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hardtack, saving flour before mylar

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Someone said that they had never seen bad four..probably if you keep it in the freezer it will be ok..I have done a lot of reading on storing food and what lasts the longest...I read once that when flour goes bad that even rats will not eat it. I always wonder how companies like Emergency Essentials and the others sell flour in a can and say it will last for 30 years...would really like to get an answer on that one.



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I think it is because it has no oxygen as oxygen causes food to degrade and sunlight bleaches the color


back in the day we ate CANNED GOODS Ball or mason jars of food some many years I have eaten


food canned 25 to 3o years ago as long as the seal is intact and it smells good chow down


I like to make sure it was pressure canned it should be OK they use to can in a water bath


just a pot with a lid this is good for acidic items like fruit or most tomatoes but not vegetables


and meat they did it a long time and the averages were good but still a small percentage got sick


or died from botulism and now it is advised to use the new ball canning handbook times and a pressure canner


and temperatures to safely can food.


here is the link for Ball


so time temp and light play a big part in food storage and also material stored in I had some


12 year corn meal i tried it was fine could not tell it from new in cornbread.



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