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Found 1 result

  1. Violent games, movies, music and literature DO overflow into the real world, the proof is street racing fight clubs and public attacks were not in the public eye before and they are now. Street racing was a thing but the portrayals in the movies made it more popular in the 40s and 1950's So what has changed ? It is the violence we see, the eye is the window on the world what we see is seeping in and drowning us by becoming reality The Antihero has become the apex character in so many movies that the lines are skewed as to who is the bad guy we saw this with the Teflon Don, John Gotti and numerous other criminals that did so much for the local community that local juries would not convict and there was the problem with a jury being publicly known and reprisals were feared by those that sat on a jury of a gang or group known for it's willingness to murder anyone that threatened their power. I recall when this did not happen any of it it was so rare that it was shocking, now the word shocking has no real effect or meaning. The word murder does not have the same slap in the face as when I was a kid. Murder in my day meant someone was going to get a death sentence and it was going to be carried out, and none of this wussiedfied lethal injection crap there was electrocution hanging and poison gas. The roaring 20's or 1920's was no different than today except that local juries had no problem sending these predators to hell ASAP. Hell back in the day they would round up a posse of locals and hunt you down. A cop could shoot a fleeing felon, now they can't shoot a person in the act of perpetrating a felony they have to warn them first, I guess so the felon can shoot first or have the option to take a hostage. A weak jury / jurors and a weak voter pool has made it where the few run the ideals of our country and the people have no justice. We have elevated lawyers to porn star status and made the juror system irrelevant. Just the name of some lawyers makes the outcome of a trial unsure ? Really I thought the evidence made or lost the case, This is also the failure of our school system, a lack of analytical critical thinking the application of attentive minds in a serious situation today everything is a punchline a dark joke. We have bred and accepted a sick humor to to ease our conscience about dire matters. There is not a day where some TV show under the guise of comedy tries to brainwash us with laugh tracks as to what is funny and important or unimportant or to confuse issues that used to be the bedrock of common sense. The problem is that history has shown that once a society has become immune to common sense it is almost wiped out, because common sense is a line of defense against tyranny and war corruption of law and order. Free love of the 1960's has evolved into a minefield of problems most children today are either from broken homes or single parent / bastard born children I do not like the term but although it has not been used or gone out of favor it seems we now have more of them and that is not the problem it is the emptiness in the hearts of these children who desperately want a complete family and everyone that had good parents that corrected us recalls we did not like it in the moment but looking back we realize that had it not been for our parents we would have a very different life and probably not as good. Acceptance is not a remedy for bad or stupid life choices, we are asked to accept people into society that have no respect for others values, we see it all the time one parent has a party with alcohol for minors because they have no common sense but also a warped sense of right and wrong ans that children have no values other than what parents instill in them. A child is an empty vessel it is what parents put in allow and nurture that sustains them throughout their lives. if a child is molested more than likely they will molest, if they grew up with parents that used drugs openly they will experiment with drugs and we see a culture that is killing it's self off from a lack of good parenting positive enforcement from schools and religion or a lack thereof. If you think that openly practicing witchcraft, using drugs, being a drunkard or a lazy POS and your offspring is going to thrive in society your a baseline idiot because it is rare that evil people so not get caught or ruined it is not the norm, if you allow your children to act like Hollywood activists they will go to jail unlike pop stars with high prices lawyers. Over indulging children is a bad idea, spoiled children do not care about old parents or anyone other than themselves. America is loosing the battle with common sense we have traded a life of decency for twitter retweets channel hits and subscribers for honor dignity and devotion to family. The word swagger is back in the lexicon only now I think we need to revamp the definition to being arrogant selfish and willfully ignorant of centrifugal force gravity and other physical laws that govern how much insurance you need to carry to bury or hospitalize your dumb azz and repair or replace all the sh*t your going to tear up. Texting while driving if this had been safe all vehicles would have a keyboard installed in the steering wheel, but because there is an airbag under it and would rip your hand off Detroit decided that it was not an option they should put on your car. The use of alcohol drugs and profound ignorance of parents may have some cause and effect of A.D.D. and other childhood issues ... go figure. Used to we would say you were dropped on your head as a child we may need to update that description as your mother was a drunken stoned slut that partied for months until she found out she was pregnant or D.S.S.P.M.P. The world was created (I know creation puts some people into a tirade but I don't care) for reasonable rational people everyone else rides the short bus and lives shorter lives with more problems now with more morons idiots and narcissists the reasonable of us daily have to deal with the fallout of your stupidity, and were getting tired of it, I can see the future of harder sentencing hard nosed juries and more executions as life works that way the pendulum swings back and when it does all of those in the way get smacked.