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Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

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Reviving this thread, because I got some good deal on stuff today shopping at Thrift stores.

I bought 3 Dakine Back pack $13 for the 3 of them, $1 quicksilver beanie, $1 small fleece blanket, ¢25 for 5qty 5" candles, $1 for 2 packs(5ea) of Bic razor blades, and $6 Alpine Sorel boots. 30ft of rope for a dollar each. and s $2 riggers nylon belt. total today

Not pictured is the beanie and fleece blanket. I'm planning on selling the black/blue bag and the white one. Dakine makes great bags the white one is designed for snow boarding and sell in upwards of $100 dollars, So im excited about my profit margin once I put them up on ebay. Im keeping the grey one I like it and its design for hiking.




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36 individually packaged 3"x28' medical compression bandages for $11.


15 aluminum Nalgean style drinking bottles for $1 each. Going to use them for small caliber ammo storage.


Abu Garcia, Bass Pro and Quantum bait caster reels at $6 each.


Not a purchase, but a good friend left me a scoped Remington 742 Woodsmaster, when he died.

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Great thread! Hope to be able to post agreat fine this year!

For years when my brother and I go to a Garage Sales we would

joke about: Any guns or ammo?

Then we had a yard sale and some woman was looking around.

She came up and ask: Any guns or ammo? About fall off my chair!

With a smile on my face, I said NO!!!

Will got to go!

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