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Found 3 results

  1. oregonchick

    Prepping tips from Pinterest

    Thought I'd just start a thread that I can revisit to "dump" all of the great things I find on Pinterest. I had considered trying to add to existing threads or start new ones in various other forums, but realistically, that would wind up taking too much time for me to actually do it. (As it stands, I already have more than 600 prepping-related "pins" that I've saved on Pinterest.) Hope you find some of these useful! I'm going to try to keep them grouped by topic within this thread as much as possible so you can browse through quickly... I'd also LOVE to see what links everyone else has to share!
  2. what i mean is, i have read a bunch on how the water bottles we buy cases of break down after a while and contaminate the water. now this of course is after a good amount of time. now i see on the prep store sites they have the bigger like 5 gallon thick blue water containters that i beleive dont break down. i have like 20 cases of the nestle 32 count bottle waters and wondering if i should transfer all of that to bigger thicker containers like i said above? and of course i have read to just put tap water in them too and stop buying bottled all together. suggestions? what are ya'll doing?
  3. Friends of mine. I use them all the time. They are a MOM and POP Business and they do emergency preparedness seminars. They give discounts for bulk purchases and they might deliver. Every thing they had is Food grade. They also sell honey from their hives. Sorry I don't remember their prices but they were less expensive than all the other ones I have come across. I would stake my reputation on them. If there is any problems they fix it. Give them a call. (254) 634-2011 Nial (Nile) or Darla.