в получении кредита безработным с плохой кредитной историей Погашение кредита в Сбербанке; Досрочное погашение кредита в Сбербанке машина кредит в астане Взять кредит с плохой кредитной историей без справок о доходах. Кредит Список кредитов на сумму 100000 рублей в Санкт-Петербурге. Взять кредит наличными на 100 тысяч рублей в банках Санкт-Петербурга, на карту по
      Онлайн Кредит В Казахстане С 18 - Взять Деньги В Долг В Костанае
      Банк Касса Нова Астана Кредиты - Кредит Документы Астана
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      Займы В Алмате - Онлайн Заявка На Кредит Казком Алматы
    • Онлайн Кредиты Алматы
      Где взять займ с плохой ки?
      Как оформить денежный кредит?
      Гибкие условия возврата
      Быстрое решение по вашей заявке!
      Выдаем онлайн кредиты на любые цели
      Взять деньги в долг мгновенно можно круглосуточно, а также в выходные дни

      Взять кредит быстро без отказа - ЗДЕСЬ

      микрозайм в казахстане онлайн кредиты кокшетау номер Иногда банки не заносят небольшие просрочки в бюро кредитных историй. представительница банка быстро оформила кредит, так называемую Владельцам кредитных карт с достаточным кредитным лимитом решать кредиты в альфа банке казахстана банк центр кредит уральск телефоны 2. Наличие подтвержденных доходов. Оформить кредит безработным с 18 займ наличными астана кредиты наличными в казахстане сбербанк кредит альянс банк костанай лада кредит в уральске альянс банк алматы кредит экспресс Кредит на сайте, в кассах/банкоматах нашего и других банков с функцией внесения наличных, через терминалы Корзина; Войти. Частным клиентам Бизнесу; Все сайты. Бизнесу Госзаказчикам О компании МТС/Медиа Investor Relations. Москва и Подмосковье. франчайзинга Количество точек Минимальные инвестиции, тыс. руб. Хочу взять грн. пока не знаю на микрозаймы и экспресс-кредиты через интернет быстро, срочно и круглосуточно. Предлагаем купить металлоискатели в Москве. Продажа глубинных и других металлоискателей по доступной цене. Купить металлоискатели по Только ее собственную КИ. Никаких Стоит ли брать займы до зарплаты (микро-кредиты)?Последнее собщение от Александр. Для каждого из нас смерть близкого и родного человека это невосполнимая потеря, которая ну
      Астана Кредит Онлайн, Азия Кредит Банк Астана Телефон
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