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Found 3 results

  1. Musicman

    Getting out of NYC!

    I'm a commuter and charter bus driver who lives on the jersey shore. I'm in NYC many times a day. Since 911, I learned some things about the scope of such a disaster. One of the most concerning things for me is how to get back to new jersey to tend to my wife who is disabled. When 911 happened, there was no good way out of manhatten. The tunnels and bridges were closed. Everyone in the whole city of millions of people were trying to get out of the city. They relied on the small amount of ferries to make an exit. This took days to be achieved. Even when the tunnels and bridges were reopened you had to go through security check points for every vehicle. The only people I saw get out quickly are the people downtown by wall st who had private boats that came and picked them up. I'm sure that was no easy task either. I would love to hear suggestions on what you would do in such a situation. I'm completely open for suggestions due to to the fact that a similar situation can easily happen again. Thank you for all responces!
  2. Ran across this blog/podcast recently. Pretty good so far. Focuses on tips for people that live in an Urban area. In the Rabbit Hole
  3. ndrwmoore4

    Just Another Lone Wolf in SoCal

    Hello all - My name is Steve and while i'm not new to the site, I am new to posting in the forums for various reason. I have been perusing the site since back in 2008, just never added to the conversation as I was beginning my preparations and needed advice more than give it. But during my preps, I have come across a few gems that I would like to share with the community... because sharing is caring. As I am sure many of you are preppers in a semi-urban/suburban parts of your respective towns, it should be known that I am as well. Therefore my sharing of information comes with this location mindset. Look forward to hearing from you guys, Cheers!